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APS Phantom Extremis Mark II M4 AEG with 12.5" Keymod Handguard (Color: Multicam Black)

11 Customer Reviews

by Jack R. on 02/17/2021
"I wanted a quality gun with cheap mags and a cheap firing system (Battery powered or green gas) and found this, I've only had it for a short time ~1 week but it works well, has a nice weight to it and sounds amazing, though after firing full auto the bolt is locked open till you fire again to release it, the stock compartment for the battery is tough to open, and the stock itself and the front sight came in wobbly, But all small and most easy fixes,
This gun fires and works well with minimal problems.
by Caleb B. on 01/16/2021
"This is my first airsoft gun and so far I have to say It's pretty great. This guns RPS is really good when your battery is charged to the fullest. It sprays very hard and fast. I've had it or about a week or two now and am going to take it to my range and try it out and see how it does, but overall its a pretty great beginner/intermediate gun.

Blowback feels great
Shoots Super hard
Sleek design is comfortable
Ambidextrous controls are very nice
Full metal

Stock is a little wobbly(but can be fixed)
My least favorite part about this gun is the charging handle, its very wobbly and feels like it could break off at any given moment, and is a little to easy to pull back to reveal hop up unit.
other that tho very great gun would recommend :)
by Trevor D. on 06/21/2018
"Very good experience for beginners like myself. Very slim key-mod hand guard for smaller hands and a good grip. Forward hand-grip and red dot seem to be the best combo. At 233$ this is a very nice price for a straight shooting smooth firing airsoft gun.
by Bryan P. on 04/10/2018
"Owned this gun since August 2017 and it's seen 14 game-days (12 hours each) to this date with almost 10,000 rounds through it (I'm all about that Semi-Auto Life).

Honest Review is Overall positive. I've opened up the gearbox several times for routine maintenance and found virtually no ware on the internals with the exception of the natural rounding/smoothing of the teeth on the piston and the usual "as expected" gunk buildup on the sector gear. Straight out of the box, the gun shoots hot for most California fields, but a quick adjustment in either hop-up settings or spring will change that easily. I've owned 2 other M4 variants from G&G and KWA and can say that you are easily receiving a top-performance gun for probably one of the cheapest prices you will find on the current market.

-Excellent Performance (410FPS zero-hop using .20g BBs, 370FPS tuned-hop using .25g BBs, grouping at 120 feet about the size of a volleyball in low wind)
-Well Constructed
-Looks Great
-Feels Great
-Solid Weight (may be a con for some, but I like it)

-Butt Stock is deceivingly small...I suggest using small nun-chuck Li-Po Batteries for a decent fit.
-Included-Magazine is Trash...but heck...everyone ends up buying K120s or PTS EPMs anyway (toss it)
-Some external parts aren't tightened down all the way (easy fix with the right tools)

Long Story Short. You get what you pay for, and with the new line of APS M4 Variants you get something really awesome.
by Aaron M. on 09/02/2017
"This gun is amazing. Its weight and balance is perfect and its cosmetics look amazing. Really a fan of the DASH handgaurd, very comfortable to hold especially cause its full metal. It says u cant fit anything bigger than a 7.4v 1000ahm, but i fit a 8.4v 1600ahm in it. If you remove the buttstcok off the bdffer tube, pull the wires out as far as they go( but gently). Slide the battery in the tube and put stock back on and put the fuze were your supposed to put the battery. Then itll come in and oit without havibg to remove the stock just fine. Youll only be able to move the stock out 2 positions. But the stock is long and so's the gun so it wont matter. No loose parts, very sturdy cause if metal. Comparible with any mag that is compaitble woth G&G. Highly recommend this to a biginner or veteran, very good specs for teh price.
by Nathan M. on 08/21/2017
"Overall this is a good mid level gun. Out of the box this shot quite well and has pretty good distance which is good because my intention with this was to turn it into a dmr. I wish APS put a little more time into getting the tolerances correct though. The upper and lower receiver have some play and it's because there is a big difference in sizing where the upper and lower meet at the rear, it is fixable though with a little effort. in addition to that the screw hole on the front lower receiver is slightly smaller that the hole in the gear box so that adds play as well. All an easy fix though. The grip will become loose which is caused by the vibration of the motor shaking the four screws loose in the grip but a super tiny amount of medium hold locktite takes care of that. the EBB function recently broke mid game causing the slide to get stuck and expose the hop up. I realised the return spring had broken and jammed it open. I bent the teeth out on the slide catch so now it no longer has EBB and it is a hell of a lot quieter and actually upped the rate of fire slightly. Along with that i have also removed the fuse which takes up way to much buffer tube space and put on deans connectors. It has shown a very noticeable change in rate of fire and trigger response. Definitely change the butt stock if you can afford it! It looks cool but has no storage for any other type of battery than a 7.4v ak type and getting a butterfly type setup in this would be ideal. People complain that semi auto sticks after a few shots it's because they are not doing full trigger pulls which will cause the piston to half cock and jam. Flip it to full and pull the trigger fully to reset the piston to the correct position. I think that's the case with many aegs though. Oh and get better mags the feed retainer clip in the top of the stock mag has already broken and the mag has tons of play. My cheapy lonex m4 hicap mags are snug as a bug in the mag well and feed way better. APS has done a good job with this model and will do better on the next if they listen to the customers and fix these small errors. You will get a lot of gun for what you pay so I would recommend this is you don't have deep pockets but want to try and keep up with the krytecs.
by Nicholas P. on 04/08/2017
"I was impressed with the feel and weight of this airsoft gun right out of the box. I would have to say it's as long or a tad longer then the WE tech G39E.(currently discontinued)[longest gun I've owned] Anyways... I proceeded to install my 11.1v lipo inside the buffer tube and was pleased to find out that it fit in a holo portion of the flip down butt stock. Depending on which battery size you get of course will judge if it will fit in the holo slot or not. I picked up a small 1,000mah. The wiring appears to have a fuse thus to avoid frying your guns internals. After a few shots I had learned the hop up was all the way counter clockwise which means no hop was engaged. After a small turn clockwise I was excited to see that the accuracy of this gun is incredibly joyful. I was using .25 elite force BBs which was what I had on hand. I usually run 28's or even 30's when I'm playing at my local skirmish field. The blowback feature is extremely satisfying and even had my brother tell me that it sounds like a gun that you don't want to get hit by. My brother is 23 years old, just to get an idea of what kind of fear this airsoft gun can produce. I'm hoping APS has stepped up thier quality control game in the years past because I was a consumer of thier first line and it didn't last through how hard I play. This, of course was an out of the box impression and I will be writing a Gameplay impression next week when I bring her to the Fallout OP.
by Derek L. on 03/12/2017
"Great gun right out of the box, gun feels hefty and durable. Great look shoots at a good 175 feet without a lot of drop.
-Decent rate of fire
-Leaves a good sting when it hits target(s)
-Won't brake when it falls (Full Metal)
-Great for Pro and Intermediate players
-No wobbling parts
-Has sling mounts

Overall great gun and performs very well, I would suggest to get a Red for sight, and some good battery!
by Frog L. on 04/14/2016
"Not a bad gun! Hardly actually! Super impressed with the performance and external finish!

- Fully metal (Full metal upper, lower receiver and RIS/Handguard)
- Shoots well, considering it's a SR-16 (I used .20's on my test fire)
- Decent ROF
- Solid Fire selector switch (odd satisfying feeling when it clicks)
- Solid Hop up compartment & Hop up itself

My take: I chose this gun because I was looking for a DMR. It fights the description. The shoe fit so I wore it. I gave it 5 stars, because of how the gun fits me, This is a good buy!
by Nick D. on 04/21/2020
"Good "starter gun". I bought this thing about a year ago and only got to use it for about a month or two before I broke my knee. The reason I say its a great starter gun is because if your looking for a decent gear box and a nice sleek design, this is the way to go. Its EBB is pretty enticing and all, and at first worked great and consistently but it very fragile and will wear down your piston. It wont break your piston or harm the guns performance, but after a while the EBB (electric blowback) wont work because it uses two little teeth to latch onto the piston. Once its worn down to the point where the teeth don't meet anymore, EBB wont work. Still doesn't effect the performance you just lose that cool little feeling every time you pull the trigger. Now when my EBB kept popping of the spring that pulls it back, I took my the gun to a shop. I say this because after about another month the wire the goes through the buttstock had been completely gnawed through between the gearbox and upper receiver, most likely due to placement the shop it took it to put it. I'm not entirely sure so just watch out for the wires, they are delicate on any gun you buy. Luckily I can order a replacement for the wire (new trigger system) from this website actually in the parts/accessories section. That's all the cons that I have for this gun. Now for the pros, good rate of fire for stock gears and motor, decent barrel although I will be upgrading that soon which I highly recommend you do if you want to have decent range on this rifle. I like the quick spring change system so I can switch it out between fields very easily. Crisp feel in your hands, which like I said if your looking to slowly upgrade your rifle, this is the choice. Very accurate once you get the hop-up right and very light weight which is awesome. Top rail is picatinny with side and bottom being keymod. While the internals could be better on any gun you buy fresh out of the factory, this is definitely the top tier for its price range. I highly recommend this for anyone who trying to take the next step up in airsoft and always remember to check your fields fps limits and if you need to buy another spring to adjust it accordingly ( you can find spring-fps charts online if you want to be sure or ask the people around at your field). Thanks for reading all this and I hope you enjoy.
by Zach O. on 06/24/2017
"got this about 2 weeks ago , super nice looking gun feals amazing in the hands.. has pretty good range and accuracy right out the box, fast fire rate.. only bad this about it is, semi auto is all jacked up, sometimes I would fire 1 round or 2 than semi just quit working than flick it yo full and it works fine than back to semi and does same thing again , so I pretty much have no semi or only 1/4 of time..something is messed up in trigger reset or something.. Will be contacting customer service or tech, to help me out, other than that amazing gun,