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The RoboCup Portable Beverage Caddy (Color: Hot Pink)

7 Customer Reviews

by Jason C. on 12/12/2016
"This is the solution to "where do I put my drink at the beach that won't get sand all over it?" The spring in this thing is super strong. It isn't going anywhere once you attach it to something. Note it can only be attached to vertical poles. Get it!
by Ethan R. on 12/12/2016
"Fits perfectly on my golf cart!!
by Tesch J. on 09/28/2016
"I have had this product for a while and it's been attached to one of the rails on my boat since I received it in the mail. It has stayed exposed to the weather and sun everyday. It hasn't faded or dry rotted. The clamp holds well and doesn't slide. I have had large rod and reels placed in it along with various drinks and cups.

Only thing I wish it had was the ability to clamp to horizontal railing on my boat. It would be a perfect movable rod holder.
by Falling L. on 09/28/2016
"This is one heavy duty cup holder! It is a bit tough to open, especially the first time, but after playing with it a bit, it got a little easier. Mainly because I then understood how much force I needed to apply to it, I think. I decided to put it on a floor lamp we have in the living room. It's in a corner behind the sectional sofa, and we don't have any room for a coffee table, or end table to put drinks on. That, and the fact that my little pomeranian is nosy, and still a pup, so he is still being trained to steer clear of our plates and glasses when on the couch. Therefore, we hardly ever bring anything in the living room with us. He thinks it's all for him, and gets all excited and nosy!

I put this on the floor lamp, and it fits around it like it was made for it. It's also where we can reach it, yet is far enough away from my puppy that he can't get into the glasses/cups. This is a win-win! I bought it to use outdoors, as we spend a lot of time outside, and on my uncle's sailboat, biking etc. I never thought of using it indoors til it arrived, and I just wanted to see how it worked real quick. Turns out, that's gonna stay where it is, and we might get others to use come spring/summer.

I've also used this to hold some led candles. These work great for that! This combined with led candles, make for a beautiful and safe, well-lit, possibly romantic atmosphere...depending on who you're with, of course. I'm one to try to find a use for things that are out of the norm, so I am sure I can come up with many other uses for it.

The fit must be on something vertical, that's the real challenge. The clamp attachment does not rotate, so as long as whatever it is, is not more than just about 2" around or thick, it should fit perfectly, and tightly. If you have a deck with vertical railing, this would fit anywhere all along it, and would be great for entertaining. It also fits on my dad's walker, and my pet stroller perfectly, but for now, I'm really liking it on the floor lamp.

My cousin's little girl was over, and when she saw it, her eyes lit up, and she said "Mommy, I could put one on my canopy bed! I'd never spill my water again.". So, there's another use for it from a 7 year old, lol. Great idea if must say so myself.

My uncle has a cleaning company, and I bet when I show this to him, he could see using it to hold some supplies up on the scaffolding, or even a beverage up there while he's working. It'd be out of the way, and wouldn't get knocked over like many other beverages he's had up there. I mainly want to show it to him to put on his boat though. We don't have anywhere to set anything down really, and it would be nice to have a few of these on the sailboat.

Mudding is something we do as well, and the side by side would also be a great place for it. I'd only use a bottle with a lid, since anything in a cup would come out on every bump, and there's lots of those when you go mudding!

The uses for this are only limited to your imagination. It doesn't have to be used for beverages....whatever can fit in it, brushes, tools, plants, you name it. Oh, and the bottom actually comes off too. You just unscrew it, so really, even if you wanted to use it to hold something long like another pole, broom, mop, bird feeder, you could use it for something completely unique.

There are also 2 straps that come with these, and those can help you stabilize whatever you are using it to hold. You might find a completely different use for the straps. We haven't needed to use them yet, but it's nice to know they are there if we do.

The only thing that would make this more user-friendly, is if the jaws rotated so it could fit on horizontal, and vertical places. Other than that, it is great. Super strong, and sturdy so it will stay put wherever you place it. Those jaws have a very tight grip. I have another cup holder, and while it works great, it's not nearly as durable as this one is, and this one also holds 2 beverages at once. That is why it's so perfect for where I have it on the floor lamp. It's right behind the curve of the couch, and is easily accessible for each person using it.

*This product was purchased at no cost to me, for testing and review. I rate 1-5, and rate 5 when I would purchase again, and/or give as a gift. It's definitely something I'd purchase, and also give as a gift. While I was provided this for free, my opinion is completely my own, and I am not obligated in any way to leave a certain rating or review.
by Charles W. on 09/28/2016
"I received my RoboCup is a very quality and well designed mounts securely (the spring clip is strong!).
A 30 ounce Ozark Trail stainless tumbler fits well as both sizes of Tervis Tumblers we's clamped on a vertical part of a jogging stroller turned fishing/shooting cart...I'm also sure I will find many other uses in the future...I wish I had known about the RoboCup years ago...I highly recommend the product and the company!

Edit...I have found another use for this outstanding works great as a "gun cup" attached to my guncart for safely holding my UNLOADED revolvers if the need arises (yes it happens 😉) for me to remove my holsters and revolvers when shooting cowboy removing the screw in bottoms on the RoboCups the unloaded revolvers drop right in...barrels down for safety...

A secondary level of safety is the Velcro straps supplied with with each RoboCup which guarantee it to be securely attached without fear of it somehow being knocked or sliding off...the straps thread into the slots and wrap around the jaws to prevent them from being accidentally opened...this is a great feature (or you could use zip-ties) can see the straps around the clamp jaws on the guncart frame in the attached photo...

Again...a great innovative product of many uses!
by Jacobson J. on 09/28/2016
"Very well thought out design, the option to unscrew the bottom of the cups and velcro to adjust the upper portion of the cup makes this useful for many applications. My wife uses it on her roll around walker, we use it camping, and it would work great in a moving vehicle or boat, as long as there is a sturdy vertical bar or post to attach it to. The spring clamp is very strong and has rubber on the grip, so it does not slip or mar up surfaces. Good quality durable plastic construction. Very satisfied!!!
by Bart R. on 09/28/2016
"Beer holder, rod holder and probably some other things I haven't thought of. I used this to carry a fishing pole on the seat post of my bicycle. It worked perfectly. I've since used it to carry my pole on the back of a golf cart. Once I get back from vacation it's going to live on the boat as a drink holder. Couldn't be happier and thanks to whoever spend the time building this product and making it available. It made carrying my fishing pole on my bike a pleasure.