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Umbrella Armory Krytac LVOA (Color: Foliage Green / 400 FPS 30 RPS / Carbine w/ 2xBattery)

4 Customer Reviews

by Hoyt S. on 03/09/2018
"Awesome Rifle!!!!

I am very new to the hobby of airsoft and I have spent thousands at Evike to help build my families arsenal. This is not my first Lvoa, as my first is a all stock LVOA-C. I thought that rifle was impressive!!! WOW!!! This Umbrella Armory LVOA DMR has taken it to a new level.

Very nice build quality.
Shoot lasers and the hope up reacts well to minor changes.
Adjustment to the Gate Titan is very easy with the included adjustment card

None Yet!
by Corey A. on 02/25/2018
"UNREAL. If you have the money, get it. I was doing my research for a LONG time. I wanted to build a DMR until I came across the UA line. I have seen Dutch the Hooligan's videos on YouTube and that sold me. It was crazy seeing him get kills from 200+ feet away.

Right out of the box shot 500+ FPS w/ .2. Krytac recommends .28 for their stock AEG SPR so I decided to start using that at my local field to make sure I am compliant. Shoots a solid 465 FPS w/ .28 and has GREAT range.

People have no idea where they get shot from half the time. And its hilarious when I shoot at other people and their guns aren't even close to having enough range..

by Hunter B. on 02/18/2018
"Gun: Black /350 FPS 40 RPS / CQBR

Make no mistakes, friends. This is a high end machine. It is a dream, with a trigger response so noticeably fast and crisp that the chrono range marshals were making comment. Then, they heard me go into full auto. 40 RPS is hatred incarnate, and is by no means a necessary fire rate. Flash mags didn't seem to like feeding that fast, and that was fine with me. In the end, the Titan Gate was my saving grace. My full auto function was banned from the local field, but I made a bargain that had me setting the Titan to safe/semi/semi. This, the marshals were fine with; it was more than enough to fuel many BB storms. Ultimately, this "replica" won't make you a better player. It can't make you run faster, or be more aware. At $1200, it still doesn't aim for you. But just about EVERYTHING your gun currently does, this one will do significantly better.

TL;DR - Gun is amazing, almost too much so, but make sure you are a proficient player first.
by Robert B. on 11/08/2017
"I have taken this gun out to my local field several times now and i am thoroughly impressed with the overall performance of this weapon. Out of the box it was chrono tested shooting at 524 consistently with .2g bbs, i expect that number to lower once it breaks in a bit. When it comes to accuracy and range it does fairly well, once i adjusted the hop up to where i needed it to be I am able to put rounds as far as the other snipers on the field and with a decent grouping. The trigger is amazing and takes very little effort to send multiple rounds down range for follow up shots or just suppressing fire. Originally i was worried about the battery life but I am able to play all day on a single battery with no performance issues. This definitely makes other people envious if that is your thing, constantly have people talking about it while im on the field. I would suggest getting more magazines because you will go through ammo depending on your trigger discipline and play style. With the mosfet you can program alot of aspects. Overall i would highly suggest this to anyone who has the money and wants a fantastic DMR out of the box.

high fps
good range and accuracy
solid construction