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Angel Custom Super-V Invader Mock Silencer w/ Tightbore Inner Barrel for KWA KRISS Vector Airsoft GBB SMG - 500+ FPS (Color: Black / Short)

9 Customer Reviews

by chris d. on 04/22/2015
"Does what it claims.

Gives a VERY noticeable fps boost.

At a range of three feet, BBs went THROUGH my cloth target trap!

Nicely finished, with clean, even printed trademarks.

No jams whatsoever.

Easily makes the Vector a field gun--but may be TOO hot.

Probably the cheapest dollar per fps upgrade out there--certainly the easiest--no tools required.

by Stephen R. on 11/26/2014
"I love my Angel custom invader. A must have for your KWA Kriss! Works like a charm!
by Kimry K. on 11/26/2014
"To the buyer before me: (And I love this item!)

To help All Airsoft mock silencers are designed with threading to fit a male thread that comes out of the barrels. Because there are times deviations from either the male or the female side, if you want to align the logo / text on the mock silencer you could use a small o-ring as spacer to achieve this.

The inner barrel that is spring latched (pushes in and out) is the latest design seen on most power up mock silencers. It is the only way to link the existing inner barrel and the inner barrel inside the mock silencer, thus giving you that higher FPS you are seeing. (Without the spring latch pushing it, it is impossible to achieve an air seal) So no worry about this, if you are getting higher FPS, it is working.

Sure you can get a longer inner barrel instead of buying this (paying probably more money for the work), and use a mock silencer, but then you will have lost your 'compact' KRISS forever. (Unless you want to run around with an exposed outer barrel)
This allows your Kriss to be compact, or high power, in seconds!
by Kevin T. on 03/16/2014
"Took my fps up to 425 making my KRISS perfect for field play which is what i mostly play
it makes my KRISS perfect for my why of play 5/5
by Emmanuel G. on 03/01/2014
"This is a must for KWA Kriss Vector owners! The description for what it does is true! I used a .28 mg Bio degradable BBs.
by Allen K. on 02/26/2014
"This suppressor has been working very well for me, its made out of durable, yet light metal so it doesn't make the gun front heavy. My groupings are definitely tighter and its a great power adder that makes the vector very skirmishable for the field. And lets not forget about the bad*** looks! A definite 5/5 stars in my book.
by Dmitriy G. on 06/03/2015
"DE paint unsteadily keeps, easily disappears __
by Konrad K. on 11/18/2014
"This one looks better than the longer version, adds 100 fps to the stock so Kriss shoots around 480-490 fps with this on but... once screwed on the barrel, it does not sit like on the pictures, it misses half turn to position it in a way the flash hider outlets are on the side so you'll get them up and down which looks silly. Another thing is that it actually pushes the inner barrel back and sits inside of it (you'll notice how it cuts into the inner barrel so I'm not sure if it does not ruin the performance after all. If you want a carbine version just throw in an LM4 inner barrel and add up any mockup silencer (may require re-threading for 16mm CW or just buy the adapter).
by ben a. on 12/01/2014
"Angel Barrels are known for being unreliable and not meeting industry standards. I bought one and ended up wasting more and more time clearing jams and repairing things. They can't even seem to make one barrel even close to the right diameter. 3 separate barrels and all three were supposed to be 6.01. The closest was 6.027 on each end. One was 6.035, another 6.041. Isn't that great? I sure thought so.