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Swiss Arms 9.6v 1600mah NiMH Battery with Small Tamiya Connector

8 Customer Reviews

by John L. on 05/19/2021
"I bought this battery for my FAMAS, the stock one got to where it would not even cycle the gun at all. For the money it has been great, I can get about 1,600 rounds through it before it shows some weakness. Overall I would recommend, I will be purchasing a second so I can switch out battery's at midday and still have some energy to spare if a game runs long.
by David d. on 09/07/2020
"Bought this with my CYMA P90 terminator and a evike smart charger. Shoots for about 900 rounds then it dies of quickly. Pretty good in my opinion.
by Bill S. on 08/10/2020
"bought 2 of these on sale for 9 bucks and they work great
by Adam D. on 04/10/2020
"So far so good I purchased 2 of these and they seem to be running good though I am running them in stock AEGs with no upgrades I imagine with stiffer springs they will die quicker.
by Ethan N. on 07/07/2020
"sadly didn't fit my pdw buffer tube, but I charged and tried it out and the rof was really good. traded it with my brother for an 8.4 and fit like a glove.
(also did not melt with a smart charger) :)
by Melody H. on 05/04/2021
"Great battery for the price, but will not fit in most m4 stocks because of the plastic divider walls inside. It is mainly meant to be used in an ak or some other gun where it would be installed in the upper reciever. over all the battery is fine for the price but is not comparable to a lipo or something similar in price.
by Joshua F. on 03/05/2019
"It gives your gun a lot higher rate of fire than normal battery's,

It's a Awesome battery! NOT!!!!!!!!! The plastic cover melted after charging it, and then discharged it and it melted! It melted like butter!
by Alexander S. on 02/15/2021
"I purchased 2 of these while they were on sale for $9 a piece. I thought to myself "Hey, I need some more batteries, these seem like a steal.". So I bought them. 3 day shipping and 4 days later, they show up. Pulled them out of the box, thinking "Cell phones usually come with a half charge, I'll give these a go and see if they have any juice". No money. They we both completely dead. So I decided to stick one on the smart charger and check back later. Not 15 minutes later, my charger starts blinking red. Internet said "If it blinks red, it means low charge or dead battery. Give it 24 hours and see if its charged.

So I ended up leaving one battery on the charger for 24 hours with the light blinking. Still nada.

Left it for 48 hours... STILL nothing.

Said screw it and tried the other battery. Still nothing, same deal. Just like the couple people in the FB postings, it seems like Evike was selling out old stock of batteries. These batteries are straight up dead. They will never hold another charge. Thankfully, I told CS and they placed a new order for "NEW" batteries. We will see what happens with that.

I'll update once I get the new batteries. So for right now, this is a 1 star for me. 4 days and $18 later, I am not pleased with the shopping experience I've had. The only thing I can rely on is CS throwing replacement stuff at me the moment I tell them something is broken. Least I can't complain about them.

For anyone looking to buy these... I would recommend looking at the FB comments. Someone mentioned Hobbytown or something. Go there for your batteries cause you might end up like me.