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Emerson Combat Uniform Set (Color: Multicam Black / Large)

39 Customer Reviews

by Phillip J. on 06/06/2020
"Love dem
Really fun to slide in
by Ian C. on 05/04/2018
"this product is great! you will need to order a size up so keep that in mind.

Performance: breaths well which means alot if you move around like i do but, with the breathing ability there comes some draw backs. for instance around the above knee area it can start to get little wholes and tear if your crawling around. the knee pads themselves are great and its really enjoyable but i dont think i need that flexible material around there.

camo pattern: the pattern for the green is good and in fact great for a more dryer area with small shrubs but not so great for healthy lush woods. (you just stand out a bit too much)

over all: i really like this product and its design is great! the only thing i would change would be more verity with the different camo patterns and to get rid of the flex material above the knee to make it more durable.

i'll to a review on youtube soon thanks for reading guys.
by Matt R. on 03/19/2018
"I have had these pants for three months. I can say that you shouldnt be put off by the picture because when I received these they matched my crye jpc perfectly. It is also nice that the knee pads are included. These pants are of good quality if you are a weekend warrior or a milsim player alike. I have worn these pants every week for the past 3 months and there are no holes or loose threads. It has also gone through many washes and the color hasn't faded.
by Kurt F. on 01/25/2018
"These pants are great. Fits a 32 inch waist very well. Not huge like other BDU pants. Material is thick enough to protect but thin enough to still be breathable. The kneepads are soft rubber and they will catch on concrete or any smooth surface or material so do not expect to be able to slide. There's like freaking 12 Velcro pocket so you don't have to worry about losing anything lol. Make sure to buy a Condor Riggers Belt. Just wore them to CQB today and they rock. I am 5'8" of a medium build and I weigh 135 pounds. I am not skinny but I am not on the fatter side so if you have an inseam length of 30", you aren't fat and you aren't a complete toothpick at the waist (lower than 28" waist is the toothpick range) then these will fit amazingly. Very adjustable at the waist and you can roll up the bottoms if you are shorter than 5'8". Overall if you are around 5'7" to 5'9" these will fit like a dream and you will look like a complete operator if you have the other gear lol.

BTW READ the darn DESCRIPTION ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Great Fit
Good Material
Free Knee Pads

The knee pads are soft rubberized plastic so you can't slide (minor)

Overall, if you are an athletic build around 5'8" and have a good riggers belt (get the Condor one) then these pants will rock your world.
by Adrian C. on 07/12/2017
"amazing quality sweet prices more ppl should know about this site
by Charles C. on 06/27/2017
"If only they made the hat in this pattern :( I love the camo and it works quite well where I live but I would die if I could get the boonie hat.
by Sara C. on 04/30/2017
"Great shirt!!!!! Very comfortable shirt, yet strong material. Patches look great on sleeves.
by Alan H. on 03/11/2017
"After using this uniform for about three games or four, I can truly say that this is one of my better purchases. I bought this awhile back in a small to fit with my multicam black team. I'm currently standing at 5,2-5,3 and I bought this as a small. The pants are a bit too long for me, but that's fine since they have adjustable pants height to a certain limit. The knee pads and elbow pads suprisingly are holding really well too. Putting them back on and off is a pain in the butt, but if you take care of them they will take care of you. I suppose the only con would be that you might need a battle buddy to help you take off the shirt since the sweat sure does keep it on.
by keith e. on 02/06/2017
"i absolutely love this set. it fits great and looks amazing. they need to make more colors so i can buy those too.
by Edward D. on 06/30/2016
"My Uniform just came today and I must say that this is by far the best purchase that I have made in terms of choosing a combat uniform.The Wrists on the shirt and the knee pads,and bottom end of the pants are adjustable to fit you in any way you please, The pants does not close with a button but instead with Velcro to suit a wider variety of waist sizes.I am about 5'11 and I wear a size 34 and the large fits me perfectly.The knee pads are adjustable by pulling on a strap secured by velcro that can be found in both the left and right pants pockets.The shirts wrists and the pants bottoms are adjusted by simply using the velcro the same way that you would on anything else.Altogether the Entire uniform consists of about 10 pockets.I know it can be a bit expensive for some but this is definitely worth the money if you are looking for a uniform.

Adjustable to fit a wide variety of sizes
(i'd say the large looks like it can fit up to a waist size of 38-40)
easy to move around in
quite comfortable
contains knee and elbow pads
Looks amazing

Price, but for what you're getting you cant
really go wrong at all.

Definitely give these a try. You will love them as much as I do.I guarantee it.
by jordan d. on 02/29/2016
"First off the shipping was fast and received my shipment in perfect condition. I'm a 34ish waist and the large fits well on me. I love all the pockets on the pants as well as the built in knee pads that are adjustable. The top is great as well. The color looks great with my OD green vest. Thanks evike
by James C. on 06/23/2015
"This assaulter shirt is amazing! It's very durable and is not itchy or irrational at all! It's very comfterable and it fits me well. 10/10 ! Nice job!!
by MARK P. on 03/27/2015
"Decided to try this brand & style. Ordered them in LG. Good incorporation of pads on the elbows & knees. They also allow for extra inserts behind the already included knee pads. Order them a size larger than normal so you can move comfortably in them when you have to. (Getting the XL next, for a better fit) They stretch a little, so no worries. The mandarin collar rocks if you don't like gear straps ripping into you. Found a new brand for a great price.
by Steven S. on 02/08/2014
"Just got these to replace my old surplus set, and they have done nothing but exceed expectations. They fit great, pad placement is spot-on, and the velcro on the shoulders is great for team patches and the like. A little on the high side price-wise, but you get what you pay for!

Integrated pads are where they should be.
No buttons to pop off, it's all velcro and zippers.
Pockets. Everywhere.
Velcro on the shoulders for patches, etc.

None at all.
by Isaiah L. on 12/30/2013
"Pick this bdu and it's perfect. The camo looks PERFECT in person. Lots of pockets. Velcro on both upper arms. I'm 5"10 170lbs. And it fits perfect. Glad I got the XL version. I do need to pick up the pants a little higher so the knee pads will actually protect the knees. Teflon is great. Durable. Love it. Great item E TACTICAL.