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WE-Tech Hi-Capa T-Rex Competition Pistol (Model: 5.1 / Silver)

50 Customer Reviews

by Jack V. on 02/21/2021
"if you're looking for a hi capa then look no further, this thing is great I got the pre upgraded one and I can't be happier.

personally I put in a cowcow short stroke kit and a speed dual bearing trigger right away and I'm in love with it very fast and snappy with virtually no recoil.

for me this is a base gun for a hi capa build and it will be nice having a nicer barrel and hop up unit until I replace it later down the road the hop up unit appears to be made cast copper with a brass wheal.
I believe the inner barrel is 6.1mm but I may be wrong.

as always evike had great customer service and very fast shipping
by hank f. on 10/08/2020
"This gun shoots really nice. Very comfortable and accurate right out of the box. This is my first hi Capa. Only thing I didn’t like was the Look of the enhanced magwell. Just not my style. Super easy to remove, held in with a pin. The gun comes with the replacement pin to install after removal too.
by Mikey R. on 10/25/2019
"Absolutely love this gun! I highly recommend this pistol if you enjoy the traditional hi capa look without spending a ton straight out of the box.
PROS- high quality build, extremely smooth blowback perfect for fast shooting, super sensitive hairline trigger and fiber optics make for great for getting of target fast, very cumfortable grip good for big and small hands, very accurate and consistent!
CONS- gas efficiency for the stock mag isnt the best, not able to finish a whole mag, but the extended and basic replacement msgs seem to work better, out of the box decent accuracy but highly recommend getting a 6.01 tightbore, made a huge difference.
Overall solid build, very reliable, beast on the field when you have multiple and extended mags!
by Logan A. on 03/08/2019
"This Gun is amazing, (I bought it on a different account) The FPS is great, the hop up is nice and easy to adjust, and in my opinion works best with .25 gram bbs.
1) has a nice weight to it/ feels good in the hand
2) Has amazing gas efficiency
3) The flared mag well works well/ is easy to reload
1) has an awkward take-down
2) some parts need to be lubricated a bit better

All and all a really great gun would definitely buy again!
by Jay D. on 02/26/2019
"It's a great gun. I like the weight it has and since it's a hi capa, customizing it was easy. Although I do have ti say that taking off the orange tip to thread a suppressor was kinda tough to do but I still got it. The manual was helpful in telling you want went where. All around, it's a good gun that's worth your money.
by Jay D. on 02/26/2019
"It's a great gun. I like the weight it has and since it's a hi capa, customizing it was easy. Although I do have ti say that taking off the orange tip to thread a suppressor was kinda tough to do but I still got it. The manual was helpful in telling you want went where. All around, it's a good gun that's worth your money.
by Jacob S. on 12/15/2018
"The quality is absolutely amazing. Most reliable airsoft gun I have owned.
by curtis p. on 03/12/2018
"I own two. They are two years old and going strong. Lubed base seal on mag with silicone lube and have not had a leak in 8 months. One of them I upgrade with a 2" longer barrel and Autobot bucking and it now shoots 330fps with .25's. It's my new primary the 2nd one is my secondary. I haven't used my m4 in months. I aim with this thing and get that one shot one kill. Hard not to call your hit when we hear it snap off your mask. lol
by Nathaniel P. on 01/02/2018
"it is a very high quality pistol, nothing cheap on it. It is very comfortable to hold and the colors are great.
Comes with thread adapter
Price is OK ($100)
Came I'm fast
Color scheme is GREAT
no jams
3 safety features
I did have a leaky mag, but I was buying new ones any way

The hammer half cocks when you get low on gas, but that's a safety feature.

It says it has a STRONG recoil spring, but its a normal, i got a 150% and it feels good, (personal preference)

Changed the inner barrel, once again its a personal
by Jimmy G. on 12/30/2017
"Great gun works nice out of the box but I would pick up and AW custom's kit to improve the performance good amount of recoil shoots accurate fast light trigger pull and it even came with an upgraded nozzle. my only complaint is that the mag it came with it broke after 3 reloads which isn't the guns fault cheap feed lip buy some extended mags to go with it.
by Ethan B. on 11/10/2017
"IT COMES WITH A MRDS (mini red dot sight) MOUNT AND A BARREL THREAD ADAPTER(positive to negative 14mm thread)!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this hi-capa. However, the loading nozzle, requires more lube than I am used to, when a mag is in the gun, it will have trouble retracting. Other than the metal used, (pot metal) for the hammer, trigger, safety, barrel, excluding the slide and most internals, it is very good, and the slide has a scratch/scuff resistant coating, and looks very nice. I'd recommend for anyone and everyone.

P.S.-----Upgrades to look for------
-%150 recoil spring
-higher quality loading nozzle and housing(only replace if broken)
-higher quality barrel(again...only replace if problems occur, or you foresee problems with the stock barrel)
-tight bore barrel (6.0-6.3)
by Aaron C. on 08/22/2017
"This pistol is great but it needs a few upgrades to be truly competition ready. For starters, a fixed outer barrel and a 6.01mm tightbore inner barrel. If you buy an outer barrel with steel screws, upgrade the entire hop-up unit as well because the screws will cut into and gouge the aluminum hop-up unit the gun comes with. Other than that this gun is great. It sounds great and it's loud as well. The recoil is perfect but if you want a blowback upgrade then by all means go ahead.
by Nick H. on 07/11/2017
"I have had this gun for about a year and a half now and have put around 50000 shots through it and it still runs like a charm and is really accurate. I have had some minor problems with it but like all airsoft guns after thousands of rounds you are bound to have some issues because things just wear out. I think that this gun is a great gun for those of you who are just getting started and even for those who want a new pistol. I think that is a all around good gun and I am very glad I got this gun.
by Ben S. on 06/03/2017
"I played with this pistol today and it amazed me. buy an extra magazine and this thing is amazing. it really dosent waste gas and the part that i like most about is that it doesent kick back to hard that it throws ur aim off. if i could i would rate tis 100 staars. parents you might say we'll get this later but you NEED it NOW. this is gonna sell out soon and trust me this is probably one of the best pistols you can get on this site. this is a 1911 and will fit in almost all pistol holsters. get this gun and you wont be bummed unless it comes out of box not working but i HIGHLY doubt that will happen so PLEASE get this gun.
by Rowan G. on 04/25/2017
"I love it. The pistol is a bit heavier than you would think, the recoil and the sound is a bit more than expected, but it's amazing. The silver is darker than the pictures, and stainless steal. Makes your ears have a satisfying ring.