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APS 23rd CO2 Magazine for XTP D-MOD Series Airsoft GBB Pistols - Black

6 Customer Reviews

by Kyle S. on 03/20/2018
"Worked great, and fed well. Picked up for a Hornet, and ran like a beast.

One c02 cartridge went strong for 4 full magazines, and still had pressure.
by Kevin N. on 02/25/2018
"the end cap of this co2 mag. is 2 tone brass ( outer ) & silver ( inner ) the silver center screw is to pierce the co2 capsule only. that is its only purpose. it does not transfer co2 from the piercing pin to the exhaust valve like a normal co2 mag works . once it pierces the co2 capsule back the silver inner piercing screw out about 3/4/ to 1 full turn the co2 in the 12 gram capsule will then fill the inner portion of the magazine. the co 2 inside of the mag. will then travel upward to the hole inside the mag that feeds co2 to the exhaust valve.
Forget all you know about a regular co2 mag . where the pin not only pierces the co2 capsule and feeds co2 directly to the exhaust valve. the APS co2 mag becomes the co2 tank itself . Also when a co2 capsule is turned upside down and then pierced the co2 comes out of the capsule in liquid form and as it fills the APS magazine ( while traveling from bottom to top) it turns to its gas form filling the inner cavity of the APS magazine. when you remove the piercing cap look inside of the mag and you will see the exhaust valve feed hole. this is what makes the magazine work so well knowing it"nomenclature, this clarifies my last review of this magazine I hope this helps all who are having problems with this type of co2 magazine.
Kevin Neel
by Kevin N. on 02/15/2018
"so far I love these magazines, they are an engineering marvel.
But there is a trick to getting it to work as it should.( 1st lubricate the entire unit with a good silicone spray oil made for air soft guns )
When you 1st. receive the mag. you will see an inner silver screw and an
outer brass colored screw . Take the small end of the key and unscrew the center silver screw out until it stops ( do not force it past the point where it stops or you will or could damage the mag.) turn the center cap in and line it up with the key grooves on the brass cap. insert the co2 capsule, inverted into the magazine screw the piercing cap on by hand until it seats . take the large round end of the key and screw the assembly in until tight . Turn the key over to the narrow end and insert it into the center ( silver screw ) and tighten until the co2 is pierced, after you hear the co2 tighten the center screw until tight and then back it out about 1 full turn ( I have found that this takes no longer to do than a co2 mag that uses a steel threaded end cap with hex wrench.)
After this method is followed the mag. itself becomes a co2 tank letting out a pre measured amount of co2 via the exhaust valve giving every shot an equal amount of co2 per shot
I hope this helps to better understand how the mag works.
I did receive 1 mag that leaked at the exhaust valve .I called Evike and Ken sent me a brand new one should be here in a day or two.
Thanks Ken and Evike
by Michael T. on 02/23/2017
"Overall 5 out of 5

Work extremely well and have not leaked at all (with proper maintenance) and are the most reliable gas magazines I have seen. Never had a feeding issue with it before, and have put more than 500 bbs though each of the four magazines I own. I would definitely recommend buying this magazine for a spare for your APS ACP DMOD pistol.

Should be noted though that the paint will be scratch off from the magwell, but that is just aesthetic. Another thing, the magazines are quite heavy, about half a kilo.
by Michael T. on 12/01/2016
"These magazines are pretty good: well made, sturdy construction and flawless appearance, but they have an awkward lever to pull the spring down to load BBs and the CO2 cap seems to be unique to each magazine. The CO2 cap is unique to each magazine in terms of one of the magazine's secondary screw (for the pin that pierces the CO2 canister) can be unscrewed much more than the other one I bought, and at these different positions both magazines are in the same tightness with the CO2 canister inside. This means that its a bit hard to gauge how tight I made each magazine's CO2 cap as they don't have a uniform screw position. Aside from that, they have not been leaky or have any other issues aside from the CO2 caps non uniformity between magazines. I have used each magazine about six times and they have functioned flawlessly aside from my own mishaps with screwing the secondary screw incorrectly and causing CO2 to leak.

I plan on definitely buying more magazines when I get the chance, but I feel that these magazines will function for a long time.

- Sturdy construction
- Don't jam
- Easy to load BB's
- CO2 compartment well sealed and not leaky

- Paint strips off on regions that come into repeated contact with it after few a reloads
- Non uniformity of CO2 caps making the user have to test on their own each magazine's CO2 caps to make sure they don't leak in the field

Disclaimer: I just got into airsoft
by Bryce J. on 04/29/2018
"Ordered a extra mag with my shark the mag that came in the box worked flawlessly but the extra one i ordered had a broken valve from the start put one co2 in it and leaked out quickly and the bbs didnt want to feed i keep having to pull out the mag and snap the spring to get it to even shot a couple shots. I took out the co2 cartridge and bottom part of the valve fell out. I guess im just unlucky. With this one hope evike will take care of me. Still waiting to hear back from them. If the do i will update.