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SOCOM Gear Kel-Tec Licensed PLR-16 Airsoft GBB AR Pistol

7 Customer Reviews

by Andy I. on 05/30/2021
"Best air soft air pistol.I sawed the orange tip off and now I got something similar to a Draco. I recommend using .20g bbs. This gun is a beast. Super easy to take apart and clean. I want them to make a newer gen that fixes the one minor issue with this gun. Overall fun gun to shoot.
by cody C. on 01/23/2021
"feels great to fire has good kick its durable, easy to maintain and is very durable.
by Elliot B. on 02/28/2019
"This is a great rifle, (highly suggest the stock adapter) its lighter than the m4 shorter and as long as you install an npas, its a beast on the cqb field (especially with the stock off), oh and did I forget to mention cheaper. Yeah the cooldown is REAL, but there are was to improve that with new valves, but its fine unless your using full auto. But its not like your actually going to use any gbr on full auto very much in a skirmish anyway, (its mostly just there for sh^#$ and giggles anyway), (and yes, its very good for that). On the subject of magazines, mine uses the msk magazine, it's a stubborn fit at first, you just need to wear it in. The recoil is great though, puts a smile on my face every time. most people don't know about the bolt lock, yes it has a functional bolt lock. I found out because I watched a review on the real steel version. Its between the magwell and the trigger guard, its not obvious but it is accurate to the real one. Despite the fact that aftermarket rail systems aren't readily available, if you do some research, you will find some options, though they might need some fitting. Even so, the PLR 16 with the handgaurd taken off and stock adapter installed looks really good, and unique af too. Just make sure to clean and lube it when you first get it, but same goes for any gbr, so I wouldn't count that against it. Huge plus, it looks and feels real, its easy to maintain and operate in either hand, (just make sure not to put your thumb behind the bolt handle when you shoot it). Its a solid buy, I have no doubt in the receiver, and your almost gaurenteed to be the only one on the field with one of these, (which is a breath of fresh air among the sea of m4's).
by Ian C. on 11/17/2016
"Love this gun! Gets tons of compliments on the field and also gets tons of kills. Only bad thing is the mag cool down but nothing hpa cant fix :)
by Casey M. on 02/09/2015
"probably one of the best GBB airsoft guns I have ever used. even though the orange flash hider wasnt necessary (they could've easily painted the thread cover) it was pretty cool to remove it and fire it with a mock suppressor that i have some foam in (don't ask me how, just roll with it) the gun sounds AMAZING for a gun that is 90% plastic (pretty strong plastic too) and it sounds almost like the real thing if it were silenced with the foam silencer (realistic bullet crack included) the full auto is a nice touch as well even though the original wasn't intended for full auto, it is still a nice feature. the magazine it came with is perfect, no leaks, somewhat hi cap and it came with its own speedloader and it is compatible with WE M4 30 round mags which is a nice touch.
my personal gripe with the weapon is that it doesn't have a bolt catch, which is fine because it seems to me that the PLR-16 could be modified to fit a thompson M1A1 or the Tommy gun for the newbies out there.
overall, it is a nice weapon to get for the beginners out there who want to start off with a good secondary or a good CQB primary, and i hear that there is a stock adapter somewhere that can be used to the gun so there is that
by Trenton P. on 09/06/2015
"Fairly thorough review:
I've used this in 2 backyard skirmishes, an event at my local field, and put a total of about 1000 bbs through it.


-Nice kick, beats a 22

-Accepts CO2 magazines

-Very solid build

-VERY fun to shoot

-Magazines must be modified to work (Accepts WE M4 GBB mags, but with the Gen 2, which you'll want, you need to trim the gas output valve to be about the same height as your valve on the mag that came with the gun, a Version 1).

-Stock magazine holds 20 rounds, the 30 rounders you can purchase don't do much to improve on-hand ammunition. (POSSIBLE PRO).

-Limited skirmishability, where I live, there are no CQB fields. This results in a higher expenditure of BBs per target, unless you catch them by suprise. I've found a 20 rounder is good for about 3 people, assuming they call their hits.

-Regassing magazines and refilling them can take some time, the BBs are somewhat hard to get in, and if you have two back-to-back games, you may find you can't fill your mags before you start.

-HORRENDOUS cooldown on auto.

Some notes:
-Get silicone, comes unlubricated.

-Propane is cheaper, but a pain to reoil and regass on the field unless you have time or a carry bottle

-Full auto will put out about 5 bbs before cooldown gets you. Have a fast index finger and tap fast on semi, you'll be a little better off.

-Get extra magazines unless all you want to do is target shoot or 1 on 1.

-Be very careful if you choose to modify the new magazines.

-Firing V2 magazines without trimming them damaged my bolt's valve. Trim them before you shoot them (how you do it is up to you,DISCLAIMER: I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU DAMAGE YOUR STUFF)

-There is indeed a bolt catch, in the form of a tab on the top of the magazine

OVERALL- Worth the 175, but in hindsight I should have bought a Tokyo Marui pistol. :| You won't regret the purchase, but you might wonder.

Thanks for reading, hope this influences your decision to purchase or not.
by John B. on 02/13/2015
"So I just find out just to getting the stock adaptor for this gun from socom gear isn't an opinion the United State has made it harder to get any kind of guns air guns and real gun parts in the Country and could take up to 3 to 4 month to get them depending where your buying them from. The only place where I found the Socom gear plr-16 stock adaptor was on uk and not just the redwolfairsoft website witch is weird but I found out why it's so hard to get it. It's hard to get and find because it has to be aporved by U.S. Customs and by the U.S. government and the Feds and ATF if it isn't approved its not coming in why won't it because the butt stock is real steal and can easy be put on a real Plr-16 which it now makes it a SBR Small Barreld rifle and it can't be any shorter then 16 inches (40.6 cm) or overall length of less than 26 inches. And to do it you need a SBR license lol witch cost a lot to have lol and to tell you the truth the stock adaptor cost more then the gun does which I probley won't by it now and yes I know there is airsoft but use your head any body could buy the butt stock and put it on a real Plr and that's illgel