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Elite Force/VFC Avalon Full Metal VR16 Calibur Carbine M4 AEG Rifle with Keymod Handguard (Color: Bronze)

22 Customer Reviews

by Brennan B. on 01/19/2021
"If you want a great gun then look no further! This rifle is so accurate so reliable for me that King Arthur himself would want it. Semi shoots pretty quick straight out of the box and full auto is amazing. Hopup adjustment is so easy to do and can sight it in in seconds. You could probably adjust WHILE PLAYING. It is that easy. This rifle is one of legends like the might excalibur. (Yes I know this one is called calibur) Be ready to rule the airsoft field like Arthur ruled Camelot for this gun is the tool to use!
by Mason K. on 01/09/2021
"Update! So I bought this gun a long while back and decided to upgrade literally everything except for the receiver and original gears. I threw a GATE TITAN in as the new MOSFET along with a new trigger and also upgraded the motor hop-up and inner barrel and switched to PTS furniture. I'll be honest. This thing SHREDS on the field shooting around 30 rps on full auto and is just amazingly accurate with all the new upgrades. This gun is absolutely AMAZING and with upgrades, it's even better.
by Alejandro P. on 12/17/2020
"I started playing airsoft a little while ago and I absolutely loved it. My first gun was a lancer tactical and it served its purpose. After some time I decided that it was time for an upgrade. I did my research and I looked for almost 6 months and everything came back to the Krytac Trident MKII line and the VFC Avalon line. Some of my friends ended up getting the Krytac CRB and I got the VFC Avalon. All I have to say is WOW, this gun is amazing. My style of play tends to vary a lot, sometimes I like to play as a DMR and then there is some games where I am the first to rush and this gun can fit any style of play, no problem. The accuracy on this gun is unmatched by anything in the price range including the Krytac. The externals are super awesome and look very similiar to an HK416 but the internals are where the this gun shines. I do have to say that if you don't have a sling or you mind having to carry the heavy weight (due to the fact that it is almost 99% metal and super realistic), I would say go with something like the Krytac CRB which is a bit lighter. There is also some play with the stock but you don't notice much when you are shooting and sometimes you have to adjust your mag release button to your liking. Besides that, this gun is amazing and if you are even considering getting this and have the budget for it, you should buy it YESTERDAY. You don't even need to upgrade the internals of this gun, its THAT GOOD. However, I will probably be getting a 6.01 mm inner barrel and a gate titan just for kicks. Im sure this thing will shred no matter what.
by Dylan B. on 05/23/2020
"This is the best stock gun out there!! Just played with it today and it SHREDS and it has pretty good range. Don't buy a minigun buy this awesome gun and again no need to change the internals!

ROF of a minigun
can reach farther than most AEGs
Quiet (helps if you put a foam suppressor on it)
it does not weigh a lot ( only 5.5 pounds)
retardly good

rails underneath and sides are supper short so be ready to but an adapter

if you have a 400$ budget get this gun!!!
by Kristin J. on 05/09/2020
"Rly good gun, I love this thing and I can’t wait to get it
by Luke S. on 05/05/2020
"This is one of the best stock aegs you can buy. Had mine for a year, zero problems. Then, I decided to take advantage of the range and accuracy. Popped a 600+mm rhop barrel in, along with the necessary hop mods (the hop is very good in this gun) and I now have the best sniper you can make. Very worth the money I assure you. Also very quiet, great trigger response, great range, dead accurate, and the rate of fire is HEAVY with an 11.1. My crono won’t even pick it up.

Buy it.
It’s rev heavy
by Dustin R. on 04/21/2020
"Such a great gun. Out of many of the options on the market this is definately well worth it. Using this gun woth .28 gram bbs made every shot hit. If you are searching for a good platform. Look no further.
by Grant S. on 03/15/2020
"I can only say good about this gun. I bought this gun a little over 2 months ago and I can say that it’s defiantly the best gun I have bought.
by Mason K. on 03/12/2020
"First off, this thing is a beast. It feels nice and is quite heavy. The hopup is really easy to adjust even with gloves on. My local airsoft field uses these for rentals and they just keep shooting.

Shoots far
Easily adjustable hopup
Very strong
Full metal
Great starter gun
Lasts long

The stock is a little wobbly but when shooting you can't notice it
It's REALLY heavy so you will need a sling but still
Mags sometimes are wobbly but also not noticeable while shooting
Comes with mid cap (Good for some ppl tho)

I really love this gun and would 10/10 recommend it to beginners who want a great first gun.
by Tanner G. on 02/24/2019
"I give this gun 5 stars but in my mind it deserves a 4.9. I'm happy with everything EXCEPT the flip down iron sights. They both came broken in the box, they never flipped down all the way they only flipped into an angled position. The gun is great, I love it, but I was bummed to find broken iron sights right out of the box.
by Everett S. on 07/09/2018
"Very nice AEG, it can outperform my friends LVOA. High quality Lower receiver. Very large, metal flash hider. Almost everything on the gun is metal besides a few things, stock, sights, etc.

Metal upper and lower
a solid 395-400 fps
high rate of fire
Comes in bronze
Keymod/M-Lok and Picatinny rail (Depending on which you get)
Nice Branding

Comes with midcap (Pro for a few people)
Huge Orange flash-hider
Stock a little wobbly (Could just be mine)
Long trigger pull

That's about it. I give it a 9.5/10
by Dylan W. on 12/26/2017
"Great and Amazing gun only problem i had is the stock is a Little lose but once you start shooting it its not noticeable
by Darren S. on 12/10/2017
"Out shoots my son's krytac trident in (fps, bbs per sec. More accurate @ 150 ft). looks better, shoots .32g BB'S 200ft right out of the box no mods. Very straight shooting gun. best Airsoft rifle I've owned.

Did I say it's the best looking Airsoft rifle out in the field?!! (BRONZE) besides the Elite Force g28 I have that one also. This one out shoots it.
by Sean W. on 10/14/2017
"I wanted my first AEG to not be a disapointment, I am very happy I chose this gun. Its a great looking gun, and it shoots lazers with .28s. Heads up though....... the bolt release interferes with the magazine catch inside, preventing the mag from being released. Figured out you have to wiggle the bolt release a little while pushing the mag release botton. Idk if anyone is having the same problem. Reguardless... all the great things about this gun keep it at 5 stars.
by Joshua G. on 10/11/2017
"Amazing rifle. Nice and heavy. Accurate as hell. Looks sexy as shit. Throw a foregip on it because it's a long rifle, you'll kick ass.