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SHS PP19 Full Metal Airsoft Sub Machine Gun with Topfolding Stock

5 Customer Reviews

by bart r. on 11/25/2017
"I have had the SHS PP19 for a month now. It has not been fielded yet. Replaced the motor with a AMP T 5000s.The externals are rock solid and wiring is quite good. Pre upgrade, accurate but slow rate of fire. Post motor upgrade, piston snapped in half at the head. This gave me time to look at internals and make some adjustments. For any longevity the piston, piston head will need to be changed and aoed. The gears looked like SHS without markings but were solid. Although I only was able to shoot about 200 rounds before the piston snapped off, the feeding of the mags and the overall solid construction far outweigh the minor set back. I am very happy with the build quality and the Bizons potential. There hasn't been a airsoft gun that didn't need tinkering with. Hope this helps a bit.
by Preston T. on 04/06/2017
"Over all the finish on this gun is amazing. Internals on this gun are very solid.

-Stock spring is an M130, swapping for a m100 yielded about 350-355

-everything on this gun is made of steel, excluding mag and pistol grip, (yes the hand guard is steel too)

-PPS fixed the feeding issues inherent in PP Bizon hi-cap mags

-this gun is 1:1 scale so Echo1 and Silverback mags WILL NOT FIT, those mags are all about one inch too long and will not fit at all whatsoever

-will not fit 8.4v butterfly style batteries, only LiPos will fit as batteries go in the hand guard

-PPS tests the guns with 11.1V LiPos, so this thing can handle 11.1v for awhile

-Because the stock folds onto the top of the receiver, mounting optics is not advisable if you plan to fold and unfold the stock a lot

-gearbox uses a QS style V.3 box so swapping springs is very easy

10/10 would eco rush B again.
by Robert K. on 06/12/2018
"Excellent furniture. The internals needed some serious work. I replaced everything internally except for the bushings and ARL. The stock gearbox looked like someone stuffed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in it. It is essentially the budget version of a gearbox found in an E&L since it's made by Land Arms. The gearbox is QC, and the stock plastic spring guide is perfectly replaceable by a Retro Arms V.2 QC spring guide. The hopup unit is
actually really good, because the V3 hopup is the best hopup. Beforr and after my upgrade, I have been having feeding issues with the included flash mag. This gun will not fit midcaps from any other brand, but I plan on making a mod to place a hook on the threads of the muzzle to accept the CYMA midcaps. The stock is pretty rad, but not as easy to extend as the typical AK folding stock.
by Donald J. on 03/29/2017
"I've only had this gun for a day, but I figured I should write up this review because I have run into some problems right off the bat. The gun shipped in a loose cardboard box. The box was pretty destroyed, so I was kinda worried. The gun was wrapped in a plastic bag, with foam zip tied around it. Upon removing everything, the magwell was bent and wouldn't accept the mag, it was missing the screws that connected the barrel to the receiver, and the rear sight is completely out of line with the rest of the gun. After I fixed it all, I fired it. It miss feeds ALOT. I bought one extra mag, so I tried the one it didn't come with. Fed far better. So here is my list of pros/cons
Everything is steel! Except the motor grip and mag. Every part passed the magnet test.
The folding stock is awesome
Comes with 1000 round flash mag
This thing is heavy (9 pounds for an smg)
No wobble anywhere
Packaged poorly
Missing Screws
Bent parts
Feeding issues with stock mag
Battery insertion is tough, and there isn't a lot of space. I'm using a 7.4 butterfly lipo
Rof is slow
Trigger response isn't great
Range is about 150 feet (might not be a con)

So why give it four stars? The body on this gun is amazing, and I think it has some potential. For 215$, you get a pretty decent gun. Hopefully for everyone else it was packed far better than mine. It certainly stands out, and is something you don't get to see every day. That wraps up my review for the SHS PP19.
by Kaj S. on 11/01/2017
"It is not compatible with the echo 1 genesis viktor magazines.