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Matrix Aluminum Green Gas Powered Airsoft 40mm Grenade Shell (Capacity: 96 Rounds)

10 Customer Reviews

by Christopher T. on 09/05/2019
"Love the way it feels ...well made. Still waiting on the grenade launcher 😞 pre order are not fun 😁 but so far very happy with the shell I will test fire it later on today and check it out
by Jeffrey D. on 11/06/2018
-Purchased 5, all 5 work great.
-Machining is beautiful.
-Solid grenade shells, feel nice in the hand.

-Reset is tiny bit finicky. Would be hard to do under fire, but off the field it is just a few seconds of wiggling your key.

-Actually triggering them requires the 'primer' to move a bit further than usual. Depending on your launcher you may need to enhance the 'firing pin' with a bit of tape to extend how far it pushes. In my case, the Matrix M203 plastic "Speed" version, 3 layers of electrical tape squares and they fire wonderfully.
by Reece C. on 06/13/2018
"No leaks on it, Fired each and every time. very loud too, Scares the S%@T out of people. Nothing like a noobTube kill to make you laugh.
by Robert h. on 09/21/2012
"Great shell, holds lots of gas and lots of bb, does it's job.
Looks intimidating. Recommended.
by scot G. on 10/03/2020
"BB's fall out of the shell constantly. Use tape to keep them in.

TBH This thing is a monster, it hurts and is fun to shoot.
by Caleb d. on 11/13/2019
Shoots about 30-45 feet
Easy to disassemble and maintenance

Will fire if sustained any sort of drop/impact
BB's will fall out of grenade if shook even lightly

Keep the O-Rings oiled. Especially the retention one that keeps the BB's in.
by Keston H. on 10/09/2018
"Very good quality grenades. I've owned 16 and they are a spectacle on the field.

I've had issues with three, one being entirely inoperable as of my last game (o-ring malfunction on the mechanism that holds the ball bearings, it seems to have shrunk and doesn't fit snug in the shell's head resulting in a leak). The other two required some work with the bottom casing and are currently working fine (originally hard to fire off when filled with gas, took some sandpaper and a lathe to the inner housing to correct the issue).
by Aaron C. on 01/24/2019
"After I replaced the O ring this around it. Had a few that came in torn. But after that works great.
by Aaron C. on 01/24/2019
"After I replaced the O ring this around it. Had a few that came in torn. But after that works great.
by Levi B. on 05/20/2019
"the bbs fall out if it is tipped down, barely goes 15 feet even with .20 grams and it wont shoot if you fill it with bbs