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KJW Full Metal Custom 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA Gas / CO2 Blowback (Package: Black / Add CO2 Magazine)

151 Customer Reviews

by Morgan E. on 06/19/2019
"This was my first airsoft pistol, and I have to say, it is amazing. Though I thought it ran on 12g CO2 at first because of the details, it was a simple fix and I went out to get some green gas. There are many things that I like about this pistol and dislike. So here is a list of pros and cons.

-Solid quality build
-The kick is very hard
-The mags can hold enough for a whole set of 30 bbs plus a few more
-The sound is very intimidating
-The clip doesnt leak
-Extremely accurate
-Shoots hard

-The slide scrapes the barrel and becomes noticable in the breach area
-When low on gas the bullets curve to the left a bit
-The safety is a bit faulty

Overall it is great and I look forward to using it more in the future, if you want a starter pistol for the local field, this is the choice. And Styx-Mr. Roboto 1:34. Just to show I'm human
by Mike B. on 06/14/2019
"I can honestly say with this kJ works in my right hand and my Tokyo Marui in my left( both hi capa 5.1) the kj hits in almost the same spot where the Tm is all over the place. Im impressed, even more so with the lower cost
by Ben B. on 04/03/2019
"Good tolerances, great paint job, smooth casted parts. The slide is a bit heavy with a bit of wobble (quick fix) still great as a stock slide. Definitely the best starter pistol that can be upgraded/maintained for years.

FPS for green gas at 68deg is 295-302 with .25 for me. Accuracy is pretty good for a sidearm. Hops flat. The outer barrel is a light aluminum tilting barrel.

Definitely cheaper and more durable than a TM. Cheaper to upgrade and won’t blow up like a TM on green gas. A new slide and this thing would make even experienced players very satisfied.
by matt g. on 01/09/2017
"Great gun for the price, Pretty much fully compatible with any buckings and barrels from some good brands. overall a good buy and I don't regret it at all. your front sight comes loose but it includes a tool to fix it so overall its good. don't worry too much about mag leaks, just buy some Teflon tape just incase. 23/25 solid pistol, and would consider beefing it up with upgrades.
by Michael E. on 11/05/2016
"Affordable, reliable, many options for customization, and can use CO2 and Green Gas.

I bought this pistol and I have to say I am impressed. I absolutely love it. However the packaging it came in had the bottom half of the box removed but there was nothing missing from the package. Odd but does not affect the quality of this gun in the least.

Highly recommended to clean and lube the gun after unboxing it. It will work much better.
by Andrew J. on 08/19/2016
"Great gun. Very accurate and powerful. The front sight fell off and i had to gorilla glue it back on. Other than that no complaints
by Alex I. on 06/07/2016
"Ive only used this in a few games, but over all I am very impressed. Holds alot of rounds and was very reliable.

Feels very solid.
Can basically rebuild entire gun with common parts.
Good hop up.
kicks like a .22lr

Is a little heavy.
Difficult to find a usable holster. (Blackhawk and uncle mikes didnt work out, and too heavy for cheaper leg holsters.)

Would not hesitate to buy again, excellent pistol.
by Hank B. on 05/28/2016
"I have owned this gun for about a month, and I use it as my primary weapon because I do pistol only loadouts, it is real accurate and has good range. However if you are using co2 mags you will need some silicone spray because without it you can only get about one mag per co2 canister.

Beautiful externals
great range
great accuracy
feels good in hands
slide locks back when ammo runs out

huge mags
doesn't fit in BlackHawk or Safariland kydex holsters
by Canyon S. on 03/21/2016
"This is the best GBB pistal I have ever owned. It is a great gun, ive taken on the course many times and functions really well. I would definitly reccomend this gun to anyone who needs a reliable sidearm.
by Dylan F. on 11/24/2015
"the gun shoots flawlessly great buy for the price
by chase h. on 10/02/2015
"As soon as I unboxed my pistol I fell in love. It is built extremely well and weighs nearly identical to the real version. I got mine with the extra co2 mag and let me tell you it is worth the extra $10 for sure. I ran 2 1/2 mags worth though the co2 mag with only one co2 catridge and still had gas left. It has decent range and the best part is you could nearly rebuild the entire pistol with replacement parts, you'll never have to worry about finding a part that's broke ever again. Another great thing is that extra c02 mags only run $29, may seem like a lot but for a kwa usp you're out $50 a piece, and they're not even co2! I did have one small problem when the trigger mechanism failed to release the gas but that was fixed with a little silicon oil. If you take care of the gun it seems like it will last forever.
by Gene C. on 09/16/2015
"This pistol is amazing. The instant I saw it, I fell in love with it. I got it for $102. It shoots amazingally well. And the Hi-Capa mags hold ALOT of gas. Even after I use the whole mag, I can re-fill it with 10-15 rounds and still fires. Plus, I'm a sucker for a 1911. So overall, I get what I pay for and I recommend this pistol.
by Richard Y. on 04/26/2015
"I got this gun almost 6 months ago at a massive buy and sell event at my field. It was a new gun, but it was a lemon, so the guy only sold it to me for only 40 dollars. Honestly, it was the best investment I have ever made. It kicks hard, its full metal, its totally TM compatible so upgrade and replacement parts are in no short supply. The only thing I don't like is the fact it rattles a little, but it really isn't that big of a deal. One thing to note is that if you have small hands like me, you may want to invest in the WE extended slide release. It isn't a drop in fit, but if you just file it to the same shape for like 5 minutes, it should be able to fit.

- TM compatible
-Built well

- Rattles
by Randy T. on 04/20/2015
"I was looking around for a good hi-capa that i could use in a few upcoming cqb games and found this. when i saw it i instantly fell in love with it. for the price of 120-130 dollars it is completely worth it i must say though i had a very small inital issue because when i shot maybe my 3rd-4th magazine (Co2) the kick from the blowback was so strong that the front sight fell off (The screw also got "Cut" in half) but to fix the issue all i did was put locktight on the screw, screwed it in further (not too far) and then used some superglue to reinforce and it works fine

Nice kick
Great for cqb
loud (for intemination (:
by Christopher S. on 04/06/2015