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EMG Licensed Daniel Defense M4A1 RIS II Airsoft CNC Aluminum Handguard (Color: Tan / 12.5" / FSP)

12 Customer Reviews

by Andrew J. on 07/07/2023
"thiings awsome probably best quality airsoft thing i got and im putting it on a lancer tac gen 2 hahahh just a heads up the inner diameter is small so a tracer that fits inside is the matrix spitfire anthing 30mm or smaller mayebe anything smaller than 32mm
by Britton C. on 01/05/2023
"amazingly made handguard. the design of daniel defense handguards and their barrel nut system makes it stay firm first try at it. easy to do with little experience and works on my WA colt m16a4 GBBR. solid piece
by Adam F. on 07/23/2021
"I absolutely love this rail system I have both EMG and Madbull and I couldn’t find a proper argument with only difference being that Madbull is the proper 12 inch and EMG is a 12.5 but does a half inch really matter, no. They both are heavy, durable and look and feel fantastic. It doesn’t take long to attach it onto your gun. At first the rails are a bit grippy meaning it’s a little harder to put on accessories but not impossible after time it’ll get easier. If your looking for a system that is indestructible but also be able to attach a M203 grenade launcher then this is the system
by Austin A. on 04/14/2021
"I've had the the 12inch FSP model in bronze for about a year now and I love it. Its very well made and actually fit on my WE M4A1 without one issue with it is the couple millimeters between the upper receiver and rail when everything is all tightened down but I can live with that especially since you got to be right on top of the rifle to notice it. Overall love the rail and will be getting the 12in flattop and 9 in MK18 rails in bronze when I build my next GBBRs.
by Michael G. on 01/31/2021
"For you clone builders out there, this is compatible with a legit Daniel Defense Bolt Up kit. You’ll need that, and the DD barrel nut wrench. Just make sure you torque it down to 55 ft-lbs for safety, but the screws pitch and thread are definitely compatible.

Other than for aesthetics, this rail is heavy! I only got it for sentimental reasons, but if you want something more practical and lighter to carry around, look at the BCM licensed lineup
by Blake M. on 10/31/2020
"Fantastic product. Lighter than the real Daniel Defense rail system but has survived drops and impacts without coming loose, scratching, or denting. I have the EMG Falkor receivers on my m4 build and i had to grind down the width of the included mounting screws to get it to fit but no issues once done. Comes highly recommended and looks amazing
by Gianni A. on 04/23/2020
"So this RIS system is well worth the money well made and can take a beating. Be aware that you if you want it to be the rock it can be you have to take a good bit of time to line it up and figure it out bc I’m a not picker when it comes to firearms and sadly airsoft guns so when I was looking at it I was like oh no. But yea take at least a hour or so to tighten the RIS and even make adjustments. Take you time it will work out for the best. So I concluded that this rail system is amazing.
by Victor L. on 09/30/2021
"Well built and sturdy - I have no doubts about it holding up to regular play. Fitment on my ICS CXP UK1 went fine - the barrel nut threads onto the receiver just fine - just keep in mind that at first the "bolt up" ring will be loose, UNTIL you tighten it and the upper rail half - at which point everything should be solid. Small gap in between the top rail and upper receiver, but this is present on real DD RISII rails too.

Only complaints - the finish. I have it in black and it's a very flat, matte, thin coat of paint that sort of feels out of place compared to the nicer finished aluminum of a higher end receiver. It's also been only a week of trying on and off accessories, and scuffs have already appeared with the bare metal beginning to appear. Depending how worn you want your rifle looking, this may not be an issue.

Final thing - the price varies. I got my 9.5" black rail for $76.00, but it seems Evike has jumped (at the time of writing) the price up to $95.00 out of nowhere. Be wary.
by Luke L. on 08/08/2021
"I’ll start by saying that overall this is a good product, and to my knowledge the only FSP Block II rail that is available for purchase as a standalone item on the airsoft market. It bolted up nicely to my TM Sopmod NGRS M4 nicely with the appropriate barrel shims.

The FDE coloring of the rail is pretty much exactly what you see in the photo. So, not correct.. but much better than the pinkish hue of the Madbull DD rails. I would still like to see a darker finish closer to that of the VFC rails, but again, overall not bad.
As far as installing these on a TM recoil shock for those interested, the most important component is some form of barrel shim between the base of the barrel and barrel nut to eliminate the associated wobble in the outer barrel. This has more to do with the gun than the rail, but hopefully helps someone out on install.
Solid replica outside of the coloring
Nice markings/trades
One of the only Block II FSP rails on the market at this time

Mounting bolts were all the same length, rather than having the two shorter bolts for the bottom of the mounting collar
by Adam F. on 07/23/2021
"I don’t get where people are having trouble but that really comes down to the upper receiver you’re attaching it to. Personally I love the rail it’s heavy, durable, and very nice to look at the only problem was with lining it up properly to be centered with the barrel but it takes some time but other than that it’s most definitely my favorite rail system
by Wyatt M. on 01/30/2020
"Yeah it’s pretty good nice nice color not like the old mad I’ll odd orangey color like the nice dark burnt brown/bronze color easy to put on yeah pretty good. Only reason I give this 4 out of 5 is cause there is tiny tiny gap between upper and rail and I can’t seem to get it dead on to where there is no gap so yeah only reason but can’t really notice it
by Nick K. on 05/21/2021
"I've had the Madbull and G&P RIS II's. Those are great.
This EMG one (OEM by GHK) has one bad design flaw: the hole in the bolt-up plate that the barrel nut sits in is far bigger than the barrel nut itself. It does not keep the nut captive. So when you throw the rail on, it does not sit flush with the top rail of the receiver. The rail is either too high or too low and it takes trial and error of loosening the barrel nut and moving the plate up or down to get the top rails to to sit flush. So the whole rail is held in by the friction of the barrel nut on the plate. If the hole in the bolt-up plate was tight around the barrel nut as it is on all other brands, the top rails would line up automatically and the integrity of the rail would be faultless.
It's just a bad design by GHK. I will only buy Madbull from now on.