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Airsoft Innovations "Cyclone" Gas Powered Airsoft Frag Grenade - Impact (Number: Single Grenade)

27 Customer Reviews

by Andy T. on 04/03/2017
"I bought this granade a while back and works just fine just make sure that the first time you put the bottom cap on you leave it on over night so the cap settles in or else you'll have a hard time putting it on and taking it off as I did still a little hard to put on but it's better than it going on too easily and as for the problem some ppl have with bbs being left over in the granade I suggest you use .12g bbs made by matrix they are not super high quality bbs but they are good enough to where the granade can perform at its best over all love the granade
by Chris D. on 03/08/2017
"Major improvement over the tornado in every way. No more sitting out of games to prime your tornado for the next game. Functions very well as long as you keep it well-lubed.

Only thing I miss from the tornado is that there is no satisfying "bang" anymore once it goes off.
by Chris D. on 02/23/2017
"Had this and the Tornado impact grenade.

Oh my gosh finally something that doesn't need to be pristinely clean to not explode in your hand. Also, super excited that I don't need to sit out an entire game to rearm my cyclone.

Well done AI, thanks for bringing this great product to market.
by Kevin K. on 12/31/2016
"These granades are great for CQB/ Breaching rooms and it is just impossible to not get a kill with it. There is no escaping the wrath of this small but deadly device and if you do loose it it's only 40 bucks and can be replaced. And it's not like a thunder B with all the shells and stuff it's only just the pin and spooner that need to be replaced after like 20 uses.
by Tammy M. on 09/19/2016
"Works very well and is fairly easy to reset. However taller grass renders these grenades almost inert and there is always a a few straggler bbs left in the grenade. The pre-order/launch edition can with 2 patches, both were PVC.
by mac p. on 05/08/2016
"so, got this a couple days ago and I got 2 patches, manual, grenade, and oil. For me the installation and tightness was great, had little problem putting end cap on but was solved when I put a rubber band around end cap and lined it up right.

-Great at clearing rooms
-Insanely quiet to what I thought it would be! (Compared to thunder b's, can be con to some)
-Can fit in m4 pouch easily
-Needs to hit somewhat hard or at least on its top so the impact mechanism works
-Black spoon and no replacement spoons as of May 8th... can get lost easily, spraying mine bright blue or orange

Overall 9/10
by James S. on 05/05/2016
"This is a story that I hope you all can learn from and avoid making a very dumb mistake. This grenade works very well, but is somewhat hard to load. I noticed when charging mine with gas, it made a hissing sound as if it were leaking. I kept on refilling it and testing it repeatedly. It didn't operate so many times that I started testing it indoors... BAD IDEA! I tossed the grenade in my bedroom, only to be met with the delayed crack of the gas being released. My eyes widened as the grenade bounced and spun, letting out a malevolent crack and sending bbs flying throughout my house in every direction. This thing has a better range than I could have ever imagined! I ducked as bbs pounded the walls around me and pelted my legs. Upon examining the remains of the grenade, I looked around me to find that there were bbs in piles surrounding me. I later found that I had about 12 dents in my door from the wretched beast that is a $40 airsoft grenade. My lesson: don't toss activated grenades indoors without expecting damage. Overall, I highly recommend this grenade for anyone looking for a good time at an airsoft field, or for wrecking your house.
Good range
Comes with patches and extra decals
Great for destroying doors
Will destroy anything you have ever known or loved
by Eric S. on 03/18/2016
"Alright, so I got this grenade probably a week or so ago and immediately noticed that the valve was leaking out the input, not the seals when loaded. On top of that while testing it the first few drops, the bottom seal snapped.

Horror story I know, but one thing to know is that Airsoft Innovations has the best customer service I've ever experienced. Emailed them after reading a review where they offered to replace a faulty grenade and I asked for a repair kit, instead they sent me a new core for the grenade. Got the core, swapped it out and I'm a very happy customer. Grenade works as advertised now and after a half a dozen uses or so the reload process feels quick and easy. Even with my gas cans being pretty low it's able to work somewhat. Can't wait to use it at it's full potential.

As for the grenade, it has a very cheap plastic feel, but they've put rubber covers over the particularly vulnerable areas. The spoon doesn't connect to the grenade so there's potential to lose it, but there's a hole on the front of the spoon I've used to put fishing line on to attach it to the pin. The locking ring on the grenade can be frustrating at first, but it does get easier to reload as you go.

Excellent A.I. Customer support

Faulty fill valve (probably just a lemon)

Warning: If the Grenade does not release the gas, but the firing pin does drop, drop the grenade onto it's bottom to dislodge the shuttle in the center. If that does not work, wear gloves when removing the bottom cap to protect from the cold gasses and unload the bbs, after that, remove the top cap and use something to tap the top of the shuttle to discharge the gasses.
by Nicholas D. on 03/04/2016
"I don't normally do reviews but I don't believe these grenades have been given a fair chance by the earlier reviewers. So in my experience so far (I bought one at my local field and I got two more through evike), the bottom piece that is a "pain to screw on" become easier after the first time. It does not always disperse all of the bbs, but I have still dispersed well over 120 bbs per throw, which is more than enough to clear a room. In terms of durability, they appear to be solid enough to withstand normal use as long as you take care of them properly, which brings me to my next point: MAKE SURE YOU USE THE OIL ON THE O-RINGS!!!!!!!!! If you don't want to use the oil after every single use, every other should suffice. For the price, they are above and beyond what I had initially expected. I just need to find a suitable pouch for them now! (I was running one in a thunder-b kydex holder, not very secure).
by Nicolai J. on 02/27/2016
"So, usually when I spend $40 on an impulse airsoft buy, I end up regretting it. Well, not this time!

+It's a grenade
+it really shoots bb's
+Lightweight polymer, yet durable
+Designed to work with 134a, green gas, AND propane (but not all at once)
+Just right impact sensitivity - giving it a good chuck without the spoon won't get you an airburst grenade of bb's 3 feet out of your hand.
+Flashbang size - fits into flashbang pouches
+Excellent bb dispersion pattern, even with one bb opening

-The bottom portion is a slight pain to reattach - don't expect to be refilling this in the middle of a firefight.
-The spoon itself is a bit flexible - might break under user error.
-It's rare to fire all bb's, even with a full charge of propane.
-The impact head portion of the bb obstructs the opening slightly - may be the reason that some bb's remain in the grenade.

I've been using this in about 30 degree weather, and have had a blast! Only 5 or so bbs remain after detonating, even in such low temperatures with propane. Excellent bb dispersion, a solid construction. Unlike the tornado grenades, the impact head is independent of the pressure system, resulting in a much more consistent and reliable detonation. Dropping this anywhere over a foot will set the grenade off, but won't set off after throwing. Since I don't want to lose the spoon, I remove it before throwing. Haven't had any disasters yet... If you're worried about losing the spoon if you don't remove it first, you could easily drill a small hole through the middle portion and tie it to the grenade body/top with some string or fishing line.

Honestly, I'm glad I bought this, and think that everyone should own at least one. They're just too fun to miss out on, especially for only $40. Be honest, most of us have bought something for more that we ended up never using.
by Ben B. on 02/22/2016
"First off both the reviews above this are totally wrong. Once your used to this grenade you could easily reset it in under a minute flat. I recommend using a plastic fill nozzle as there is no O ring by design on the fill valve. It should leak a bit to let the air out around the value base and the easy compressible propane in through the tip. In other words the fill valve is just like a tm style one. It weights much less then a tornado grenade and therefore is harder to break, I however wouldn't forcefully throw it against a solid wall, I assume parts will be available soon just in case something breaks or wears out. The spoon could be a bit stronger but it gets the job done. I recommend painting the spoon bright orange. As well as writing your name and number on the grenade body. I highly recommend using .12 or .20 gram bbs and using this in temperatures above 50 degrees. It will then perfectly discharge all the bbs. Please make sure to be safe with this, I threw it in my backyard as far as I could throw it and I still got hit by a few bbs so make sure you have cover when throwing it. And remove the cap or leave it in a m4 mag pouch when in a safe zone on field.

For the money this is a great product. Read the instructions, keep it oiled and wear eye protection when handling it even without bbs.
by Ben H. on 09/06/2018
"This was not a bad deal. Sadly the grenades when I bought them came with bad seals (I'm going to guess I got a bad bunch) since when I load them (except for the first time) I lose a bunch of propane and it doesn't deploy all the bbs, usually leaves 1/3 to 1/2 the bbs, the clips and extras are cool. The pins aren't bad but due to it having a pin lock (which is super nice but) i have to hold my finger up to lift the lock over the grenade while pulling the pin out. Also I have to save the clip (due to it de-attaches from the grenade when you pull the pin) so it's not a reaction or any sort of quick task to get one ready to throw, however they are still effective and scary for the enemy. They are very light and makes it easy to toss a distance but kind of weird to control if your not used to it. I'd recommend the skirmish pack cause these things can really change the game in your favor. Helps clear out enemy hold outs when they have a hallway locked down or whatever. And over all super easy.
by Benjamin S. on 08/30/2018
"Good product, but they lose seals very easily. So i recommend buying spares.
by Jeff C. on 11/07/2017
"Overall it's a very well designed grenade my only issue is that it's plastic. I would prefer for most of the parts to be metal. Other then that it's really easy to load and arm, in the colder weather not all the bbs will fire. And as long as you give it a good time toss it will go off 9 times out of 10 even on dirt.
by Maksymilian D. on 06/07/2017
"While it's fun to use, I wish it was more effective. Each time it will leave some bbs. I play with my friends moat of the time and we agreed that bbs, beans or foam from the grenade must hit in order for it to count, so throwing it is a bit of a roulette for me, but for amybody playing with "gfenade range" rule, this will be a great option. Aslo something to consider a con would be the fact that the top cap is slighty blocking the bbs exit. I myself cut it a bit and found out about 7 bbs less on average were left in it after "exploding".
4/5 for the bbs left in it after firing and the top cap slightly blocking the bbs exit.