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Angel Custom Enhanced Recoil and Hammer Spring Set for ISSC M22 SAI BLU Lonewolf & Compatible Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistols (Type: 150%)

4 Customer Reviews

by Robbie M. on 02/03/2019
"Put this in my VFC/Cybergun SAI M&P 9. I use the co2 mags and this spring needed to be shortened so the slide would lock back. Not a big deal as I new this would be the case based on other reviews. The recoil is extremely snappy and fast. Allows follow up shots to be quick. Racking the slide/releasing the slide is extremely quick/snappy as well. I tested this w/ the propane magazine and on a full charge I could get the slide to lock back, but I have not tested a full propane mag w/ bbs, only a few shots. Would probably only recommend to use this if youre running co2. Overall very pleased.
by matthew r. on 01/26/2018
"Was looking for an enhanced recoil spring for a KJW KP13, which is roughly based on a glock 17. I had replaced the standard outer barrel with a 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel. However, I found that the stock spring wasnt strong enough to support a suppressor.(It would get stuck mid way through the racking motion)

Bought this hoping that the KP13 was similar enough to a G17 that it work. I found that the enhanced recoil spring was so strong, that the slide wouldnt go far enough back to cock the hammer. I decided to shorten the spring by cutting off 3 rings. It now operates properly with a CO2 mag, but not with green gas.

Long story short, this can work for a KP13, but modification is required. As the previous reviewer stated, you should plan on using this with CO2 or HPA for proper operation.

All things considered, it was a cheap fix and I learned a lot about the mechanics of the KP 13. 5 stars if you have the patience for it.
by Cale C. on 12/11/2014
"So just got this in today, installed the two springs in my we g34 and after a bit of testing I found out that this shouldn't be used with the standard propane/green gas set up, it's more for a CO2/HPA set up cause the slide doesn't have enough power to activate the hammer spring in standard form
by JT V. on 01/31/2015
"Well, so I bought these spring, put them in my WE-G18 and I was impressed at first but disappointed in the long run. I installed the hammer spring and recoil spring and they both fited and fired fine at first. A bit after with messing around, the hammer froze up (from high gas comsumption) and broke. The spring for the recoil is working amazing and improved recoil and ROF by at least 30%. Overall this was a great purchase but 4 stars because I had to replace the hammer (which I should have anyway).

If you have any questions let me know on my IG page @jt_vanderpol. Thanks for reading!!!