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6mmProShop MK18 MLOK Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ MOSFET Trigger (Model: 9.5" Rail / Black)

9 Customer Reviews

by Justin C. on 01/17/2021
"To be honest, I like this gun more than my Amoeba.

The trigger response is GREAT with a 7.4 lipo and even better with 11.1 lipo.

Nice solid build overall, no wobbles etc.
Only thing changed externally so far was just the stock to a pts stock for better battery space.

Only con I would say is that the selector switch doesn't really click into semi or auto that well, but it's no biggie.

Will probably do a follow up review when I take this out for actual gameplay. So far just been backyard shooting.

Also the stock motor is good already, but I installed an ASG Ultimate 30K RPM motor to increase performance a bit.

Probably will throw in a Gate Titan mosfet later on when the mosfet on this gun gives out.

Overall would definitely recommend this gun for anyone starting out. Just get it while on sale.
by Juan F. on 01/13/2021
"Really love the gun feels great, I do recommend getting a new stock it’s a pretty tight fit for most battery’s I just put in a random m4 stock I had and it works great. Great trigger response with an 11.1 matrix lipo not heavy at all so it’ll be great for me.
by fred w. on 10/08/2020
"Bought the 13" Dark Earth version.
Does not come with a manual or cleaning rod. Someone is working on a video manual.
Replaced the vertical grip with a Scar bi-pod grip (id 27105). Need small pic rail.
Replace the stock with a 6mmProShop Crane stock (id 59459). Very tight fit.
Running 7.4v Li-ion 3,000 maH battery (id 16575). Going for more play time, less wear.
Using Barret licensed .23g bbs (id 95484) at 75 foot with hop-up off, and very little wind, grouping was within a 3 inch circle. The Acetech iTracer unit said it was clocking 1.56j+-.01j 380fps+-1fps.
I think it's possible to upgrade these to DMR class rifles for under $400, but it's a blast to play with as-is.
by Ryan D. on 10/05/2020
"I liked this gun so much I own two of them. Only Disclaimer: Don't use the Krytac mid-caps w/ this gun. They require too much force to go in, and could misalign your feed. KWA 120 round mid caps work the best.

Pros: shoots far, accurate, great trigger feel, great battery space, very little wobble. High end gun for under $400 (constantly found on epic deal for under $300).
by Jake N. on 01/11/2020
"Received this in the 2020 box of awesomeness and I am more than happy with this gun. I run a 1200mah 11.1 Lipo in this and it’s performance was great in the field. Right out the box I was hitting people across the field no problem.
Very Accurate
Chronoed mine at 390 FPS (perfect for anywhere around where I live)
ROF is like 20 rps with 11.1 lipo
Balanced weight
None so far
by Ernest E. on 11/03/2019
"Very pleasantly impressed with this gun, overall good construction, the furniture is a nice touch as well though the stock offers very limited battery space, mine shoots at 390 so you’ll have to nerf it down for indoor but it shoots nice and flat

Only complaints I have would be the trigger feel isn’t the best and the battery space is limited unless you swap the stock out
by Matthew M. on 05/02/2021
"Bought the 9.5” Black version. First thoughts are that that it feels very sturdy and high quality. There were some issues that should be known. First the outer barrel was not centered in the handguard, had to take it apart and add shims under the outer barrel flange where it meets the upper receiver to make it straight. The upper and lower receiver are very hard to to get the pin out of.

Internally it is ok, but needs some upgrades. The piston has one steel tooth and the rest are plastic. The cylinder head and piston head are plastic. The tappet plate is cheap clear plastic and air nozzle is plastic with no seal.

Upgrades that I did. Replaced the cylinder head and piston head with Maxx Model aluminum double seal parts( makes is sounds really good!). Replaced the piston with a Matrix full steel toothed piston. Replaced the tappet plate with a Guarder enhanced tappet plate and replaced the air noodle with an SHS aluminum o ring sealed nozzle. Replaced the spring with an M120. All parts were bought from Evike.

Shooting after upgrades on a 7.4v Lipo
.20g 440 FPS
.25g 390 FPS
by Torin E. on 03/26/2020
"Hey guys I got this one on an epic deal for $210.
First impression: The gun is a little light however everything but the selector switch feels good on the gun. The trigger reset is a bit longer than I would like but overall the trigger feels good. The accuracy is amazing I am using .25 gram bbs and paired with a cheap amazon red dot sight this gun performs very well. The rate of fire is pretty nice with a 11.1 volt battery. This gun is pretty quite which is nice for backyard practice. The gun feels pretty solid no wobbling or anything with the parts. That selector switch though is probably the thing I dislike the most. Its hard to even feel when you engage into semi automatic and feels like it's just loose and someday gonna crap out on me. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with this one and the price point. The hex mag that came with it fits like a glove. Battery compartment could be a little bigger as I struggle every time to get the batter fully in and sometimes just leave it hanging out a little inside the actual stock and dont collapse it all the way. Comes with no iron sights so make sure you get one! 4 stars because that selector switch makes me nervous.
by Matthew C. on 02/19/2021
"This gun is pretty sweet to hold, that's really all it's good for. The buffer tube is junk and unscrews all the time. The stock they give you won't fit most batteries. The motor will fry if you use an adaptor to go from deans to small tamiya. You don't get iron sights, bb's, battery, optic, or charger when you buy this gun. I took a chance on this gun since there were only 7 reviews. However when the gun worked properly it was fantastic. The gun is basically full metal which I love. The mag they give you is perfect. I'm going to be honest here, if you want a gun to keep on your wall and shoot it maybe once every month, maybe this gun is for you. If you want to play airsoft competivly or on a field, don't buy this gun even though its sweet. I will not buy another item from 6mm pro shop again. If you are looking to buy a gun that is around this price when on sale buy a krytac alpha crb. Its perfect for full metal gun for cqb and outdoor if you want to upgrade. Krytac is an amazing company unlike 6mm pro shops or dytac. I am returning this gun due to it being broken.