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Dytac 11mm Internally Threaded Mock Silencer for Airsoft Pistols (Length: 140mm)

5 Customer Reviews

by Keith B. on 08/08/2021
"It's CHEAP, and in this case that's GREAT!! Both ends unscrew for internal access. So there's no internal foam tube to absorb BB or Pellet "bang", buy some 1" OD (Outside Diameter, for you dopes) hollow foam insolation tubing (think pool noodle) with a 3/8" to 1/2" center ID hole at the hardware store or on Amazon! Stop whining and make it yourself! Lazy.

I bought 2 of these - one I shopped off the threaded end, drilled and tapped a 12mm x 1mm Taper CW thread for my SIG Sauer branded (made in Japan) P226 Navy SEAL model Pellet Full Blowback pistol that has a 12mm threaded exposed barrel. SIG wants $35 Tax $15 Shipping for a 14mm CW Adapter to a standard Mock Silencer. BS, made this for the $15 price of the Dytac and $2 of closed cell foam tube.

The second DYTAC I kept the 11mm CW external threaded end on it and taped a 11mm thread into my Swiss Arms/SIG Sauer SP2022 High Power (525fps) CO2 BB non-blowback pistol. The stock recessed barrel was the perfect ID to tap the 11mm x 1mm CW Thread. Again, put $2 worth of Close Cell Foam tube with a 1/4" center ID in the DYTAC and this pistol that was loud 120db "Crack" sound is virtually silent. This would also work for the Swiss Arm SIG SP2022 CO2 Airsoft Pistol, though I'd use a larger 3/8" to 1/2" ID center closed cell foam tube for the 6mm Airsoft BB. The larger the Inside Diameter foam tube you use, the more compressed CO2 will get past the BB, Pellet or AS BB as it travels down the silencer and that hurts fps and accuracy.
by Jon E. on 06/09/2020
"Fits WE G18C stock 11mm outer barrel threads perfectly. Paired with Angel 6.01 sus304 225mm inner barrel, angel rocket valve, red piston head, TM G17 UAC aluminum nozzle with left side nubs rubbed off, Angel 170% recoil spring, Hi-Capa 120% nozzle return spring with 3.5 mm cut off and a 50rnd c02 mag, I was shooting .25g aluminum 5.95mm bbs @ 464fps. Only at 360fps with 103mm 6.02 Maple Leaf SS inner barrel. I know that's what you want to hear. It's the truth.
by Angelo R. on 02/19/2020
"Works as intended. Fits on my We-Tech P-Virus and looks great.
by Layne M. on 10/11/2020
"Looks pretty cool and fits great on my VX101 but the inside is all hollow all the way to the outside of the silencers walls. Definitely doesn't serve a purpose but looks really good.
by Zach S. on 03/15/2022
"It’s supposed to be 11 mm positive. I used it on a gun that’s 11 mm positive and it won’t stay on. It doesn’t function as intended, total garbage. Don’t waste your time with this.