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FREE SHIPPING for orders over $99! New deals released hourly and daily. See Deals Here! Axis Tactical Goggles by Valken (Color: Green Frame / Clear Lens)

18 Customer Reviews

by Michael T. on 08/19/2018
"Good goggles. Tend to fog up if it's really hot and you're sweating a lot. Recommend microfiber towels and some anti-fog spray (fog-x etc). Very comfortable to wear. Got shot right in the bottom of the frame with no issues. Only issue I had was only having smoke lenses and playing in a heavily wooded area. Don't forget to get a pair of clear or yellow lensed goggles too.
by Nathaniel N. on 08/21/2017
"Perfect! I had no problem with fogging. They stayed on my head and fit my headgear, perfect visibility. I wear them not just to events either, I also wear them to work because I work outside. They fit every need for work and for airsoft.
by Tong Y. on 03/11/2017
"Comfortable. Seals tight. Comes with two types of bands. One for no helmet and one for helmets. Had a hard time with fogging as my field is really foggy so I can't say its a bad product.
by Noah L. on 01/04/2017
"great glasses!
inside there is foam all the way around; really comfortable and flush.
the tinted lens really helps on sunny days. and if you don't like that, there's a yellow lens version.
there are two ways you can wear the goggles: one is like a pair of glasses, with two things that go behind your ear - but your eye goggles are not flush. the package also came with an elastic strap that makes the goggles fit closely to my face. it's really easy to change out the two.
really comfortable glasses, i'll give it 10/10
by tyler m. on 10/26/2016
"10/10 Work great no fog what so ever
by Dobae P. on 10/18/2016
"Extremely comfortable, well worth the money for a pair of glasses that will provide protection for a long time to come.
by Daniel B. on 08/22/2016
"Played with these for the first time yesterday in 95 degree heat and 100 percent humidity. Had a clear view the whole time. They are comfortable and are sealed nicely against your face with the goggle option. Works great with my steel mesh face mask.
by Khai R. on 04/25/2016
"Very good goggles and it comes with a strap and the sunglass option in the picture so you can change between them. They have good anti fog but they are eventually wear out. Good od green color. And comfortable
by alex d. on 09/12/2015
"I bought these goggles because i liked the low profile look and i also bought the lens inserts for them because of my glasses and i have to say i am really happy about them. I had to get lens made for them but it was only 50 bucks. I am so glad i dont have to worry about getting goggles to fit around my gasses anymore. Also put some anit fog wipes on them and zero fog. I am highly satisfied.
by James H. on 09/17/2018
"Very durable glasses and comfortable. Smoke lenses make daytime playing less straining on the eyes. Very comfortable padding on the inside. The only con I have experienced with this set of eye pro is that it fogs easily. You might want to use sea drops or use a fan for internal cooling and anti-fog. I rate it a 4 out of 5
by trey p. on 05/30/2018
"Comfortable and visibility is great.
Comes with a small and large style head strap.
Mine did fog up when I wore a hat. Drilled 6 small holes across the top and have had no more fogging issue.
by Esteban F. on 11/26/2016
"These goggles are low profile and provide a great unobstructed view.
The foam is a bit low quality, and i found it coming off after about 6-7 games.
another problem i noticed is that while these glasses dont generally fog in a stable environment, if your play field has a lot of switch between open sunny areas, and shadded areas/indoor buildings, the goggles will fog up pretty fast, which i suspect is because the venting is insufficient. otherwise though a pretty god pair, but you absolutely need to find some lower face protection as these goggles are designed to protect your eyes, but not much else.
by Julian J. on 01/05/2021
"They're comfortable, but talk about fog up the keister. After a few games of my larger goggles that broke, i slapped these on and it immediately fogged up the second i set foot on the field. even with anti-fog the condensation was bad to the point you'd rather deal with fog
by job b. on 09/13/2020
"these are sturdy, construction feels great but the bottom of the lends gives a distorted view.. i personally cant use these. some may not notice at all..
by Dennis R. on 10/07/2019
"Fog city dude... even with anti fog spray. Also not totally full seal but close.