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Maple Leaf Autobot Hop-Up Bucking for WE-Tech/Tokyo Marui Gas Guns (Type: 80 Degree)

13 Customer Reviews

by Andrew V. on 01/24/2022
"To make this short I highly recommend this bucking if you're running a sniper with precision parts and a bridgeless inner barrel. If you want to know more about my sniper setup and how it performs with this bucking just keep reading.

- JG Bar 10
- EDGI 6.01 435mm inner barrel
- Action Army (AA) cylinder
- AA hop up chamber
- AA piston
- AA Zero trigger
- AA 90 Degree piston
- AA Spring guide
- Element VSR-10 M125 spring
- Maple Leaf Autobot 70 Degree bucking
- Bioshot BBs .32g biodegradable bbs

The field I go to allows snipers to go to 500 fps with .20g bbs. This setup gets the sniper consistently shooting with a .20g bb between 480 and 495 fps. I have used the 70 Degree bucking since the day these first came out. I don't even remember when it came out. Might have been since 2015 or 2016. Till today I have been using the same bucking and it still works. It doesn't get used much since I don't go out airsofting as much as before. I can vouch for it that it will last a while even if you put your airsoft gun into storage for a while with the bucking and cylinder in. I just went airsofting the past weekend 1/22/2022. The bucking still performs beautifully. Tight airseal, perfect hop, and the bbs just glide with very little deviation. I haven't measured distance of how far it shoots but I can attest that on a standard residential street with street lights, i am able to hit a target between 3-4 street lights within 2-4 shots depending on wind conditions. Within 2-3 street lights I am able to place a bb right where I expect it to go within the first 2 shots.

These buckings are for bridgeless inner barrels only. It can be cleaned with 70% rubbing alcohol. Don't be like me, if you will store your sniper away for a while, leave your cylinder and spring disassembled from the sniper that way your spring and bucking will last even longer. No need to complicate yourself with trying R-hop or trying to modify AEG barrels for snipers. Get this Maple Leaf bucking for a sniper inner barrel and you're good to go with no worrying.
by Peter S. on 06/18/2021
"There are a lot of different theory’s going around about the autobot and decepticon bucking me but idk if any of that is true. I have been using the autobot 70 bucking using .25g BB’s, shooting at around 290 FPS and playing outdoors. It’s worked beautifully for me personally 20/10 recommend!
by Peter L. on 03/31/2021
"60 Degree Aotubot installed in Maple Leaf Hop-up Housing and Crazy Jet Barrels, can hop .28g pretty far on max setting.
FPS is 325. Accuracy is good, but I assume the Decepticon version should be better.
by Michael Y. on 05/24/2020
"Seems to have increased FPS and made it more consistent. Need further testing with accuracy, but I've no complaints yet! Will buy again for my next gbbr!
by Tyrone Y. on 11/20/2019
"Pairs excellent with a laylax nine ball barrel,insanely good bucking
by Benjamin n. on 06/03/2019
"Good quality fast shipping.
by Matt B. on 02/27/2019
"Fit into my stock WE G19 without a problem. Paired this bucking with the Crazy jet inner barrel, and the Maple Leaf I-Key. I can easily overhop .30s, and am getting a range of about 200 feet off my back porch. This bucking is easily the best GBB upgrade for range. Make sure you get the right one based off your FPS. Great pistol bucking.
by Brian S. on 06/18/2018
"Worked perfectly in my vsr10 with an m170 spring and action army hop up chamber. I can easily hop .45bbs and probably even heavier. You definitely need to pair this with the maple leaf concave nub!
by Facundo C. on 02/20/2017
"Best buckings ever, but you totally, absolutely MUST combine them with a concave nub / hop arm and a wide, open window type barrel.

That pretty much means Maple Leaf inner barrel and Maple Leaf hop up arm when using them in a VSR, or Maple Leaf "hop tensioner" concave nub if using nub bearing chambers

If you go for the full combo, results are out of this world. Even better than R-hops, and extremely easy to install.
by Eric A. on 01/03/2017
"If you have a gun that can use this and your looking for the best bucking for CQB velocities (I use these for my 350fps guns) buy this! Buy it buy it buy it! The air seal, back spin, range, just everything it's a beast. I have them paired with I keys in my pistols and flat hop nubs in my rifle and they hop .28s like if they were .12 Best bucking....Period!
by MICHAEL W. on 03/20/2020
"It sorta kinda gots inside my emg sai 2011 hi capa hop up but when I shoot there is no hop. Bbs fly out straight no problem but drop off super early and they fall down Hard too. Even with max hop, nothing changes. Put my stock bucking back in and it shoots fine again. I suppose these maple leaf parts are only for tm pistols. 3rd time I tried a tm part for my aw gun and didn't work. Bummer
I knew I should have gotten the noveritch pistol from the get go hahah
by curtis p. on 02/12/2017
"Paired with crazy jet barrel for my T-Rex Hi-capa. It was a direct fit. T-rex is already an accurate tight bore gun. Probably should of spent $$ on other upgrades. Did not see a difference and no FPS increase on crono. My only concern is the BB does not fit as tight in bucking as it does in the stock bucking. Has this Shrunk while on the shelf? Should I oil it?
Note: Stock bucking and barrel are not interchangeable with maple leaf. (maybe early vs late model Hi-capa?)
by Alex H. on 09/19/2016
"Absolutely horrible. Would not grip a BB at all and applies very inconsistent hop. BB's would roll out even with hop up set to max. FPS would vary by 100-200 FPS ranging with shots from sub 200FPS to almost 500FPS. Accuracy as a result is far worse.