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KWA USA Full Metal RM4-A1 AEG3 M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle (Model: Gun Only)

10 Customer Reviews

by Regan W. on 01/23/2019
"Very good and fun rifle just out of the box. After years of on-and-off play with hand me downs, this is an incredible piece to finally own. The recoil is a nice thing to have and doesn't really affect my accuracy. Then again, I'm also used to firing the real AR-15 so it's nothing like that! Still more than the typical AEG though.

Incredibly well-made.
Love the little recoil that it gives.
Very accurate and good range.
Great weight, very much same as the real thing
Solid realistic and durable receiver exterior
Can use a 11.1 Lipo
Mag cutoff is nice.
Working bolt catch
Great gearbox
Not too loud, not too soft
Decent price for what it gives

Hop-up needs breaking in otherwise it's all over the place or not there
Sometimes the dust cover can get stuck, needing a screwdriver or fiddling
Charging handle feels wobbly and flimsy
Flash hider looks weak
Don't really need the inaccurate included sight (could've saved on costs)
by Felipe E. on 08/03/2018
"I am new to airsoft and in the past have had bad luck with airsoft guns breaking on me and not working properly but man let me tell you KWA makes them right and the recoil on it makes it that much more fun to shoot. Bucking, for me did not require a break in it shoots lazers right out of the box shooting .030 gram bbs at a good hop adjustment the sights are a bit off but hay it's airsoft not a real bullet but I can still use my irons to hit targets with great accuracy at 60 yards easy. She shoots hard, very little reaction time for the opponent. Using a 7.4 1200mah stick LI-PO in it to me ROF is the same as an 11.1 I tried and it fits in the crane stock, you can carry two in there maybe even 3 lipos 2 sticks and one box lipo... The selector switch could be more crisp and tighter and they could have used silicone wire at least instead of PVC wire also Deans Deans Deans Tamia connectors are a pain for me I already started have issues where the pin gets pushed in and does not make contact with the battery so I will be wiring it to Deans and my lipos to deans as well other than that, amazing gun, weight/ feel / action has been good for me so far.
by Andrew P. on 10/05/2017
- 400 fps
- Realistic - full metal, cut-off, etc (Ik there are GBBR's but this is more affordable and reliable)
- shoots accurately and consistently
- High ROF with a 9.6v nunchuck
- Battery space is limited (it can fit a 9.6v nunchuck perfectly, but it's not easy to put in bc wires and kinetic feedback system takes up most of the space)
- Thin sheet of metal behind dust cover is very flimsy & had to bend a part of it back to normal
- The front pin is hard to remove by hand
- standard handguard (wished there was a quad-rail option)

Overall, if you're looking for a more realistic (I'm all about this) but affordable and easy to maintain airsoft gun, I would definitely recommend buying this gun. After owning this gun for about 4 months, I can confidently say it's worth the money!
Highly Satisfied, 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
by Agustin D. on 07/26/2017
"An amazing gun. The recoil makes this really fun to shoot. Was split between the Marui ERG and this, but this gun is much more appealing.

- Great ROF
- Around 350FPS stock with .25g (Package includes an FPS Adjuster? Never used it)
- Very solid construction
- Mag cutoff feature
- Remarkably doesn't eat my batteries up as fast as I expected

- Air nozzle could be better
- Mine didn't come with a Hop up nub, butchering it's range
- Sometimes the dust cover gets stuck requiring some disassembly (needs breaking in, almost never happens now)
- Included mag has feeding issues, PTS mags work well
- Packed full of proprietary parts so upgrading is somewhat difficult
- 90 Day warranty so you can't open the gearbox to mod it without voiding warranty
by Lauren L. on 05/20/2017
"Where do I start....

I stand by the KWA name, there products are built to out preform, and this new iteration (the 2017 AEG3) is no exception.

The recoile system is pretty great, it's the most recoil your going to get with and electric gun, and anything else is a gimic (that means you G&G and Tokyo Marui) You will find on full auto that you will need to practice recoile management to stay on target (at range) it's not THAT powerful, but it makes the gun so much fun to shoot.
On the negative side of the recoile system, however, the constant shock will rattle loose parts on your gun over time. Not a huge turn off, but you need to maintain this platform after every match, making sure your rails are secured. I recomend using some lock tite on your fasteners. I also recomend barrel stabilizing washers due to the recoil shock.

This gun also features the quick spring change feature, which is really quite nice, but on the downside to it, I have noticed that when I put in the CQB spring (ordered off the KWA website) the spring is too soft for the recoil system. Firing on semi auto it works fine, and in most CQB games that's all you're allowed you use, but on full auto, the gun simply fires too fast for the recoile system to keep up with. I've only noticed this problem WITH the CQB spring using an 11.1 lipo.

The gun is fairly accurate and has some good range on it. I run nothing but .3 gram KWA bbs and this thing easily hits what ever you need it to.

The gun also features the cut off system when you run out of ammo, granted you're using the KWA ERG magazines with the feeder, and even though they're a bit pricy, they bring this gun together. You couldn't ask for anything more.

All in all, this gun is the future of airsoft, and for the price tag, youre insaine if you don't buy one. If you're looking for something to revitalize your airsoft experience, this is your answer.

--my recommendations--
- have ATLEAST two 11.1 lipo batteries per one day of play
- use the KWA Erg mags
- clean the recoil tube spring and lube after a day of use (really easy to do and takes no more than 3 minutes)
- use .3 gram bb's
by David R. on 12/15/2016
"Great rifle. Really fun to shoot. Once you shoot this going to back to regular aegs is just not as fun.
Things about my rifle:
-shoots 1.5 joules on the dot
-380mm Prometheus barrel
-flat hopped kwa bucking
(With these two components, this is the most accurate rifle I've ever shot, no lie, just gotta hold on tight when you're shooting haha)
(The normal barrel and hop up bucking isn't good. I've played with 3 kwa m4s and all of there buckings have been complete crap. I've had to change out all of them. It's weird, but flat hops are way better anyway)
(With this rifle, with .28g elite force, I can shoot 200ft consistently)
This is a great rifle and definitely recommend it! I'm going to put a PTS Fortis Evo rail on it, hopefully to fits!
by Justin C. on 04/17/2016
"Very good rifle out of the box. Using this stock, i was able to outrange a good amount of people on the field and managed to score accurate a precise kills. The recoil has no real negative effects on accuracy, though it does make you work to stay on target which is the whole point of the KFS (Kinetic Recoil System).
-fun to shoot
-good range and accuracy
-heavy and externally solid
-gearbox stock, is not that screechy and not very noticable
-stock houses battery
-fast rof with an 11.1 lipo (performance may vary depending on what company produces said battery)

- Hop-up does not effect BB until at least 10~20 rounds are fired, then the hop-up works well (see it as a warm up)
-eats up battery life pretty quickly compared to other guns, but is not that much of an issue
All in all, it is a good product by KWA and the price is amazing compared to all the features and performace this rifle provides.
by Casey P. on 03/07/2016
"Excellent EBB rifle by KWA.

The Good:
Upper breaks down easily - not like the old Magpul M4s. Easy barrel swaps for CQB/Field play. 380 FPS with the standard brass barrel, 320 with a crawler.
Electric recoil is unreal, this gun is the closest thing I've found to real steel in an M4 AEG.
Very cool lockback system when you use the magazines designed for the gun - the Magpul KWA magazines also work and makes using low caps fun as all get out.
Runs with standard M4 AEG magazines, which is nice.
Feels absolutely excellent in hand, metal where it should be, plastic where it should be.
Standard (real steel) Mil-spec handguard makes it easy to change out rail systems, I was able to fit a real steel carbine handguard on it (for test purposes)
Rear Wired, stock has room for ~1100 MAH stick 11.1v Lipo, or a 9.6v Nimh butterfly - the NIMH actually runs this gun!

The Bad:
It chews through batteries like nobodies business, I get less than half the shots out of my 11.1 1100MAH, ~550 rounds before the battery dies.
My 11.1 1100MAH only fits in the gun if I have the stock fully extended, so if you're a smaller guy/girl I advise buying smaller Lipos, and just bringing extra.
During breakdown of the rifle, it's incredibly easy to bend the "bolt" (just your standard hopup cover) lockback catch, which are two tiny little lips at the bottom of the bolt. When these are bent the lockback feature gets a bit wonky - that said, they're incredibly easy to bend back.
It's heavy.
It did not cook me breakfast when I woke up this morning.

KWA has made a great AEG here, and I'm glad I went with this one.
If you want a gun close to the real thing and don't want to do to much damage to your wallet, this is the one for you.
by Justin B. on 08/07/2018
"This gun is great to shoot, it's reliable and the recoil is strong.

I'd say get this gun, however, keep in mind, be careful when opening the receiver because the bolt plate is extremely bendable. When I was putting it back together, it got bent and now the bolt plate doesn't move with the charging handle.
by CHRIS K. on 02/16/2020

This gun would not stop blowing fuese after just two weeks of minor use. WHen it did work, which was not very often, it worked quite well and I was impressed, but after just a few skirmishes it would not stop blowing fueses.

Tore it down and could not find any shorts, or wiring issues.

Sent back in and Evike was great about issuing credit. Bought the Matrix M4 GBB instead and have had ZERO issues after months heavy usage.