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6mmProShop Metal Flat Top Rail System for Tavor TAR-21 Airsoft AEG Rifles - Black

8 Customer Reviews

by Mike H. on 10/15/2017
"Just put this on my Elite Force Tar 21, it's awesome. Now my optics don't wobble, plus now there's room for a peq box. Would recommend this as a great upgrade. As stated in earlier review get the three screws loosely install before tightening down. I tighten them down a little at a time. Do the one through the old front sight mount last.
by Allen C. on 08/25/2017
"Looks great and makes a difference! This will fit perfectly on the Competition Version Tavors!
by Patrick D. on 06/14/2017
"I bought this item because I wanted a true "Flat Top" Tavor SAR look. I'm going to buy the real rifle soon as well because I am a huge fan of how IWI reinvented so many aspects of what an Urban Assault rifle should be.

This part is exceptionally made and I can't believe it was only $60 on sale. 3rd party companies make OEM mid riser versions from $130 - $175 for the real rifle but this product exceeded my expectations.

I just bought the Umarex Elite version in May of 2017 (great out of the box rifle) and even though people have said the holes don't line up, they are wrong. There is a trick to it though. You seat the back end first and then align the front end by inserting the bolt without the lock washer. The holes at first did not line up but all is took was 1 minute of shifting the back end around laterally and then pushing it rearward until they did. No filing was necessary. I inserted each screw while applying light rearward pressure to make sure they screws threaded without stripping. After they were both hand tightened and set I then tightened them down with an Allen Wrench.

Every gun might be different and at first the rail wasn't perfectly aligned (just a hair off) but I'm sure a little filing wouldn't hurt it at all. This is built like a tank and lifts the riser a little more than the stock medium riser piece. It also adds a little more weight forward and the rifle feels more balanced. If you love this rifle this item is a must. AMAZING DEAL!
by Chris Y. on 12/16/2016
"Recently received and installed this onto my Umarex Tavor. No one can say that sixteen inches of rail space is excessive.

I had no problems getting it installed (The kit requires you to have a 2mm hex key.) Best of all, it gives the Tavor an exquisite look. The flip up sights lock snugly into place when engaged and are much easier to aim with than the stock sights. It's not visible in the display pictures but there are rail numbers machined down the length of the rail in increments of two, alternating from the left side to the right.

The aesthetics are amazing and the build is sturdy and precise. This is an excellent accessory to the Tavor. If you're looking for a unique, aggressive look, this is your Huckleberry.
by Woodrow C. on 07/07/2016
"A great addition to your Tavor! I put it on my Elite Force Tavor and the extra rail space makes it possible to mount a PEQ box or other laser aiming device forward of the optic, and still have room for a magnifier aft of your red dot or similar sighting system. Also, you can now use the side rail for an illumination system if you like.

It was easy to mount, except that the two holes that attach the short top rail that came with the gun were ever so slightly off. No worries though, as a few minutes with a rat tail file allowed the holes to be enlarged just enough to allow the screws to go in.

This rail is really nice and adds both functionality and bad-to-the-bone looks to your Tavor. You will love this!

Carry on, and be careful out there.
by Hunter B. on 09/11/2015
"Hello Folks,

Just finished putting on my flat top rail from 6mmProShop. Mine was purchased for an IWI Licensed Elite Tavor TAR-21, so forgive me if I don't have much prospective for other TAR-21's.

5 stars isn't right, but it is as high as I can go. This rail has changed the look, feel, and appeal of my TAR and has found a permanent home. Firstly, it adds a nice amount of metal for looks and I personally feel that the aesthetics of the front of the gun are much better now. The sights are an obvious upgrade, and all in all the fittings feel very solid. Additionally, the plastic dust cover to the rear of the original sight-rail, the dust cover that promptly broke when I first was poking around at the shooter, was replaced with a metal piece. When I saw that piece alone, I was enthused. With more room now for sights and a stronger build altogether, I must say that this has increased my love of the TAR. The ONLY downside to this buy is that I will have to sight my shots back in since the sight dropped by about 1 inch.

Pros: 1. Easy to install. Used preexisting screws and holes. 2. Wonderful look and feel. 3. Seems well built, very firm.

Cons: 1. Get ready to sight that shooter back in.
by Jonathon L. on 09/07/2016
"This thing is AWESOME. My Tavor looks a lot more aggressive and this rail even helps with evening out weight distribution. And since the unit is all one piece, my optics don't wobble. The lower profile does cause problems when wearing a full face mask, but it's nothing that a decent riser won't fix. 8.5/10 Will look sick paired with keymod handguard.
by Eric K. on 03/12/2016
"Have had this on my tavor for a few months, gone to about 6 games with it on, nice and heavy duty, doesn't wobble, I'm happy with the investment, only small thing is that the holes for the screws aren't 100 perfectly in place for the holes under the rail