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Matrix / S&T Sportsline M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ G3 Micro-Switch Gearbox (Model: Black M4 Commando)

104 Customer Reviews

by Kelly W. on 06/17/2021
"Its an amazing beginner to intermediate M4.

I have been constantly using this rifle for target practice and field play for the last year, and it has held up spectacularly. The rifle can last all day on a single battery. The fire rate and trigger response is amazing. The plastic buffer tube can be annoying, but it isn't horrible. I have been able to use this rifle for up to 200 foot shots with ease. When paired with good bbs and a good optic, this rifle is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it for anybody looking to get into airsoft.
by Will B. on 04/20/2021
"Very good starter gun if it is on sale I should not hesitate to buy it
by Scott M. on 03/19/2021
"Read this before you buy.

I bought the "Black M4A1 | 350 FPS" version.

I used this gun twice on the field and both times it served me well. One of those two times it jammed on me, but the fix was super easy.


-Super high ROF (17 rounds per seconds with 9.6v)
-Pretty accurate
-Easy to adjust hop up
-Trigger response is okay
-Made of polymer, but it's super high quality polymer
-Some metal parts
-Can hold down full-auto for a long time without gun or battery heating up
-Lightweight (could be a con for some, I like the mobility)


-ROF on semi-auto is limited to about 6 rounds per second
-The included magazine's bottom screw kept unscrewing itself and now I can't use it
-Battery connecter is small tamiya instead of deans
-FPS is a little lower than what advertised (for my model). Maybe it's because I shot it alot before I went to the field causing the spring to wear down.
-Tight squeeze for a 9.6v butterfly to fit in the battery space without pinching the wires.

The last con I mentioned actually is a HUGE problem. The small tamiya connector is so fragile that if you're not careful with the wires, the wires will break off the connector, causing the gun to click and heat up when you try to use it. To fix it, the wires would need to be soldered back on the connector. If you don't know how to solder or you don't know anyone who can solder, avoid buying this gun.

Other than the wires attached to the connector breaking off partially, this is the BEST beginner gun out there and would HIGHLY recommend for anyone starting airsoft. Remember, you may want to stay away from this gun if you can't solder.

by Austin W. on 03/10/2021
"Arguably the best starter gun for CQB if ur into close range engagements. I have been playing airsoft for a pretty decent time and this by far has still got to be my favorite m16. I took this gun to my local arena: Nashville Airsoft and it destroys people. This gun was so fun to play with on top of a 2.5x sight on the 20mm rail on top. This is a must buy for anyone who is looking into close quarters combat airsoft for the price of $99 when on sale is an honest steal.
by Caleb K. on 03/01/2021
"Excellent product. I personally love how the Handel is removable. I'm tossing a red dot on her. The gear box sounds solid. It's a good gun and it seems a good platform for upgrades.
by GUANGLIN H. on 01/28/2021
"This is my first time writing a review, even thought I have bought more than 20 airsoft guns from EVIKE. This M4 amazingly surprises me. Never fooled by the average quality polymer receivers, buffer tude, handguards, hup-up unit and etc, it shoots excellent. The fps is around 380, faire enough., and it shoots fast. The most surprising aspect of this M4 is the accuracy despite its average built internal parts. The grouping is up to the level of a sniper rifle of high quality. Furthermore, the fast reacting trigger amases me, thanks to the MOSFET. You don't see such a feature within many high end guns. After all, this is an undoubtedly excellent airsoft gun.

Excellent accuracy
Good fps and rps
MOSFET provided
Fast changing of spring, an excellent feature
Lightweight, can be handled with one hand, even with a M203 attached
Extremely economic choice, with a M203 launcher!

Obviously the average quality polymer material, which is supposed to be the outcome of balance of performance and cost. Understandable.
The connection of buffer tude and receiver is loose because of stripped screw of spring guide. I have to remove the cover plate between buffer tude and receiver to extend the coupling the screw and spring guide
by DAVID K. on 11/10/2020
"RIC FLAIR WOOOOOOOOO! That trigger though! I bought 2 on sale for 90 a piece for spares and they both do work! For the price, I was not disappointed!
by Michael D. on 09/29/2020
"First a Correction:
Received mine with a rear wired small tamiya connector. This was a great win for me.

* I am so impressed with this AEG! Price aside, the performance of this M4 is on par with the Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Pro-Hybrid offerings.
* The Microswitch Trigger is the shining star internally.
Because of it being rear wired, taking the handguard and off and punching out the pins on the front sight assembly is a breeze. I was able to have a cost effective 14" M-LOK handguard which is a perfect length for this one piece outer barrel.
* I am very content with the polymer elements of this AEG. My first M4 was alloy and found myself wishing I had something lighter. I ended up with an ARP9 and found I lost serious range. Length of the inner barrel is 14", and effective range is not a problem. Swapped it out with a 6.01 steel inner and a maple leaf bucking with matching tensioner and I didn't find enough of a difference. So I went back with the lighter brass inner barrel and love the feel of this.

- The only con I could find is the regulation flash hider is affixed with strong glue and a solid pin. It takes cutting if you want to be able to remove it in order to remove the front sight assembly. So pick up a fresh orange tip.
by Nick B. on 06/23/2020
"Great weapon for me so far just as a fun gun to shoot in the back yard. Very accurate and feels all around well made. For $80 price range this would be a perfect fit for anyones first AEG.
by Timothy S. on 06/15/2020
"This gun is an amazing out of the box gun for beginners. I've shot stock raiders, stock elite forces, and stock valkens none of which were as snappy as this one shoots with upgraded internals so you don't have to go cracking open the gearbox and losing parts. I am blown away by the price to performance ratio and will be recommending this to others
by Joseph G. on 04/18/2020
"This M4 is the combat machine killer. The body is a sturdy nylon-reinforced polymer and I have never had problems with it through multiple skirmishes and backyard games. The internals are on-par for this price point and are more than acceptable. If things break, they are easy to modify. The pre-installed MOSFET works well, and the micro-switch significantly improves trigger response, making this replica feel like a much more expensive rifle. The M203 has minor problems with it's firing pin being too soft, but there are solutions to this and most grenades still work with it. The hop-up and barrel are poor, but most are at this price-point and a simple investment of 20-30 dollars per piece will instantly make this gun solid and it will compete with the best. Overall good purchase.

Sturdy body with solid weight
Decent gearbox and internal components
Great trigger response
Easy to open and modify
Accurate for the price

M203 is picky with grenades due to a soft firing pin
Hop-up is budget, and can have trouble with heavy weight bbs and can be damaged easily.
Sluggish RPS
by Jacob W. on 04/06/2020
"Best stock aeg I have ever purchased for $100 bucks.
This gun has a stock mosfet and micro trigger switch that comes with it and really makes all the difference. Every shot is crisp and consistent. There is absolutely no gear whine and just sounds so much nicer than any of my friends.

Some pros:
-mosfet (so you can use lipos)
-micro trigger (crisp responsive trigger)
-quick change spring (makes opening the box 100 times easier)
-under $150!!!
-metal outer barrel
-metal trigger, mag release, bolt catch
-the stock piston has metal teeth
-decent gears with an abs plastic delayer chip
-overall lightweight construction (plus for me)
-upper/lower reciever and pistol grip are a nice feeling durable plastic

Some cons:
-the buffer tube, stock, and hand guard are cheap crappy plastic, I replaced all those parts

If your looking for a new build platform, or just getting your first gun you will NOT regret buying this aeg
by xavier l. on 12/27/2019
"the cqb variant of this gun is perfect for where i play and has out preformed a few people on thhe field already

shoots fast with a 11.1v li-ion battery
not very heavy
can take a variety of m4 mags

no cons so far and prob wont be any for me at least
by Clayton H. on 12/17/2019
"I have purchased and used 3 of these Matrix guns and they work flawlessly after many trips out to the field. I use them primarily as loner guns, but honestly I would not be against using one as my primary. Sure it polymer, but it stands up with the use. I am not too impressed with how a gun looks, but rather how it performs. You can’t beat the performance for the price with all the quality parts that are in the gearbox and hop up. Loving that micro switch trigger and built in MOSFET! I am seeing other AEG’s have so many issues (Lancer Tactical, APS, and even G&G) with holding up over time. This will be my go to AEG from here on out!
by Brian L. on 11/18/2019
"I'm an airsoft noob but was ready to join my son in playing the game. I purchased this Matrix M4 at the Evike pro shop in Spring, TX. I knew I wanted something better than "toy grade" but didn't want to go crazy. The staff at the store had nothing but great things to say about this gun. The stock spring did run hot at the indoor range so add $10 if you need to bring it down to 350 fps or below and another $50 to get you going with a battery and charger.
I purchased the FDE model and it looks legit. I did pay more at the store, BUT that's because they'd already done some custom work on it; metal barrel, integrated "suppressor", metal quad rail and collar.

Solid Construction
GREAT value for the $$
Accurate out of the box
Looks super cool
Metal magazine (runs like a champ!)
Metal gearbox and G2 micro switch

No sling points
For indoor play - ran nearly 400 fps out of box. So, had to spend another $10 for spring (but it was an easy swap!)
No battery/charger - add another $50 to price