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6mmProShop Custom Sword-Fish Airsoft AEG Sub-Machine Gun (Model: Swordfish-A4 / 350 FPS)

101 Customer Reviews

by LeRoss S. on 03/20/2021
"Brought this gun to a operation today. It performed well and had no complaints. It is a little heavy, and I would recommend a rail sling point, as the gun is rather front heavy and slings are limited. Also, the included mag runs out rather quickly so I would recommend extras.
by christian z. on 02/21/2021
"internals are what u expect from a basic cyma gun
18:1 steal gears
no o-ring nozzle
plastic cylinder head
cheap plastic piston w/head 1 steel tooth
mechanical trigger
ball bearing spring guide
cheap stock motor
properly ported cylinder

personally cyma mp5 are the best imo but the only cyma mp5 that are for sale in the states has the god awful sword fish kit on it so having to spend extra on a kit that i would replace with stock furniture is a hassle
by Elfren A. on 08/16/2018
"Awesome gun.
The mags wouldn't fit until you slap them in, now that fit tight with VERY little wobble.
The Swordfish-K is removable with a hex key and you can add Cyma MP5K front and read sights.
Definitely make from cheap plastic but the metal makes up for it.
Standard mp5 mags fit with no issue.
The charging handle is non functioning and sloppy loose.
by Matthew S. on 08/17/2017
"Very good gun. Beautiful performance out of the box
by david b. on 05/01/2017
"love this gun i named it Diablo. i got a tight bore inner barrel for it and R-hopped it just because why not then i took the extra step and HPA'd it. so technicality my review is on the externals. the gun is solid the upper receiver and meat mashing tip are all metal and solid. lower receiver is polymer plastic and has taken many beatings over the year i have used it. im hard on my equipment and most guns dont last my abuse as well as this one has. charging handle is a easy fix if the spring comes loose. and the fire selector gets loose from time to time might be because ive taken it apart a few times idk. still though i love my lil Diablo and have always surprised many a foe with its tight grouping and range
by juan c. on 04/29/2017
"pliz stock
por favor traigan mas
by Wayne L. on 01/30/2017
Great build and finish, very manuervable, I've owned an used one since 2015 and there's never been an issue.
Stock hop-up is great and I can use as an outdoor field gun without problems
by Andres A. on 10/28/2016
"Bought this a couple of months ago, looking for a "heavy secundary".
I basically have no need for my old pistol now.
Extremely happy with it, really solid feel, amazing rate of fire (with suggested LiPo stick), nice weight, not light not heavy. Adjusting the hop up is a breeze. I have to admit, I never expected to get that much range with such a short inner barrel!!!
I would definitely recommend getting an extra hi cap mag and you can go with this as a primary althogether. CQB crowds will love it, and if you are into open range, this thing will pack one hell of a surprise for you and your opponents.
It will probably be sick to swing 2 of these at a time!
-small and compact
-not too heavy
-great range
-great ROF
-easy hop up adjustment
-aiming, only if you are used to doing that with a stock
- stock mag capacity, good for a back up only

Will eventually go for the upgraded internal parts package, and update this review, for the mean time, buy it, you will also love it....
by Bryan P. on 05/21/2016
"I love this gun, i use it for small areas and primarily for cqb or as secondary , I bought two of them to dual wield and they are just sooo bad****. The cocking mechanism is just for looks it has no purpose for the gun what so ever it is basically just for looks. As far as the battery I just bought a dummy peq box and and use that for my battery. For a site I just bought a reflex with a riser and envy thing looks and works perfectly I have had no problems with this gun what so ever I absolutely love this thing. I use this and my AA12 and nobody can touch me or has a load out that can even compare
by Bryan P. on 05/19/2016
"Love this gun, this is such a sick CQB gun it's insane, I love this gun sooo much I got two. So I dual wield this and use my TM AA12 and nobody can touch the quality that these guns bring to field. Instead of putting the battery in the gun I just got two PDumy PEQ boxes to hold the batteries. I then got two site with small riseres and these things are jus a beast
Buy this gun NOW highly recommended!!!!!!!
by Calvin H. on 05/11/2016
"i only received it today but so far its great (this is my first gun son don't know a lot ) NOT CQB fps feels very solid, and is accurate, its ambidextrous mag release and selector switch. you have to remove 12 alen screws to remove the swordfish mod to attach the included grip but its not hard and worth it. i think the side panels can be removed to have quad rails and it is pretty heavy. the selector switch is not precise clicks but is not a problem, i can fit a 9.6 butterfly battery in the stock also.

very well built
high fps
large battery compartment
lower stock for larger masks
full length top rail and can be quad rail
comtherble to hold
swordfish mod looks awesome

heavy (if you want a light gun)
selector switch dose not click (but not a problem so far )
can't just throw attachments on the bottom rail (but it dosent take long)
by Russell E. on 04/06/2016
"This gun is truly built like brick. I personally love the weight because it simulates the feel of the real steel mp5.

There truly is no cons to this amazing gun except the fact the stock is extremely wobbly. The stock is only held together by one stock pin and although that pin does a good job of supporting the bottom half of the stock, the upper half of the stock is almost off of the main body .

overall the gun is truly incredible I would buy it
by Michael R. on 04/06/2016
"Amazing. First High-End AEG i ever owned. I must admit, at first it was a little heavy for my taste, but after a while, you build muscle, and that replaces going to the gym. The gun's weight is balanced. although the gun is short, you can definately use it as a field weapon. ROF is very good even with an 8.4v. ROF with 8.4 crono'd about 13rps. 9.6 about 18+. This gun is very robust and reliable, as well as accurate and mobile. this gun comes with 2 hi caps and a battery and charger, and you'll thank the weight later when you drop your gun, and it's still all in one piece.
by Jefferson R. on 01/25/2016
"Love it! Perfect for a primary or even a secondary
1. Good Hop-up
2.Packs a punch
3.Decent range for the size
4.Great ROF
5. Great built in grip
6.Great single sling attachment point.
2.Battery space is small
Hop-up is hard to get to and can increase while putting the battery in.
by Jeremy W. on 07/20/2015
"Fantastic gun!

I have used this gun in many CQB arenas as well as outdoor arenas and I must say, its just amazing! It has a very respectable fire rate with a 9.6v stick battery and it is very accurate, provided you use slightly heavier bbs.

Fast fire rate
Full metal
Cool front
Very nice trigger
Small and compact
Built in grip
Huge rail for optics

Battery space (you have to cram it in the top)
Hop up location
VERY heavy

It is definitely a great gun and in my opinion, the cons are very minor.