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LBX 0300 Tactical Modular Plate Carrier (Color: Wolf Grey / Large)

19 Customer Reviews

by Matthew S. on 01/14/2023
"A no- nonsense grab and go plate carrier from a reputable company.

With 3 years worth of work put on this carrier and plenty of bb wars, I believe im in the position to throw a review out there.

Its great, the LBX 0300 is a true no nonsense plate carrier with useless or fancy going on. It doesnt ship with QD tubes, or has some vented gimmick or is made of unobtanium. Its a rugged, unvented carrier through and through.
Its covered in MOLLE webbing in every place you need it and nowhere you wouldnt, has essential velcro where it would be needed, and the cummerbund is greatly adjustable. The padding on the shoulder straps is useless, however, and adds to shoulder bulk. Over 3 years of hard use and ive noticed minimal to no fraying of the fabric, zero ripped or torn stitching, and its endless customizability has allowed me to grow the carrier to the missions I use it for.

Overall if a player asked me what to buy, and their budget for a carrier is within 200$, this is what im recommending.
by Blake C. on 07/21/2021
"Overall I would say this is the best plate carrier I've ever owned and I have had some as expensive as $400. I bought one of these probably 5 years ago now. I got it in ranger green and in the small size back while I was still in high school. Now being a college student and a bit bigger overall I needed to get a medium size to accommodate my growth. Stitching on this thing is intense. Part of my use of this has been as a referee though I've taken this to milsims, pickup games and regular Saturday play. Used it consistently (every Thursday and Saturday) for 3 1/2 years and then only 1 Saturday a month for the last year and a half.

lots of real estate
points to run hydration hose/comms lines/HPA lines
great stitching
plate pockets don't let anything fall out

I think my biggest is the plate pocket on the small is just a tad bit to small to fit a medium plate but come on... the small is well, small

rides a bit high if you don't adjust the shoulder straps

cummerbund moves around quite a bit if not secured externally to the vest; you might find one side longer than the other or the adjustment for the cummerbund on one side of the vest externally instead of in its slot

Other than these few small complaints I can't say anything bad about it and all of these are solvable with well placed attachments or slight adjust of how you wear the vest.
by Julian J. on 01/29/2021
"Best plate carrier I've ever had, my only gripe with it is that the shoulder pads are stiff at first and really make my shoulders hurt but once you break it, wear it around the house go for a jog with it it goes away.

Highly recommend
by morgan E. on 07/23/2020
"purchased: Multicam/Large

For starters this carrier is Awesome! I own multiple carriers with both real and dummy plates and this is one of the few that manages to be comfortable with either. I am 6 feet tall and around 235lbs bulky. This carrier has plenty of room for bigger people and still manages to be adjustable enough for some of my skinnier friends to run comfortably (note: they are over 6 feet tall so height may help with sizing). The color and quality of the materials are great and mach up very well with both my emerson and 5.11 multicam gear. The only real issue I have come across so far is that skinnier plates (both real and dummy) tend to lead to dangling mag pouches (personally using hsgi tacos) as apposed to firmly against the carrier with thicker plates.

Overall one of my favorites
by Edward l. on 06/22/2020
"My dream plate carrier has arrived and I'm already loving it, now I'm just waiting for the plates themselves
by Aaron C. on 12/11/2018
"If you are small framed or use smaller plates this is the best bang for your buck. The comberbund was slightly to small for me so I changed it out for one that was a little bigger. I'm 5' 6" 145 pounds. The only thing that could make this better is to have velcro on the back and have side plate inserts. The was the other reason why I switched out the comberbund. The material is great. It Carrie's my AR500 level 3+ plates in it fine with the trauma pads. I use this as my active shooter carrier with my police department. It was very hard to find something at a decent price that carried 8x10 plates in it that is of this quality. This one did it for me, very easy and fast to take on and off and the molle webbing is great as well.
by David W. on 02/25/2018
"Without a doubt, this is the most solid carrier at the field. Someof the Umbrella Armory Krytac users are jealous! The only possible complaint:
You dont have it!
by Tyler L. on 07/19/2017
"Being 5'7" and quite skinny, I needed a plate carrier that fit my body type, and this did just that. It is, I would say, a little smaller than a JPC and is very light. I bought a set of small PTS dummy SAPI plates to go along with it to give it some structure, and since they are also very light, they added virtually no weight to an already light pc. All in all an excellent buy.
by Nic T. on 05/22/2017
"Definitely a small size plate carrier, shoulder pads are comfy. good fitting PC. as i said this is a small fitting PC so because im about 5'5, 130IBS and its actually perfect on me.
by Devin F. on 04/21/2017
"My Son says and I quote "this is one of the best plate carrier I've ever had and it's tight around my chest but I like it tight so it doesn't fly off my chest" and this plate Carrier was a reasonable price as well
by Jake L. on 12/26/2016
"i just received this as a gift from my father for Christmas, and wow. this plate carrier is amazing, the multi-cam matches well with my Crye combat shirt. im 5ft 8 and weigh 175 pounds. if your 5ft 8 and lower, this carrier will fit you perfectly. the only issue i can see is that the cummerbund is only adjustable to a certain extent. that means if you are a little big around the waist, you might have some issue adjusting it. I pretty much have it maxed out at 175, but it could go a little more.
overall this is a well made carrier, i would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality carrier.
by cody B. on 11/16/2016
"my best plate carrier i own however if you are larger in size it is adjustable just only to a certain extent i am about 5"7' or 5"8' and when i got it i had to adjust the cummerbund. this carrier is extremely durable and hasn't given me any problems i would just recommend foam plates or plastic would work as well
by Jason R. on 09/16/2016
"I didn't buy my this plate carrier from evike, i bought it straight before evike got it in but i must say... wow. This thing is absolutely amazing it's lightweight, incredibly comfortable, and it allows you to move freely with a wide range of motion.
by Jason R. on 09/16/2016
"I didn't buy my this plate carrier from evike, i bought it straight before evike got it in but i must say... wow. This thing is absolutely amazing it's lightweight, incredibly comfortable, and it allows you to move freely with a wide range of motion.
by Christian L. on 08/15/2016
"This carrier is a phenomenal product and well built. You get what you pay for with the price tag on it but don't let that discourage you. If your 5'7 and under this will be a great product for smaller framed bodies for male and female (had my sister who is 5'5 put it on). For anyone taller than 5'7 this will act as a quality JPC(I'm 5'10 btw 185 lbs). When trying to size it you do need a friend or ask your parents to help you out. I do wish they would've included a internal kangaroo pouch but with the price tag that it has it does make sense. I personally built mine off the BF4 Assault player model.

Great material choice
Very breathable
Cumberband is reinforced in key areas of wear and has nylon handles for don and doff
Shoulder pads actually distribute weight
Plenty of velcro space for patches
Drag handle is stitched down the plate and reinforced (dragged my sis with it)

Pain to size correctly
Internal kangaroo pouch
Price is a little up there but you get what you pay for

Summary is that this is a great product and I would recommend this who's looking for a high end product that is a step down from CRYE, Mayflower, and Pherro concepts. Ask the staff to see if you could try it on there. 5/5 would recommend to any person who has interest in this.