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ICS CXP Transform-4 Keymod M4 Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black / SBR / Add 20 Mags)

46 Customer Reviews

by Agustin D. on 05/21/2020
"Got this replica back in 2017 and still kicking ass with some upgrades, but i made the mistake of buying front wired instead of rear wired but i manage to re wire it to the rear.

by Anthony A. on 05/10/2018
"I've put maybe 100k BBs down range with this and I love it. Great intermediate gun, out of the box shooting right around 415fps, so a little high for most fields, it did drop a little but not much. I also use either .25s or .28s pretty very good consistency. The fuse did have to be replaced it and it does come with 30A fuse, but you can pick them up at a local auto zone. Slight wobble, no biggie. Iron sights are standard m4 flip ups, they work no issues. All in all, not bad! Definitely recommend.
by mazen j. on 09/09/2017
"The gun is really well built and is incredibly accurate. Look no further, this is worth every penny. About the fuse blowing... as soon as you get the gun just replace the current fuse in the stock (should be yellow) to the green fuse that comes in the box.

Solid build
No Rattles
High Quality Internals
High Quality Internals
Incredible Quality Polymer

None, couldnt find any
by Christian B. on 08/13/2017
"I got this gun about 4 weeks ago and I love it, it performs well. Out of the box with .20 gram bbs I was shooting around 415, but I do not recommend using .20 gram bbs because there is the possibility of those bbs shredding your piston, so use .25 or .28 bbs. One minor problem with this gun and very minor is that I blow the fuses that come with the gun while using an 11.1 battery, so if you don't want to have that problem I recommend a 9.6 lipo battery. Overall the gun perform to the price tag that it holds, ICS did a really good job on making this gun, and I highly recommend getting this gun.
by Nathan A. on 07/17/2017
"This is my second ICS, and I most say I'm loving it. Good wait and balanced. Great range and consistency with shots. Accessory friendly. Will definitely recommend
by Gideon B. on 06/09/2017
"I recently bought the ICS PAR MTR CQB, and I have to say that it performs amazingly. Right out of the box it shoots around 350-380 with .25 g bbs. It also shoots a little over 200 ft. It looks very appealing and the internals are great for a stock gun and the changing the internals are easy because of the split gearbox design. I'm very happy with the gun and also with the great customer service and delivery from evike. 11/10 would recommend to anyone who wants a good and reliable gun
by Daniel M. on 06/01/2017
"So I've played a couple of games with it, I'm astound at the accuracy of this Beast!
First off, although it is the CQB variant, the overall length of the barrel is still quite long compared to an smg or those stubby M4 out there, making this thing capable of shooting quite far and accurately.
Had a funny experience the first time I took it out to play, the field representative was running it by the chrono and "turned off" my hop up.... Little did I know that he had it cranked all the way up! Resulted in most of my shots going far higher than one would expect... only after 4 hours of play I cracked out the instructions and sat down with another airsofter to figure out wth was wrong.
by Daniel M. on 05/14/2017
"So this is my first airsoft gun. I'm planning on playing mostly CQB which makes this perfect for my needs. It is fully metal with the exception of the stock and it feels solid all around.
It is a heavy gun, which for me is a pro, since I do like the added realism, the blowback isn't as strong as I expected it to be, the mag that came with the gun is perfect and slide right out when the release is pulled, not sure how other mags will do since I bought the exact model that came with it. I do recommend getting a forward grip since it does help with managing the weight. As a newbie, the idea of taking the gun apart did scare me, but this one was surprisingly easy (replace the spring).

Full Metal
Good looking, plenty on rails
Easy operation
Easy maintenance

Hard to find a barrel cover since the barrel is receding in the guard

I don't got much more to say... I will update once I play more games.
Also, for the Canadians, this is perfectly within the laws, Evike will also ship a statement addressed to CBSA officers which helps.
by James O. on 03/24/2017
"I love this gun so much... I really don't know what people are talking about when they say the fuses blew, mine did to, but the gun comes with an extra fuse (30amp), and needless to say... the fuse that is already in the gun is a 20a fuse... so its not going to last with anything above a 9.6v... and if it shoots to hard, buy one of the spare upper gearboxes, then cut the spring down just a little bit, that's what i did, not I have a 427fps gearbox (the stock one) and a 349fps gearbox, also... buy an enlarged stock, because the default one] does not have a lot of battery room... the biggest battery it will hold is an 11.1v 1300 at most... so, 1. replace your fuse with the 30amp right away 2. buy a spare gearbox to experiment with 3. buy the ICS MTR S1 (417/416 style ICS Retractable Stock).
by James O. on 01/09/2017
"I love this gun, hasn't failed me once for the last 3 months, I can use it anywhere by just making a few changes on the gearbox... 10/10 and I definitely recommend this gun
by Rick G. on 01/07/2017
"Great Gun, It runs amazingly with a 7.4 lipo. Since this model is front wired, and the battery compartment is small i decided to go with a peq box. Although one comes with the gun I would recommend getting the other basic avengers peq-15 one here at evike instead. As the stock one happens to be quite bulky. The gun shot ~430 fps, out of the box. Sadly this was too high for my local fields requirements. I was luckily able to replace the stock spring with a new m100 spring which can also be found at evike. The gun has stood up to some rough use over the past year,and has held up well with minimum wear and tear to the internals and externals. All in all I would reccomend this gun to anyone who is in the market for a sturdy and trustworthy m4,to use for some fun on the airsoft field.
by James O. on 12/12/2016
"I absolutely love this gun, I got it in the mail and immediately went to test it... unfortunately, the 20 amp fuse, that is already in the gun, cant really handle an 11.1v LiPo... so i just put in the 30 amp that was included with the gun... it shot around 415-428 fps with .20s, and actually had 1200 RPM, which is 60RPS I think, I don't really care... I hate, math... anyway, I would totally recommend this to any airsofter. It is also a lot heavier that it looks.
by david t. on 12/07/2016
"pshht extra mags pshhht havent actually bought the gun just too lazy to get a facebook account pshht facebook pshht
by kyle g. on 08/10/2016
"so i just fielded this gun for an afternoon of airsoft and i must say this gun is evin better than i thought it was!it doesnt need upgrading whin i said it does i was way to far away to not pick but when i was playi g airaoft i got a confurmed.kill @ 260ft really good for me ! the rof isnt really insaing but fast @ aroung20bbs/sec i know i said it was really good but after comparing it with other gunt its good a litte above most guns i tottaly reccomend ics and they da bomb!
by kyle g. on 08/02/2016
"this giun is simply amazing! i shoot the gun with.23 matrix bbs and i get380 to400 fps never over so if your field is 400 with.20 you will be a litte over so eather cut the spriga little bit or get a m110sprigh the air seal isint the best im getting a better cilender hop up bucking cilender head and a tight bore barrel. talking about a better barrel if your using this as a dmr like me right now i can easly hit a torso at250 ft with a good scope but as i was saying i want this as a dmr so i want to at least275 so if you want to build a dmr a better barrel is a must. so now im done with that ill tell you about the quality the externalles are amazing every thing is metal except the grip and stock the stock is really comfortable. the anbiduxourus charfing handle and grip are really good and mine also came with 3 keymod rails. my flip up sights are awesoneand neatly snaap down and up. the mag is also good and it wi ds really smooth. the internalls are just as good the wiring is nice and the split type gearbox is simply amazing! and easy to fix im not a tecky but i can fix this gun! The gears are of high quality and i have shot moee than7,000 bbs aand the gearbox looks still like new. now for the pros cons
high quality
ebb (what works wonderfully by the way)
split gearbox allows for easy fixing
insaying rof like 17 to 20 bbs per sec with 7.4 lipo
small battery space(but still workable if have right battery)
hve to unsrew 6 screws to get into compartment
insaying rof you will be saying im done with the mag allready? but if you can afford this gun youll be able to afford bbs
i know i picked on the the battery space but dont let that stope you i can unscrew the 6 screws insert the battery and put it back to gether in3:30 secs and you can do that also once you get used to it. gr8 gun reccomend ics guns 100%and its no diffefant with this gun! now be for i leave ill tell you what the paage comes with.
gun(duh lol)
pair of flip up sights
3keymod rails
**this dosnt come with allen key what you need to do any thing with the gun**