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Golden Eagle M870 Gas Powered 3/6 Shot Pump Action Full Metal Airsoft Shotgun (Color: Black)

5 Customer Reviews

by Mitchell M. on 03/28/2019
"My only problem with this is mine didn't come with an instruction manual and i have no idea how to change firing modes.
by Antonio H. on 12/28/2018
"The gun does what you expect. Pump is quite smooth and fun. Accuracy is decent on 3 shot mode. Wish it came with more shells though (comes with 3).
by Cam W. on 01/24/2018
"Great gun overall. Cheaper full metal gas 3/6 shot scatter gun. I've had little to no issues with it except for one.

Good weight(about the same as a real Remington 870 20g)
Accurate at 3 shots
Nice spread at 6 shots
Great gas consumption(I get like 70 shots off at least per fill)
Universal tm style shells
Sturdy, nice build quality(every thing that should be metal is)
Sights are very visible and are easy to pick up in a speedy aim shoot situation

If you screw off the end of the mag tube, you can put 2 or 3 shells in it. It takes a while to get on and off so it's not practical. The spring and follower that pushes the shells out of the tube rattle around constantly. Overall it was a nice thing to add to fill the unused space.

It did not come with an o'ring in the gas fill valve so when I go to fill it, half the gas shoots out and freezes anything next to the valve. Email to evike got it fixed in a week, and now it's good
The flap that helps keep the shell in the bottom of the gun comes out really easy and sometimes it happens in a game
Overall 10/10 would buy again, but I'm gonna find the super shorty version somewhere. Just go ahaid and get a pack of moondog gas fill o'rings and round it out to 150 before codes. Itll be worth it.
by Hernan M. on 10/02/2017
The multishot feature is amazing.
It gives fair distance and accuracy with 3 shots (very useful at mid distance). The 6 shot mode gives more spread and les distance, which is great for cqb. (Haven't used the chrono jet).
Great for shooting towards the bulk in targets hiding behind bushes because of the multishot spread.
Nice metallic finish.
I was surprised to notice that it is not to heavy for a full metal long gun. (Con?)
Gas lasts a lot. I shot around 60 times during a game and there was still enough for more.
The butt plastic is solid, but feels cheap. Would have been better with rubber like material.

Great gun, worth the money.
by Reese P. on 04/03/2021
"Since this is not being sold as JagArms and from JagArms, it's a little cheaper (20-30 USD!) That being said, the quality control is a little lower because of this. Mine came with a third-party gas tank, which did not come out of the gun easy and I had to bend it, which essentially broke it.

I ended up buying a spare tank from JagArms that goes in and out easy peasy (and can be loaded while it's in the gun!) for about the amount of money I saved.

Also, side note with the shells that come with almost all of these scatterguns, the red shells are quite dark and only hold 28bbs. I recommend getting spare shells that are a brighter color and hold 30bbs.

Overall a really fun gun to use on the field!