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Hann Holsters "Banger Clip" for Thunder-B & Airsoft Innovations Grenades (Color: Black)

8 Customer Reviews

by Andy T. on 01/12/2017
"Works as expected. Love it
by David P. on 03/19/2019
"Grenades by Airsoft Innovations:
Perfect for Cyclones. Nice and snug. Wont be falling off
But for XL impact its loose and wobbly. (Not the right size)
I've had this for 2 months now seems preety good, durabitliy is questionable at times but hasn't let me down yet
by Nolan G. on 04/28/2022
"This worked great for Thunder Bs using the dumbbell-type shell, until it didn't.
The plastic used is not very flexible and it broke when I tried to insert a shell.
To be fair, this was after months of use and it never had an issue before then.

Good design, poor material.
Look for a higher quality product!
by Brian R. on 07/02/2021
"3.5 to 4 stars, almost 5 stars but not quite. great little device to keep your "banger" handy, no need to fish it out of a pouch, or make noise with velcro, just grab and go with this, works perfect for the c02 sound grenades, pretty much any size size as long as it is cylinder.
I recently upgraded to a airsoft innovations bang 22 and while it fits great, the little kydex peice at the bottom is not strong enough to support the weight of the grenade when running around, and will bend out of the way allowing your grenade to slip through the bottom. I was not thrilled when I realized that I "donated" basically a $100 grenade to the field or another player, had to go to a velcro pouch. in closing fantastic as long as what you are running is light weight, anything with any sort of "heft" to it will fall through and get lost
by Dillon G. on 04/06/2017
"I've been using the Hann Holsters "Banger Clip" for almost a year and I am not to happy with it. When you go to insert it into Molle webbing you have to bend the entire clip which is a fragile plastic. I have broken the plastic doing this process. It does perform well and the retention system is a nice, but unneeded feature. It will hold dumbbell shells and the bigger smoke grenade sized shells. For MilSim medics like myself this is useful to put a water bottle on and keep it handy at MilSim West games. In the end I don't really recommend this product because of its poor quality and design. If you want a flashbang holder Black Hawk has a few nice pouches to integrate into your Molle system.
by Aldrew I. on 01/04/2017
"Fits Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Grenade and Dumbell style thunder Bs. Only thing I didn't like about it is that it does not fit on any battle belts that only have two rows of webbing. Otherwise it secures the grenade safely and doe not come out.
by Ivan C. on 03/04/2022
"Very good Idea, I like the concept and how it functions but have broken two out of the three I have purchased through normal use in only a few games, they seem delicate after using and breaking them. I would like to have seen a stronger design using a more durable plastic as it was very handy having my grenades that accessible during the few games I used these.
by Jake G. on 06/27/2016
"Pros: The shock cord is nice

Cons: SUPER FRAGILE (It broke from me putting it on)
Wiggles around a lot