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A&K M4 SR16 DMR Full Metal Lipo Ready NS15 Airsoft AEG Rifle

13 Customer Reviews

by Mohamed A. on 05/26/2022
"I’d recommend to be honest seems really fun to mess around with barley spent any money on bbs and the battery work on the gun so perfect. 100% recommend.
by Harley H. on 12/06/2017
"I bought this rifle recently and am very impressed with the quality! There are some upgrades that you will want to make but that pretty much goes for any rifle. Its a great starting platform to customize to your liking. Buy it, you won't be disappointed!
by Brett H. on 04/27/2017
"This gun is amazing. I got it for my first gun and it preforms solid. I would recommend this for any first timer or anyone in general. No jams no problems with it.
by Korey L. on 02/27/2017
"This is a very solid gun it was my first aeg and it performed very well on the field and overall this is a very good beginner to intermediate gun only cons is if you have a small battery it will move around so just put paper or bags in there and I had a little trouble with mid caps, definitely a very good gun
by Sean B. on 02/25/2017
"When i bought this gun I thought it wouldn't survive my neck of the woods but so far I have zero problem with it and runs perfectly in cold weather.
by Jason E. on 11/07/2016
"The gun is a solid performer.
by Justin M. on 10/12/2016
"Amazing gun great out in the field very durable and light weight
by Joshua G. on 04/26/2023
"I got this rifle. Good looks and all its just that it jams, and doesn't receive the bbs correctly.
by Christopher J. on 12/07/2019
"Good rifle powerful feels good and just good only thing don't like it has problems feeding it's not mags I've try all types in it but besides that i love it ps muzzle has screw off orange tip
by Jack M. on 10/18/2018
by Benjamin T. on 04/04/2018
"Very nice gun I absolutely love it only one thing that bugs me the stock is a little wiggly I'd like to know if any other owners have this problem.
by david o. on 03/17/2019
"does it come with the batterie and charger
by Christopher J. on 06/29/2019
"Not worth it for me got it in and loading of ammo not good at all it jams and loads 3 pellets some times I try new magazine's try reworking old one and it doesn't work if u get it to work it has power 420 fps and know book to explain how to take it apart or parts and pieces but main think not loading I shoot 16 pellets then spend 5 min trying get it load ammo I really like A&K guns in past but this my 2 one they have same problem