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EMG Knights Armament Airsoft PDW M2 Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle (Model: Tan with Green Gas Magazine)

25 Customer Reviews

by Nickolas P. on 06/16/2020
"Amazing gun.
Did little upgrading to it.
Purchased the upgrade long pdw kit and now have replacements for the entire gun if something breaks.
Installed npas, autobot maple leafs 60 degree, and commander 150% return spring. And a 300 round hpa tapped mag.

The gun is reaching close to 300ft with 32g bbs and has
The most consistent FPS I have 1.2fps variance 295.4 ~296.6

If your looking for realism this is it.
If you want to strike terror in your enemies this is it.
If you want to be high priority this is it.
by Daniel M. on 05/30/2018
"solid build and finish
trigger feels solid
easy to customize
BUIS that come with the gun are accurate and simple to use
pistol grip can be very uncomfortable

will update in the future
by Gregory B. on 01/08/2017
"I love this gun I have only shot it in my back yard but it's pretty good.

Full metal
Collapsible stalk
Shoots really high FPS
Easy to disassemble
Shooting over 430 FPS ( my field limit is 400)
Mags are very expensive and leak every once in a while
by Brianna H. on 10/27/2016
"I lucked out and got this PDW in a Box of Awesomeness a little while back. I replaced the plastic nozzle right away with the RA-Tech aluminum nozzle, and I added a red dot sight. Other than that, I have been running this rifle with all of the stock parts the last few months, and I have had no concerning issues.

Nice kick
Despite being full metal, this PDW is pretty lightweight actually - much lighter than my WE M4
Good RoF
She runs smooth, she sounds intimidating, and she looks nice - I shot this next to a younger lad, and he literally jumped.

Cons, but not really?:
-My magazines only needed a couple of lock-ins to get "broken in." Now they lock into place really easily.
-The first day, the bolt would occasionally catch when I wasn't out of ammo yet. After breaking that in and keeping up with maintenance / silicone oil, I haven't had any issues with the bolt either.
-As with all gas magazines - they aren't cheap! But, once you buy what you need, you're set!

-Replace the plastic nozzle with an aluminum one that has an NPAS valve. With propane mine was shooting well over 400 FPS, and my local arena only allows 350 FPS, so I had to tone it down. With a tad bit of filing, here's the nozzle I went with, and I have had zero issues with it:

-When I first got this rifle, I took it apart, oiled it up, made sure it was clean, and shot some rounds through it. Getting the charging handle, bolt, and magazines locking in and out of place a few times really helped to break this gun in. Just keep up with the occasional maintenance, and there shouldn't be any issues!

-I use propane with the Madbull adapter, so I can't give any reviews for green gas or CO2 users. The rifle runs GREAT with propane, though!
by Ryan A. on 07/14/2016
"Here's what I've learned about my PDW M2. I removed the spring guide in the mag to get a full capacity of 35+2. It actually fits 36 in the magazine but the last BB is just too tight. Perhaps sanding a few millimeters off the BB follower would help. Be nice to the charging handle, the tip may break off if you pull it too hard. The two large barrel locking screws just past the magwell can be used to lock the hop-up adjustment in place. The stock hop-up nub is not nearly as good as a U or flat style nub, but the bucking is just fine. With a U-style nub & .28s I'm hitting a man sized target at 200ft 99% of the time. Operationally it's extremely satisfying. It seems to be efficient with gas. At room temperature I can get two fully loaded mags out of one good fill.

I won this in SWAGG pack #13 and I must say it's turned me into a GBB purist. I have high performance AEGs with my own custom MOSFETs but nothing compares to the blowback action and sheer terror struck into my target's heart. That's the real power of the GBB; scaring your opponent so bad they dribble a little bit.
by Brent L. C. on 07/04/2016
"It has been three days since I got this gun, and lets just say this thing is awesome. I love the hard recoil it gives and my favorite thing is its amazing rate of fire. I don't know what the rof really is, but it is really quite impressive. I think this was worth every penny. One heads up, I think this was a freak accident or something, but on the third day of use, the charging handle's tip broke off and now I have to wait for a new one for the gun to work again. Probably was just mis-manufactured, but there could be something up with that.
-Full metal other than grip and plastic flash hider (metal one comes in little pouch with the gun)
-Awesome and intimidating recoil and sound
-Rate of fire
-Key-mod rails

-Charging handle broke after 3 days
-Stiff selector switch
-Co2 mag has a hard time puncturing the canisters, use lots of force
-Only 30rds in a mag
-Plastic flash hider nearly impossible to remove

I still think this is worth the money, great for stepping up the level in airsoft, all around great gun!
by Chad M. on 02/15/2016
"I am a huge fan of the PDW. It is my favorite weapon design. I've been hoping for the past 3 years that someone would create a Gas Blowback PDW. I am pleased to see that is carrying a Gas Blowback PDW again. It is too bad I no longer have the Gas Magazines from the 3 WE-Tech PDWs that I owned in the past. I'll have to buy new Mags.
The over all construction of the Rifle seems very solid and nothing about the Rifle feels cheaply made. I am disappointed that the Flash Hider is not metal like the rest of the Rifle, but even that does not feel cheap so this does not any way detract from the over all quality of the Rifle.
The M2's design is based on the WE-Tech PDW and so it pretty much uses all the same internals but I am pleased to see that the M2 uses a Spring Guide with the Bolt Carrier Assembly instead of a Recoil Spring that had to be hooked onto the Bolt Carrier Assembly as with the WE-Tech. Now I can completely Field Strip the Rifle without using any tools.
The trigger pull on the M2 has a short travel compared to other Airsoft Rifles that I've shot. This makes the Rifle easier for me to handle allowing me to put more shots on target without the trigger pull throwing off my aim. I've never been a real big fan of the M4 Iron Sights. I've noticed on the M2 the aim does seem to be a bit low, although I could probably fix that by adjusting the Hop-up. Fortunately, I still have a Red Dot from a pistol that I no longer have that works great with the M2.
One of the reasons the WE-Tech PDWs were my favorite Airsoft Rifles to shoot was because of their rate of fire and the recoil from the Blowback. The M2 does not have the fastest rate of fire of all the Airsoft Guns that I own but when I shoot the M2 on Full Auto I can really feel the recoil and surprisingly in 5 round burst I am able to keep all my shots in tight groupings despite the recoil.
The Magazine that came with the M2 seems very gas efficient. I was able to shoot more than 60 rounds through the Magazine on Full Auto without any noticeable drop in performance. I was able to get even more rounds when shooting on Semi Auto.
I did however notice one flaw with my model. The selector switch seems a little stiff whenever I switching back and forth between Semi and Full Auto. But, this does not seem to affect the performance of the M2.
I like some of the redesigns of the M2 from the PDW. The removal of the side and bottom rails eliminates the need for a foregrip making the Rifle more comfortable to hold. I do not use flashlights or lasers with my Rifles so the top rail is all that I'll ever need. I especially like the redesign on the fold stock. It makes shouldering the Rifle so much more comfortable.
Everything about the M2 seems to be an improvement over the WE-Tech PDW. I am glad that I made the purchase and I would highly recommend the M2 to anyone who is considering buying. It is well worth the purchase.
Thank you, for bring back the PDW.
by JoseMariano V. on 01/27/2016
"Great Gun, rock solid, great feel firing it with blow back, just need a lot of lube...I used this gun the whole morning on Saturday"s game @ Operation Lion claws and it did very well the only thing i wished was that i had more than 4 mags and the gas in each mag would last longer, and also really i wasn't figuring out haow to load the mags easily, had a very hard time loading the bb's in the mag and had to have a few extra cans of gas with with OPLC 10 we had a lot of trigger time at that OP.otherwise the gun is good if you have plenty of time to load both the bb's and the gas...OPLC picture gallery has a good picture of me running with this baby....Overall.. great GBB to shoot...
by Dylan M. on 01/27/2016
-Sturdy build
-Compact (easy to get around corners)
-Good ROF (have not chronoed--you will notice the ROF is definitely adequate when you fire the weapon)
-Extremely accurate at CQB distances, I'm getting 1"-2" groupings at 50' and at 25' BB's are basically on top of each other (indoors, prone position, bi-pod, .25 BB, propane, stock internals, iron sights, with compact version)
-Crisp blow back
-EASY to break down
-Two mags! (This really rocks because GBB mags ain't cheap. Thanks Evike!)
-PDW mag
-Feels very sturdy
-Doesn't freeze as quickly as [metal] m4 mags

-QD sling mount that came with mine was crap. It was bent and kept sticking. I prefer the Matrix QD mount.
-Slight wobble between upper and lower receiver (I put a very thin strip of electrical tape between the receivers to "fix" this
-There is rust on my front sight post

How I run this gun:
-First thing I did was lube the internals (I put the tape on as well, while I was inside the gun)

-I installed the RA-Tech NPAS (being able to change the FPS is VERY helpful because most fields don't allow over 400 FPS for CQB)

-I always use .25 gram BB's or .28 gram BB's
-I use a one-point sling
-I carry 2 mags in shorter games(i.e. elimination), and 4-6 in longer games with more players (i.e. CTF)
-I replaced the sling mount
-Flashlight on occasion

Would I recommend this gun?
Hell yes. This is, by far, my favorite GBB for CQB.
by Seane L. on 01/27/2016
"This is an awesome rifle! Very powerful, shoots very straight and a great simulation of the real thing.
by Willis L. on 01/27/2016
"Maintenance: this gun is easy maintenance can by taken apart and clean using only a punch and the
spring removal tool (included). the internal are all metal except the nozzle and is very
roomy allowing easy access to lube and clean there inst really any fuss with spring and

Weight: the gun can be consider huffy for a pdw weight 4.5 pounds to 5 as a main weapon it isn't too
but may be to heavy for some to be fielded as a secondary

Magazine Capacity: the magazines hold enough gas for too clips of 30+1bbs. for mil sim looking for ultimate realism this mag is one of the few that offers real cap to the real steal but for skirmishers your going to find your self out gunned by aeg that can fire several thousands rounds witch would take every pocket in your vest filled with this mag to match. note: mags are 40+$ and up we tech as shown no interest in producing a high cap for skirmish use .

Realistic construction and operation
Real cap mag(mil sim)
Easy maintenance
Ambidextrous controls ( Except bolt release)
Adjustable Windage (Rear Sights)'
Folding stock

real cap Mag(Skirmishing)
by Clay D. on 01/27/2016
"Just got this gun and it's awesome. Shoots hard for a gun its size(it goes straight through the bottom of a soda can). Very accurate. The only problem is that it the m4 mags in it are a little hard to get in (not bad you just have to give the bottom of the mag a little pat.

-good FPS
-full metal
-easy dissassembly
-good price
-lots of swag
-NPAS available

-m4 mags have some trouble getting in but once they are in they stay in

Overall its a great gun. On of best. Just buy it.
by Raymond T. on 01/27/2016
"I bought this gun about a week ago and since then it has performed excellent. One of WE's best. I also took the PDW stock off and put on a buffer tube and a six position MAGPUL CTR stock it works great overall i'd give this gun a 9.5 out of 10
by Kevin W. on 01/27/2016
"I just got this gun, my first GBB and i am thrilled with it so far. Shoots very hard!

so much swag
High fps

Hop up is hard to get at
by Evan M. on 01/27/2016
"Ive own a couple gbbs and this is the best. it is full metal, lightweight and dead accurate. it is very high quaity and will never break on you. One WE's best guns. also the range is 200 to 250 feet on this gun!And if the rifle does happen to break, evike has all the parts to fix it.

full metal
high quality
nice range, fps and accuracy
comes with two mags
and sounds nice