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Springfield Armory Licensed XDM Gas Blowback Airsoft Training Pistol (Model: 3.8 Compact / Black)

12 Customer Reviews

by Panagiotis S. on 02/16/2021
"I got this gun from a mystery box and this thing is great. Nothing broke on me yet after shooting about 20 mags. the only problem I had was the nozzle freezing but that was because of the temperature I was shooting it in. i love the way the gas comes out of the gun and shoots out of the chamber making it feel really real the bbs are really accurate once you tune the hop up and the gun has a really good kick overall why would you not buy this thing if you are looking for a good secondary.
by Patrick N. on 02/06/2021
"Well, I wanted to buy a .22 pistol to train since ammo is so expensive these days, but even those are hard to come by. So I went back to my teen-years and bought myself a GBB!

This thing is great, it mimics all the functions of the real XDM including the little charge-indicator on the back. Weight and size are comparable to my SD9VE, so I think this will be a good fit - though it is a tad smaller in length (negligable to me). Accuracy is adequate _10 yards, and it penetrates cardboard very easily. This is a compact pistol so the magazine is NOT full size - you get around 20 rounds or so, double stacked - and I prefer that for training purposes. It does come with grip-extensions for larger magazinse, as well as rear-straps in 3 different sizes. Also comes with a little magazine stopper thingy for dry-firing. Awesome.

Seems like a steal compared to some of the other GBB's out there, which seem to be expensive only because of pricey trademarks (*cough* Glock *cough*)
by Jim P. on 09/26/2020
"Found this bad boy when I was looking for a reliable GBB sidearms. And it didn't disappoint me. The kick feels great. Out of the box it shoots around 300 fps with .20 yet is good enough for a close distance combat. So far I have gone through around 1000 rounds on it and it didn't fail me once.

However, something you may want to know is that the hop up can barely hop a .20 even in its maximum adjustment. I fixed it by adding a little piece of plastic under the hop up arm, and now it can reach 100+ ft without any problems.
by Patrick C. on 08/14/2020
"Won this guy in a Box of awesome, lovely sidearm, the slide is pretty boxy in shape on top giving it a nice modern, slightly futuristic Glock shape, the 3 grip backings that come with it are great for changing the size of the grip, even had one for my tiny hands! The constructions seems very durable, I feel like I could drop kick it into the woods and it's probs still shoot straight, so as long as you don't drop it hard on a rock or concrete I don't think it would get too hurt from everyday airsofting.
The magazine is sturdy and durable, waiting for a new shipment of gas so I haven't fired it yet but will return with more to say soon!
by Thomas C. on 07/12/2020
"I purchased this for my dad to have a safe gun to play with while sitting infront of the tv. I had the gun a day to myself before I gave it to him and I have to say I love the feel. Its extremely solid, shoots straight and has great recoil. The pistol went on sale again today and I couldnt help myself, had to get one for myself. I highly recommend the 3.8 two tone.
by Andrew B. on 02/22/2020
"I just got this gun, and its amazing! Gun feels good in the hand, recoil feels great. Mags seem to work well, no gas leaks or feed problems. I would definitely recommend this gun.
by Charles B. on 10/04/2019
"Just picked this up locally. Love it. Great feel, great recoil, great everything. There's a small amount of creep and a nice crisp break on the trigger. The trigger pull is identical to the real steel xd mod 2.
by Lyzandro A. on 05/13/2019
"I'll begin by saying this sidearm is phenomenal.

Out of the box, it's sleek, and works well. Easy to take apart, and clean, with a low profile even for the larger of the XDM models. The hop up was right on point, and needed no adjustment.

It's strong, and accurate. I dropped/lost it briefly when it slipped out of the crappy holster that came on my vest. (This is entirely the fault of my poor quality holster. The gun itself has no issues fitting into the real holsters. Tested with Blackhawk omnivore.)

It bore no visible signs of damage, just wiped off some dirt and scored a few "hits" with it. I ran it with .25g bbs and used it to remove an enemy when we were both skulking through leaf and branch thick territory.

The blowback is realistic, and feels good. It's sturdy, and I don't feel as if it will just come apart. The safety functions, and the adjustable back straps are a nice bonus even if I decided the standard was best for me. They are easily swapped with the removal of a single pin.

A reliable tool to have at your side.
by Juan A. on 06/13/2019
"Great gun! But....

Great kick
great accuracy! (better than my kwa kz-61 but it might be that i need heavier bb's)
extra backstraps!
Fiber optic sights
consistent shots
is the weight the same? evike has no info on the weight, pyramidair says 1.9 pounds, where the real steel weighs 1.8 lbs? wow...

wish trigger pull was shorter (just me..)
grip safety doesnt work (i could fix it myself)
had to damage it to take it apart (filed down part of the pin indicator)
chipped slide out of the box
Currently in RMA (Really Miss Shooting the gun)

overall great sidearm and would recommend to anyone! Cant wait to see if they release a steel slide version with CO2 along with a threaded barrel and ext. mags! along with new parts! WILL CHANGE REVIEW WHEN IT RETURNS.
by Loren K. on 09/10/2020
"I really like that I can practice with airsoft at home using a handgun built like my actual firearm. The XDm fits my holsters and handles very much like the real thing. The sights are off and can’t be adjusted but they are close enough to practice. With that said, the materials are really cheap and not very durable. I have fired maybe 300-400 rounds and in that time the takedown lever fell out and the gun quit firing. I only fired it in my garage. It hasn’t been dropped or abused. It is made of cheap plastic and cast metal. The warranty is only for 90 days and has lots of exclusions. I’m pretty disappointed because the gun is awesome but expensive for only a few hundred shots.
by Josh L. on 08/27/2020
"Got this gun and man was it awesome....for the first bag of ammo. The trigger broke and it's dead in the water now. I've contacted Evike for an exchange because I use it for practice for steel challenge competition and it is nearly identical size and weight of my real XDm 3.8. It definitely helped hone in my skillset for competition shooting. Upon further inspection, what broke was the slide catch bar. Appears to be made of pot metal so if you order the gun you may as well order the maple leaf STEEL slide catch bar to go along with it. I would just order that part and install it but appears to be out of stock...everywhere online. I wonder why? Guessing it's a manufacturer defect and that's why the replacement part is sold out everywhere in the USA including evike. That has been the only issue I have had with this gun. Other than that it's excellent but after only one month and 5000 bbs it should really be better quality from the factory for the price of it.
by Oliver G. on 03/02/2021
"Ok this gun it pretty good i have the real one and the airsoft is very much like it from the firing pin to the frame of it the only thing is that the green gas is used up to quickly unlike my sig and my glock this one used ip the whole gas in the mag with in like 9-10 shots ao if your thinking about buying this i would personally not due the gas but it could have just been my gun. If you looking for something good go for a Glock 19 or Sig P229 both are amazing