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CYMA Standard Full Metal M870 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (Model: Folding Stock Full Metal)

49 Customer Reviews

by Elijah M. on 04/05/2021
"This shotgun is hecka fun. It’s feels so good to pump and the slam fire on this is amazing feeling. The shells that came with gun kinda get stuck when ejecting so be sure to pick up some Evike zombie stopper shells because they work great in this shotgun. I would rate this an 9/10.
by Leo N. on 03/09/2021
"It’s great a good fit you can remove the stock and replace it it’s easy to take off everything nothing is stuck in place so its just wonderful
by Leo N. on 01/02/2021
"This is a great product. It is a lovely gun and if you live in a cold area I would recommend the full metal ones but there are a bit pricey. You can remove the stock and replace it with another but getting the other stocks is weird I would go for the first five or closer star one and if you are looking to install anything it is effectively gold
by Andrew B. on 10/16/2020
"Perfection in the form of a shotgun. Couldn't ask for anything better.
1 shell goes a bit quickly and it comes with 3, so buy 2 evike zombie stoppers with it.
by Nico S. on 10/15/2020
"Seems great so far. I ordered extra CYMA shells and they are the same shells that come with the gun. Has a good weight to it. The polymer stock appears to be hollow though. BBs dont spread too much but can just with using mixed weight BBs

shells fit well
good heavy weight
rubber butt pad
Shoots straight with little spread (can be a con)
Good for cqb
Not to hard to pump

Wobbly pump
Hollow stock

Over all great buy
by Kevin O. on 09/29/2020
"This shotgun feels solid as s rock seeing as the body is metal with a polymer pistol grip, stock, and pump handle. It comes in many different versions the one I got was the short retractable stock version with hopes I can take the stock off and run it with just the pistol grip if I feel like it. The pump action is nice and smooth while giving the right amount of resistance. It shoots pretty well for what it is intended for with the possibility for some longer range shots but the lack of sights would make it harder to aim for them. If you are looking for a nice shotgun that won't break the bank this is it.
by Caleb D. on 08/04/2020
"I ordered this guy because I was looking for an entry level gun that I could eventually supplement with a sidearm. My original shipment was lost by UPS; but thankfully the folks at Evike were able to get me another shipment out within a day or two of UPS finally admitting they lost my box. The gun has a nice weight, and the action feels really good to use; although you do have to fully rack the guard - no limp-wristing it here. At about 25 - 30 yards, you can notice some significant curvature in your shots; but considering it is a shotgun and you want to play CQC with it anyways, this isn't much of a problem. You can take it to woods engagements, but you'll be at a severe range disadvantage to other players, and you'll need to use cover wisely.
by Carlos H. on 05/29/2020
"Just got it today and all i can say is that i love it the gun is sturdy not much wiggle except from the stock but no complaints about it although i was surprised by how big it is i thought it would be a wee bit smaller but it's an amazing gun and cyma did a fantastic job
by Jackson H. on 04/16/2020
"Fantastic Shotgun!! I ordered the Full Stock Full Metal version, which in my opinion is the way to go. Other reviews have said that the folding stock is a bit wobbly, and there are no such problems on this. Anyway, I ordered during the quarantine and it still came in six days (props to Evike), and this was a fun gun to mess around with during those long days where there is nothing else to do. Very intimidating, grouping is consistent with .25 and shoots perfectly straight (.2 curves up dramatically at about 50-60 feet). Can't wait to use in a game!!
by kaleb m. on 01/14/2020
"was very impressed with this gun. the only disappointments I had with it are that the silver slide piece on the side on the right comes in black and you have to give the gun a hit to open the shell trap. other than that the gun is a good weight and a very robust design and build.
by Orlando C. on 11/28/2019
"This is a great gun. Very fun and reliable to shoot. It’s durable metal and polymer to.
by Kyle W. on 10/15/2019
"Built very well. Weight is nice. Shoots much better than the JAG and TM gas 870s in terms of range and accuracy.
by Keenan D. on 07/19/2019
"Great shotgun!
Only part that wobbles is the pump itself, and just barely.
Reaches far, and the tri-shot works effectively. I'll definitely be using this.
by Joseph B. on 06/28/2019
"Got this as my 2nd shotgun and gun overall and I love it. Purchased this at Evike in person and went out airsofting on the same day.

Only problem I had was the shell latch door not free-fall opening unless I give it a light firm tap on the gun to open it hindering my reload time in mid-game.

I was able to fix it with a wet 400 sandpaper by sanding off the paint since the door was being wedged to prevent it from free falling. (Not a big deal since I was able to figure out the problem and fixed it myself)
by Seth H. on 06/27/2019
"Probably the best springer shotgun you can buy. Very sturdy and the fixed hop up sends out .28s dead flat though the fps is a bit low with them. .20s curve up way too much so theres really no escaping the meager fps.