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EMG Black Rain Ordnance BRO SPEC15 Licensed AR-15 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black / Rifle)

17 Customer Reviews

by William M. on 11/14/2019
"Love this gun. It's never given me a problem. I've used it in about 20 games. And I'm rough on it. It takes everything I give it.. #letitrain
by Nathan H. on 06/06/2019
"This is the first airsoft AEG I have ever bought. New to the sport but not firearms. This gun is AMAZING. The look and feel is 100 percent authentic to the real gun made by BRO. The fit and finish is absolutely spot on. It is a beautiful gun.
If you want a gun that doesn't just look like every other gun out there, then this is the gun for you in dark earth. The dark and light contrast work well together. I bought the Angel Hive mock suppressor as well to finish out the look of the gun. It shoots nice and is fully upgradeable. A real head turner.
by CALEB K. on 04/18/2019
"I’m honestly considering getting another one with how much I love mine.
For the price on sale, this gun is 100% worth it. It performs oddly well for a stock gun and it just looks so unbelievably gorgeous.
I wasn’t the biggest fan of the stock though. I have replaced that and now I can say it’s perfect. I’ll do some upgrades down the line as with all airsoft guns. However, I’m thankful I don’t need to add anything now to make this a good gun.
by Brian C. on 03/09/2019
"Recently bought 2 of these since Evike has them on sale. One of the ones shipped was the new carbon fiber version. SWEET! It has Deans connections installed. This one didn't come with the cool flash hider, but the older one did. Small price to pay for getting the newer version. Probably someone's error, but I'm keepin it! Its the shortest version. Already put a 405mm Prometheus barrel in it with a supressor to cover the 3" of barrel sticking out. That's not to say the stock barrel is junk. It's a brass barrel that measures 6.05. I just like longer 6.03 stainless. The stock gun chronoed at 394 to 397 fps using 0.20 bbs. That's the best I've ever seen from a totally bone stock gun.

All of the reviews are correct. This is a fantastic AEG. Feels just like real steal for weight, balance and shouldering. Very solid rifle. No rattles or cheap feel at all. Can't believe these aren't more popular or expensive.

One comment about the battery changes... push down on the stock adjuster and slide the butt stock off. I can change a battery in about 10 seconds with no tools required. Also the flash hider... small drill bit and the roll pin on the hider is gone. It's very thin metal and drills out easily. Careful you don't go too deep. Then just remove the hider.
by Justin C. on 03/09/2019
"I've used this gun for a total of 8 hours of consistent shooting at my local arena. I can safely say this gun is well worth your money especially if you can get it on sale. It's a solid all metal build and very unique looking because of the handguard and engravings. The gun shoots consistently and only wish it had a micro-switch trigger just to make it a bit snappier. But, I'm not even complaining on a 7.4 lipo. I don't suggest anything else but a buffer tube stick style battery because the space for a nunchuck is limited.

The reason why I bought this was because of the quick change spring system which is not nearly marketed enough. I say it's a "system" and not just a "guide" because the QC was well thought out. you can change the spring in literal minutes just by removing the stock and buffer tube and the spring can be accessed right in the rear. The manual that comes with the gun illustrates this well too. This made the gun very versatile and easy to use in an already easy to use M4 platform.

I did swap out the stock 6.05 inner barrel with a Madbull Black Python v2 6.03. Be careful when removing the upper from the lower receiver because I broke the plastic bit on the charging handle that releases the door that reveals the bolt/hop up chamber, which has never happened before. It's an easy fix but be weary just in case.

Unique Looking
QC Spring System makes it versatile
Heavy weight
Uses my Valken polymer midcaps flawlessly

Limited rail space
Limited to buffer tube batteries
Heavy weight
The door for hop up chamber never stays closed
by Taylor H. on 02/26/2019
"Very happy with this product, once you open the box, youll have a big smile on your face

if you click the black rain ordnance emblem, it should link you to all the items they have on evike, what comes with this gun that I think I didnt see was in the description was an extra flash hider,

its a cheaper full metal version made obviously for airsoft, the BRO HCC 223/556 flash hider

So far

Nothing wiggles/wobbles
Very stable well built gun
Good weight
Very accurate
battery space is good if you extend the stock to fit the buffer tube

only con I have would be stuff does get stuck in the BLACK RAIN engraving on the handgaurd and its very hard to get out, if you even can, used a cloth, slightly got worse, used a tooth brush, helped but didnt get a lot out

very great gun, you wont regret it especially while its on sale
by Will K. on 10/06/2018
"Overall great gun. Neomagnet motor and all the reinforced parts in the gearbox made this gun one of the best stock gun I have ever used. The receiver and handguard is filled with detail you will expect on a real firearm. Love it!
by Rayshon H. on 10/03/2018
"This gun is amazing. Right out of the box it has a very premium feel. i have yet to have any issues with it while testing , cannot wait to get this gun on the field!
by Kyle S. on 02/21/2018
"So I got this one month ago I put a replica eotech and a Tokyo Mairu tracer unit and let me tell you with the ROF its like a mini gun loaded with tracers lol and. Because its so accurate its like a little lazer paint brush in your hand lol. The only problem would be the stock not being able to take butterfly batteries so i just used a 11.4 lipo battery Instead.

DMR like accuracy
A little long but its no M16A4 so I'm happy with it
Sick looks and truns heads With its unique competition AR look
nice trigger respons
has done everything I asked it to do with Distinction
fluted barrel lets me to keep the gun up longer during CQB engagements
yea ! Quick change spring

the dust cover can be opened by slapping the gun or puting in a mag to hard i live in a dessert sooo I like a working dust cover

paint chips like crazy be gentle with the paint job, but its what ever

You need tools to Access the battery compartment in the stock : / why who thought this was a good Idea, who!?

back sites cannot adjust elevation ? Wha what ? Why lol
I dont care that much becuse i slapped on a red dot and Adjust the hop up to make it work but just why like my guy come on.

Did not come with cleaning and unjaming rod jamed on my first hi cap mag cleaned the barrel neaver tapped again

The Orange tip is the worst. It took acetone! For it to come off boi 🤚

Over all I would get this gun if it's on sale. Its Unique and will make you stand out on the feild and performs to alot of tasks at hand.
by Becky S. on 12/29/2017
"First off, this gun is BEAUTIFUL. Externally, everything is awesome. Besides the stock cannot take nunchucks, well it is very trickey to get in. But other than that, BUY THIS GUN ASAP. Theres only 200 of them in the US so buy now!

Full Metal Construction
Interchangeable Grips for hand comfort
Very Comfortable Handguard
Rate of Fire is Fantastic
Accuracy is Perfect

Picky with mags, my Matrix mid caps wouldnt fit unless I forced them
PRICE. But it is well worth it if you dont want to have to repair it.
Out of the box, my semi auto would click or something like it hadnt fully cycled a shot? But after I plugged in the battery, it took 3 pulls of trigger to start firing
by shaun c. on 11/28/2017
"amazing rifle sounds clean and performs even better, the rifle looks awesome and feels sturdy, it has very good range & the ROF on full-auto with a 11.1v is insane and I don't suggest using as its bad for the gun and just not needed I just use for trigger response, people say that it scratches easily which is true but most "scratches" actually can be wiped off with a damp cloth I think they use a weird paint that makes the dirt stick to it so it looks like scratches, the only bad thing I have to say about the gun is that the stock is kinda bad the screw that holds the carrying pocket on the stock stripped before even using it I suggest using plastic glue or something to keep it in place (its not a moving part so I don't know why they didn't just attach it to the gun or at least use a metal screw) second the stock is terrible at changing lengths if you do it on the go you have a good chance of loosing the bolt and the plate that you have to press on then usually the stock will continue movement and not stick to the position you put it at.

amazing gun In looks and performance but the stock isn't that great

a few recomondations :
-make sure the screw in the stock is secure before taking it outside
-adjust stock before the game
-buy king arms 120rd mid-caps they fit very well & feed amazingly even on full-auto if you insist on using it
-last thing the pin in the flash hider is a pain and make sure you have a screw extractor or very small allen key
by jon b. on 04/24/2017
"Where to begin...
Externally, this rifle is absolutely stunning. The trades are well done and beautiful, and plentiful too. Nothing wobbles on this gun. At all. It's awesome. It's not too heavy, but it certainly has a good weight to it. Nothing any average Joe can't throw around with ease, though. Internally it's just as solid. It has amazing range right out of the box, and the qick change spring is designed with ease in mind. Simply pop off the buffer tube and you're good to change! The gears and motor easily pull the m120 I installed, and the thing is snappy, too, when used on a 11.1v LiPo. Mags seem to fit almost universally with little to no wobble and no feeding issues. Ive used MAG brand, Elite Force, Evike BAMF mags, PTS EPMs, K120s, and Hexmags. Never once has it double fed, and it rarely misfed either. The gun may seem a bit long, but don't be worried if you're short. I'm 5'6", and the rail is comfortable even though you can only mount a rail segment to the front of the handguard. I absolutely adore this rifle, and it's certain to turn some heads out at the field.
by Kirk M. on 12/29/2016
"So far, good. The BRO M4 by King Arms appears to be a high quality AEG. I received this gun a few days ago and have only shot about 1000 rounds through it. The action is clean and the trigger response is tight. I decided to use a Firefox 20C, 1600mAH, 11.1 volt Li-PO. It shoots quickly and responsively. That being said, the range is not all that great. It appears that a M120 spring is stock (which may work fine for indoor play) and the overall power seems to be slightly slacking. Because they generously designed a real "quick-change" spring feature, I will upgrade to a Systema M140.
In terms of aesthetics, this AEG is beautiful. The design, the feel and the details are awesome. One of my favorites right out of the box. To sum up my opinion of this AEG thus far, I'll say it's bad-ass. I'll report back once I have changed out the spring and put some more rounds through it. I'll also chrono it before and after the change.
by Alexander M. on 10/05/2019
"This takes a deans not a tamiya. Lipo needed!
by Alec H. on 05/27/2019
"Great looking and shooting gun! Very study feeling as well.
full metal

my full auto is burst for some reason
That's about it for cons

I definitely recommend this rifle