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UKARMS M301F Airsoft Spring Pistol

5 Customer Reviews

by Charles K. on 02/20/2018
"It's a beast!!!

This is great, when it came i was expecting a smallish pistol and not the monster pistol that it is. Its got a great size, nice weight and just feels right to hold, and for 12$

Overall i really like it and I recommend picking one up for airsoft on a budget. I would totally gift this.
by Edmund C. on 03/25/2016
"And now for a serious review.

I received this gun branded and serialized as a Double Eagle. No big deal.
The gun is made from pretty solid plastic, on par with some slightly higher-end more recognizable brand-name spring air rifles. It's rock solid, with no gaps or huger burrs along the forming seam, which tells me there's at least some level of quality control in the manufacturing process. Not surprising, since Double Eagle has actually made some improvements by bounds since first coming on the scene a number of years ago (I have a shotgun I bought from them over six years ago that is still making 12" groupings at 100 feet).

Performance is as expected with a gun like this. The hop-up is non-adjustable, which makes for some interesting shots. The lighter BBs tend to have a more pronounced arc of travel while traveling further, and heavier BBs will fly more level, however, have much shorter ranges. I used .12g, .20g, .25g, and .30 g BBs and found that the .25s performed the most desirably. My best shots were hitting a 3'x3' target at about seventy feet with a vertical deviation of about five feet at thirty feet. the .12g BBs began their vertical deviation at about fifteen feet and would continue nearly vertically, reaching a peak of about twenty feet off center before dropping like pebbles at 25-30 feet.
From this, I can recommend using .23g BBs for optimal range and accuracy.

I've put about 250 rounds through this gun so far and haven't had any failures. It's a good plinker, and a cheap way to see the affect of BB weight on trajectory and range. If you were to take this to a game, I'd recommend using it as a kind of hold-out gun and super compact "sniper rifle". Magazine is a gravity-feed style high-cap. Holds about 10 rounds in queue.

Your mileage may vary, but my M301F is a pretty solid, mostly accurate compact rifle/pistol that is worth the time and money, especially as an add-on purchase.
by Seanathon E. on 02/21/2015
"Ok, let me start from some personal experience; I found this gun AMAZING, this makes a great sniper, slap a small yet high powered scope and a nice bipod on there, everybody will love it. Secondly, I'd recommend using .43G BBs, for supreme accuracy and distance. This gun also is perfect for you stealthy snipers because it is small, which makes it more concealed, and lighter which makes it easier to run around with and deploy.

Based on my experience I'd recommend this to both new and pro players, new players will find it easy to use being a spring powered gun, and you pro players will get all the ladies at your Milsim events.

PROS: Lightweight, easy to conceal, accurate, really high FPS, full metal

CONS: No version of this with a paintjob, meaning if you want maximum camoflauge find a service to do it, or do it yourself
by Chris B. on 08/11/2014
"Best gun ever! Shoots more accurately than my AEG!
by Greg P. on 02/09/2016
"When I go this gun, it lasted for one day before the magazine catch's spring popped out, bent, and had to be replaced because the catch itself didn't have a plastic nub holding it in place on the piece. It took me several days to repair it due to other parts. Evike was pretty nice about it, though, and gave an offer for a reship. However, this happened the day after I fixed the gun. - u -

The gun itself is fully cheap plastic, as with most Double Eagle products at this price. It fires fairly well, but the hop-up makes the BBs curve upward, as with most fixed hop-up guns. Cocking the gun and loading shots are fairly quick and easy as well.

I wouldn't say this is the BEST gun I've bought, but it's good enough. It may be usable in an airsoft match as a sidearm.

4/5, because of the magazine catch spring issue.

DE, put nubs for the springs on the magazine catch to prevent this!