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NcSTAR Tactical Assault Pack / MOLLE Backpack (Color: Pink Camo)

10 Customer Reviews

by Michael W. on 02/27/2019
"Backpack is amazing for the price. I use the thing daily and thru all kinda of conditions. Hasn't failed me yet. BUY THIS
by Tim E. on 10/13/2017
"For only being $30, this thing is made well and has plenty of storage to help you carry something you may need on the field. No issues at all.
by Caleb L. on 03/17/2017
"a really nice backpack. has lots of pouches. i would use it for public stuff but i dont want it to get ruined.
by Katherine T. on 02/25/2017
"Absolutely fell in love with my bag is also great for my work as it holds everything I need for work including my lunch box
by Fernando Nunes d. on 01/03/2017
"Spacious backpack and good quality material. Fair price.
by logan z. on 10/07/2012
"Bought this for school and it works extremely well. There are 4 little pockets on each side, the main compartment has a slot for the bladder which also fits my laptop, and a zip bag type thing that can also hold pens and such. It can come off quite easily and quickly since the straps have snaps. If you have to dash from one class to the next you can grab one of the handles on each side or the top. It also has a pouch that is perfect for my sunglasses. a small clear patch for an I.D. although it is definitely different from other backpacks.
Overall amazing backpack.
by Michael W. on 01/09/2020
"Update. Had this backpack almost a year now and it's starting to fall apart. Top small zipper pocket fell off and there's weird black fabric coming off the insides and getting everywhere. Gonna get a new EDC backpack and make this one my airsoft ammo mag parts bag repair stuff backpack since nothing too important will be going back in there lol
Eh, if it's not used everyday for a year it'll last you longer, but it does good for the money and time I've gotten out of it already.
by Michael W. on 11/17/2019
"Updated review. Fabrics start to fad and peap away like little black flakes and the top front little zip pocket seams came undone and fell off. Lasted a while and still works as I use it for everything from edc, airsoft, shopping, etc. It's more then worth the 30 bucks but if you want something to REALLY hold up thru and thru for years to come I'd get a better quality backpack, but that should be a givin lol
by Kyle T. on 12/01/2016
"This pack has well-placed compartments, in the main, there is a sleeve for a water bladder, a small mesh pocket in the top, and a large open compartment. The outside pocket on the top is large enough to hold 2-3 M4 magazines and the bottom can easily hold a 2500rd M249 box magazine. The four smaller side pockets are perfect for grenades, ammo, or snacks.

The Downside to this pack comes at the budget-fabric and base parts than make the pack usable in the first place. The fabric has ripped in multiple areas near the bottom and has made it unusable without repairs. The rest of the pack seems to be doing alright but that may be due to it not being used as heavily. However, the most defected part of this pack would be the buckles; after the first week of use, both the waist strap buckle and back strap buckles cracked, completely fell apart. I've replaced them with steel ones from a hardware store.

I think under normal conditions of use, this pack would work for 2-4 months under normal to heavy use. If you replace the buckles, reinforce stress areas on the pack with some heavy cordura/thread, and give it some TLC it will probably much longer.

tl;dr: It has nice pockets, fabric's ok, buckles are weak and will not hold, & reinforce/repair as necessary to increase lifespan.
by Marcos J. on 09/17/2014
"So were do we get started, you get what you pay for. It look good but ones you have it in your hand you can feel how badly designed and cheap it is. it broke in two weeks. the sides fell apart. Take it from me invest your money and time somewhere else.

* none

* cheap and badly designed
* will brake if you add any heavy items

overall don't buy this, save your money and time and get your self something better.