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6mmProShop Advanced High Cut Ballistic Type Tactical Airsoft Bump Helmet (Color: A-TACS AU / Medium - Large)

13 Customer Reviews

by Alex L. on 09/03/2019
"These are great milsim look. Comes with modular options for padding. Great quality.
by Steven K. on 01/07/2019
"Just got this thing in today, and I have a fairly large head. It fit perfectly with a few small adjustments. Made of a high quality material for sure. Also the snakeskin pattern looks AWESOME irl. 10/10
by Julian C. on 05/24/2018
"Great helmet. Very comfortable. Bought the large/xlarge on account of my big head. I use to have a med/large and this is definitely much better fit. Brings all pads and necessary things for attachments.
by Spencer T. on 03/29/2018
"Fits really well
Looks amazing
just make sure to tighten screws or the will fall out mid game....
Overall great buy!
by Jared P. on 04/19/2017
"This helmet fits well with my multicam setup. It fits well, and can deflect a bb very well( after all it is a helmet).
-Great build quality
-Fits well

-This helmet fits well for me, but it had trouble fitting my friend, who ended up having to wear a hat instead.

Overall, this helmet is definitely worth a buy.
by Daniel S. on 12/27/2016
"Helmet is great and the size adjustment is super easy. The only thing I don't like is that the velcro does not today to the helmet and needs glued down.
by Bowen M. on 08/26/2015
"perfect for my kit, great build quality, comfortable design, what more do you want in a helmet. a must have.
by Michael L. on 06/05/2015
"Its a little more than i would pay for just an airsoft helmet, but you definitely get what you pay for. Probably a little bias since this is the first helmet Ive actually really worn or ordered but it fits really well and if it doesn't at first there are a butt load of adjustable straps and pads. Feels good and comfortable and pretty tough to. If you need a helmet and can buy it its a good one. I'm very satisfied with mine.
by Mike Y. on 12/30/2014
Good Rail system
great for adjustment
matches anything tan

I havent found any
by Colin N. on 03/01/2019
"Great helmet, looks good and seems pretty sturdy. My only complaints are the included accessories (goggle swivel clips that don't lock on the rails whatsoever) and the chinstrap. It might just be me, or my specific helmet, but the chinstrap is pretty uncomfortable and adjusts unevenly and the included goggle clips/RIS clip/accessories are junk and do not lock into the helmet's ARC rails at all.
by Eduardo G. on 05/07/2020
"Great quality helmet however the side rails do not work for the earmor M32H which is bummed given how much you’re paying for the helmet. There is no actual like “rail” if that makes sense, to slide the headsets on there and it’s way too narrow for the headset to fit in there as well.
by Michael T. on 04/18/2016
"This helmet is very light and nice looking. It came however in a broken box, with a strap broken. The plastic used to make this seems like a cheaper lancer tactical helmet type cheap and it is no way comparable to an Emerson helmet that I have. It does however do its job in protecting my head from bbs. The foam pads in the helmet are very dense and are not that comfortable so I swapped 2 out of the 4 with Emerson helmet pads from a MICH type helmet (they are bigger, softer, and better). The dial lock in the back does not want to keep its place and it gets loose after a little bit of turning and bobbing. The velcro is out on well and the paint job is marvelous. It also came with a lot of attachments to put on the arc rails that are badly made and do not seem to stay on. It is however in total, a decent helmet and can hold my contour roam 2 on the rails.
by Brandon H. on 01/16/2020
"I was looking for a thick cut helmet, I saw this helmet and the pictures and thought this was it! Boy was I wrong. The pictures are quite misleading. This is the typical $39.99 thin helmet up charged to $70.00. If you’re looking for a thin helmet and have cash you don’t want. Buy this.