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APS 1911 Gladiator Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol (Model: Marcux)

10 Customer Reviews

by Kenyon C. on 08/17/2020
"Let me first say I've had this gun for 1 day. With that said this 1911 is a beauty and works like a charm. It feeds well and I've already put about 250 rounds through it. The fake outer barrel is a little wobbly when the slide is locked back but it doesn't pose any issues to performance or maintenance. I'm giving this gun 5 out of 5 for build quality, reliability, and price to performance.

P.S. I love this gun so much I might have to dual wield at some point ;)
by Ryan B. on 03/26/2017
"Great Pistol
Gas efficient and feels great to shoot
by Vincent I. on 03/26/2017
"For a first blowback pistol, I was impressed. Nice blowback and design. Functions exceptionally. The fake, silver barrel that covers the internal barrel wobbles slightly, but it's nothing big and doesn't impact performance at all. Totally Recommend.
by Zakkary G. on 02/15/2017
"Really amazing gbb pistol. Came in yesterday. Nice weight feels like an actual 1911. Great buy. Would recommend.
by Agustin N. on 08/16/2019
"works very well as my first ever GBB pistol.. nice weight, solid sturdy. however, my only gripe with this gun is, when i shoot the last bb out the chamber, the slide dosnt at all lock back like its suppose to, letting me know its out of bbs in the mag. in fact, the slide dosnt lock back at all... i have to manually push up the release lever up, just to lock the slide...i dont know if this is just my issue?? or a defect?? should i take it apart and reassemble it???
by Brock D. on 04/14/2017
"I just got the pistol not maybe a week ago and it's decent in the weight and it's made pretty well nothing's feel off so I'm quite happy the only thing I don't like about it is I can barely get 15 rounds out of the mag before all the green gas is gonna so the mags could use some more work bit anything else awesome gun
by Ryan B. on 04/13/2017
"Great gun but still having trouble finding compatible magazines for it. So far I have found that AGS or WE M1911 mags do not fit in this gun.
by Sankeithta w. on 03/09/2017
"im still kind of new to airsoft but this is my first pistol and i love it! its pretty accurate but i cant seem to adjust the jop up. and it didnt come with the mag it said it would but over all its reliable and works great. havent had a problem i would definetly recommend it!
by sam w. on 07/16/2017
"terrible gun it always jams and after the first mag the trigger stopped working!!!
by Evan M. on 06/29/2017
"Honestly not good at all. The mags are very bad and can barley fire half the BBs in them. In short, the gas efficiency is so bad that its not worth the money to put in to the gun or the mags - period.