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FABARM STF12 Pump Action Tri-Shot Airsoft Shotgun (Model: Compact / Black)

48 Customer Reviews

by Jack W. on 05/12/2023
"First airsoft gun I've ever bought and it hasn't disappointed me yet. Surprised at the range I could get with .25g BB. It's a cheap springer made of plastic as are the iron sights. I wouldn't say Mattel plastic but I wouldn't say ABS. The iron Id use em for looks let's face it, it's a shotgun you'll just need to aim in the general direction.


Cheap but well built.
Comes with 2 Tri shot shells
Comes with a speed loader (or mine did idk how some others didn't)
Perfect for CQB


Plastic but it's under 100 what did you expect?
The stock a trip and fall could break off but
Stock doesn't fold like it's Gas brother.

Overall this gun is honestly great. Just wish I could get attachments like I could for 870 replicas.
by Kyle T. on 03/02/2023
"So far I love this shotgun. Removed the rail on the handle because it was a bit awkward and uncomfortable. Otherwise was wondering why the instruction booklet was in only French…
by Nickolas P. on 12/05/2022
"This is the best cqb gun for the money. I have had several pump shotguns from other brands like CYMA that break the first or second time on the field. Not a good feeling after just spending 100 plus dollars on something. But this STF-12 has been used hard as a primary for probably 50+ games now and not a single problem.
by jeremy c. on 07/01/2022
"A very solid gun for the price.
i was looking for a second primary and wanted to switch it up so i bought this shotgun.
it is very high quality and feels great.
the slide takes some manpower to cock so i do not recommend this if you're buying for a child.
every once in a while it would shoot 4-5 bbs instead of the normal 3, but its not a big deal. it came with two shells but i definitely recommend buying some extra, it also came with a speed loader which is a must have for loading the shells.
A very cool gun and if you have the extra money, i couldn't recommend it any more! if you're looking to expand your armory this is the gun for you.
by Nickolas P. on 05/31/2022
"I play mostly CQB indoor and I put this gun up against AEGs quite a bit. It has worked flawlessly. A lot of fun to use. I use it as a primary all the time. Just get a side saddle for some extra shells!
by Cj H. on 01/06/2022
"Omg I bought this gun and used .20 and it did everything every one complained about just got some .25 in there it’s a shot gun now works 100 percent not my primary but If some one is cheating they get it now nice reliable gun whould buy if starting just get the right bbs
by Jay D. on 07/27/2021
"Great feeling gun and shoots well but the two shotshells which were included ejected 4 - 5 bbs at a time, some lodging into the barrel. Had to use different shells.
by Becky B. on 01/08/2021
"This. This is the shotgun you want. I've owned this gun for around 7 months now? I've never had an issue, still use the same shells as what it came with and you can get cheap ones for it off of Amazon. The gun is a must buy it's super nice feeling in the hands and an excellent price point. I got it on sale for only 55 dollers and it was worth every penny and the shipping.

Not light, but not too heavy
Three round shots make for easy target hitting
Perfect fps with great range
Comes with 2 shells
Comes with amazing iron sights
Spring action requires no extra purchases
Very nice feeling rubberized handle and pump
ECT that I can't even mention just buy it

Hard pump? It's not really that hard it just seems to be a complaint I see.
by Barbara S. on 12/28/2020
"LOVE IT!!!! great gun. shoots better than I expected. just got it and it works great. takes a little work to pump it but its not bad. Might right another review after more use but so far it is FANTASTIC!!!!! Would recommend!!!
by Ronrico M. on 12/19/2020
"This Gun is BEAST ready for war everytime i am Juiced thank you Evike
by Marcus A. on 08/16/2020
"Love it. Its my first purchase and the distance and quick pump action is perfect for me. You do need to have a good pump action cause if you dont do it right it wont work. So really pump it. I recommend
by Wynn R. on 08/13/2020
"Great for what is it. Probably the best budget airsoft shotgun.
by John C. on 07/01/2020
"This thing is great for the price I recommend it to everyone

Pros: Distance and accuracy


Very cool looking

Cons: made of plastic

Hard to pump
by kevin l. on 04/23/2020
"THIS SHOTGUN IS GREAT IT IS LIGHT AND DURABLE I HAVE PUT IT THROUGH SOME TUFF STUFF AND IT HAS BEEN GREAT..... it kinda sucks the manual I gotta received was in Italian AND IT CAN SLAM FIRE I am really glad I purchased this shot gun
by Phoenix E. on 01/23/2020
"This was my first tri-shot Airsoft gun I’ve bought and I love it,

- shoots three bb’s
- decent accuracy
- great range
- extremely light
- has a bottom rail for lights or grips
- comes with 2 shells in the box
- iron sights are very noticeable with the red front sight and green back sights.
- the back iron sight can be adjusted up and down
- reloading shells is super easy and kinda fun to do.
-mostly made out of plastic but doesn’t rattle and seems sturdy

- your gonna need a good strong grip on the pump to pull it back.
- iron sights feel cheaply made