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Elite Force H8R CO2 Powered Airsoft Revolver

40 Customer Reviews

by Finn M. on 05/08/2019
"I picked this revolver up because I wanted something simple and a little different to stand out in the sea of 1911's at my field. Here's What I've found about it:
Sturdy, Beefy feel despite being made entirely out of polymer
Accessory rails that accommodate red dot on top and a flashlight/laser on the bottom
Gas efficient - one co2 capsule lasts me 200ish shots
Option of both double and single action
fairly accurate for a revolver

No hop-up- MAX range of 100 ft with .20's
Trigger pull isn't super light (but it's a revolver so what are ya going to do)

Also, this gun looks like Deckard's gun from Bladerunner, so yeah buy it already
by Tyler W. on 04/20/2019
"The H8R Revolver is nothing less than the best airsoft sidearm in terms of the ratio of cost to effectiveness.

The H8R is:

-Efficient. I played with a H8R alone for an entire five-hour session, and only came *close* to having to change out the C02 cartridge *once*.

-Generous. It comes with x5 "oreo" magazines. That's *fifty* shots!

-Smart. The C02 tool being baked into the handle is genius. No fussing with extra tools.

It should also be noted that this company has fantastic customer support! I lost my original cartridge-piercing grub screw, and they shipped me a new one absolutely free!

Add a top and bottom rail and this little gun has everything.

It seriously doesn't bother me that this pistol doesn't have a hopup. A pistol should generally be used for CQB, and in that regard it works completely fine without it.

The gun so good, and so cheap, that I bought *two* of them.
by Steve K. on 12/27/2018
"I just bought two of this H8R pistols. I was planning on ordering online but wasnt thrilled of the polymer body. I'm a metal kind of guy. But when I went to an Evike retailer and held this gun in my hand, i was sold. I bought two to dual weld since its so cheap.

Havent used it yet but I only plan on using this as a 20 foot MED pistol for when my 395 M4 isnt allowed. Anyone that wants this thing to shoot beyond the MED of their field is being unrealistic for any pistol other than high end ones.

Wanted something more reliable than a pistol GBB where everyone and their mother keeps losing $40 mags. Feels more reliable than a typical pistol with a standard mag.
by Stephen H. on 12/26/2018
"Firstly, a warning:
Be careful with the built-in allen wrench, if you try to tighten the CO2 cartridge too tight you'll snap it off. Superglue works until you use it again, then it breaks off even easier. Doesn't really bother me, just use a normal allen wrench. Either way, don't tighten the cartridge too tight or it'll cause a leak, but that would usually be the case with most CO2 pistols.

Ever wanted a sweet looking revolver instead of the standard M1911s you see everywhere? Well, usually if you switch to a revolver, you get a disadvantage as you only get 6 shots and have to reload the shells. This revolver takes 10-shot clips, so reloading is faster and you get 4 more shots out of it.

My carbine at my field is too hot to fire in CQB environments, so I keep my trusty H8R by my side at all times. It's gotten me out of quite a few jams. It doesn't have much range (I'd say 50-75 ft), but it's a revolver, it's not like you're gonna switch from your rifle to your sidearm to make sniper shots. The trigger pull feels great even when the hammer isn't already down. In a tense situation you can easily fire off a couple shots very quickly.

- Looks and feels sleek
- 10-shot discs, with 4 extras
- More reliable than my M1911
- Plenty of rail space

- built-in allen wrench will break if you tighten too much
by Ethan B. on 10/23/2018
"This is probably my favorite sidearm. I don't use it for anything long-range, as it's entirely useless outside of about 60-ish feet. That's about the only con I can think of. It's easy to use, has double and single action, the reloads are quick and easy, and while the sights aren't the best, that's easily fixed by simply marking the front sight with a bit of white paint marker.

I have brought this thing out to every game I've gone to since I've bought it, and it has yet to fail me. This is my most reliable sidearm, and has quickly become my favorite to use.

- comfortable grip
- easy handling
- double and single-action
- rails
- easy to install a new CO2 cartridge
- can fire many rounds before needing to change the gas
- looks badass

- no hop-up (easily fixed if you want to put the effort in, I hear there's a DIY hop-up for the H8R)
- short range

Again, the range isn't too far on it, but then again, it IS a CQB sidearm, so why would you need it?
by Ethan M. on 07/14/2018
"this revolver is great it has rails on the bottom and top one thing most pistols don't have. this revolver is also CO2 powered giving it extra sound the only thing you have to buy extra is some disks or extra CO2
by Gregory N. on 05/31/2018
"when I bought it I felt the trigger pull was too heavy and the capacity was too small to be useful in a game but I've learned very quickly to compensate for those things and 3 games later I've managed to get quite a few very satisfying kills ultimately I love this gun and if they would come out with a brushed steel or nickel plated version preferably with an adjustable hop up I would absolutely buy it again.

Pros: Fantastic gas consumption
Comes with five 10 shot interchangeable discs
Built in hex key
Plenty of rail space
Looks bad ass
Affordable spare "Mag discs"

Cons: no adjustable hop up (though there is a tutorial on YouTube to make one yourself)
Polymer construction
You can't fan it cowboy style :(
by Jake W. on 04/10/2018
by Luke F. on 03/24/2018
"Great product worth the money
by Mike S. on 12/07/2017
"Really good for the price. Full metal and decent size. All in all I would definitely reccomend this product
by Ben R. on 11/17/2017
"Pretty good fun for the price point. Good FPS for indoors, but don't expect to be slinging shots from very far, unless you lob. Also, be careful because the little Allen key bit in the grip broke off of mine after 5-6 uses. all in all 9/10.
by Kaleb R. on 09/12/2017
"It is a good gun. It is short range but a pistol doesn't have to shoot further than your sniper rifle so don't freak out. Has good weight and feels solid in hand. Would recommend
by Chris H. on 08/17/2017
"Excellent revolver. Really nice back-up for a springer shotgun load out. Very good for CQB.

While the lack of a hop-up keeps this in the 75 foot range, it is still quite effective given that limitation. With its quick and easy reloading capability, the number of shots per C02 fill, the ability to customize with various red-dot scopes, lasers, lights and even launchers, this is probably the most skirmishable revolver out there. Reloading disks with bb's is super quick (faster than many GBB macazines) and loading them into the revolver is quite fast.

Could be the best value for a revolver out there. Certainly the most fun to use.
by Jonathan W. on 08/12/2017
"All around a fantastic gun I love it, it saves Co2 like a beast, it came with 5 mags witch is amazing, I definitely recommend for for first time players, in my opinion there are no cons so make sure to buy this :)
by Zack K. on 07/06/2017
"I played this for the first time about a week ago, and it was surprisingly super fun. I'd definitely recommend it even as a primary in a CQB arena. It's overall awesome, no real issues.

Worth every penny and more
Very good for CQB
Comes with enough mags if you learn trigger discipline
Box is small and easy to carry around in a backpack

Hard to tell how many shots you have left unless you keep track
Mags are annoying to load

NOTE: I built a special armband to hold the extra mags on, so I can easily change mags and reload the gun if needed. I'd recommend coming up with a similar solution that allows you to bring the extra mags into the field and have them ready to reload.