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H&K MP5A4 Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle by Umarex

8 Customer Reviews

by James M. on 05/24/2017
"If your looking at this gun right now I kid you not it's a great cqb/mid range battle gun I bought the gun bought a slightly longer inner barrel made by Prometheus I think 229mm so not much longer but it still numbed my fps to 400 with .20 gram bb's and 360 with .25 gram also is very consistent with fps didn't go above or under by more than 2 fps so if you plan to upgrade the barrel be careful if you want it for strict cqb use but I play outdoors so it's not an issue for me and the range with my barrel is a good 150 feet or so believe it or not I was getting people at 125-130 ish pretty much no problem past that it took a few more shots but it still got the job done very well I've owned it for 3 years now and only had to fix it twice the problem being my fault lol but seriously pros and cons now
Good fps
Good range up to 150 feet or so with an upgraded barrel only
Good rate of fire for a stock gun 17 I think it was and good trigger response as well
Light weight about 6.5 pounds loaded and all
Easy to reload was a little tight but just buy jg mp5 mags it's the one that comes with it or if you wanna look boss the straight mags but make sure to scrape some paint in the mag well and clean it because you will not easily get the mag out
Basically get the gun cuz um no cons in my opinion just treat it well and it will return the favor
by Cody P. on 12/08/2016
"Got this gun recently and overall, I really like it! The feel is great; A good heavyweight and solid construction! The size is perfect for CQB, but has the punch and range for outdoor as well (I use .25's). I don't really use the three round burst much, but it's definitely a great feature! Hop up is easy to adjust, sights are very effective, but I'm trying to find a good claw mount that actually fits to put my red dot on.

Now, there are some issues. Number one being that my very first game with it, the brass fitting pressing into the grip for the motor plate pulled out and won't stay in. Currently have duct tape holding it in place, but it's a very big issue that should not be happening. Number two is that the magwell is VERY tight! However, some use and mag changes will eventually loosen it up. I noticed it felt better after just one game.

Overall, when the grip screw issue is fixed, it will be my go-to CQB gun for sure! I dress in US Navy camos, so it fits quite well! I'm thinking of buying and testing the ICS lower here on Evike and see if it works. Will update later on with results. I give this gun 4.7/5 easy!
by Norman B. on 03/07/2016
"Always loved MP5 rifles, this one is true to the feel, had only two issues - 1) had to modify replacement mags as they did not fit into mag well. 2) trigger contacts not correctly aligned and burned contacts with in 2000 rounds, Repaired trigger and gun works flawlessly. This is a good cqb gun and the price is fair. Very happy with it.
by derek k. on 02/04/2017
"This is a great gun, but finding mags that fit is a pain, MAG mags dont fit unless you grind them down, but if you mess up one this they will just fall out.
by MICHAEL J Y. on 06/06/2015
"First of all I agree with Adam on this gun having a poor fire rate however the power it propels bbs is uncanny.

The quality and ease of this gun in tearing it down is incredibly exceptional.

To rectify the poor fire rate id recommend a Lonex A1 motor which is what I did to mine. Fire rate issue was fixed and even a 9.6 battery pulls this very well. for trigger response id recommend a 7.4 lipo if and only if you do the motor upgrade.

As far as accuracy the stock barrel worked better for me than even a 6.01.
by Robert M. on 01/14/2017
"Like others have said, this gun is built to perfection, probably one of the nicest external guns I've deal with. Why VFC chose to stock FPS of 380 is beyond me, as CQB is where this gun shines. Unfortunately my motor "died" after only my third session, so having to spend an extra $55+ dollars on a new motor right out of the gate was something I was not too thrilled about. How ever stock VFC motors aren't known for their reliability, so I can't be too surprised. Even after lowing the spring to CQB limits, I strongly recommend .25s at the least, as the hop up begs for heavy bbs. Was also disappointed by the lack of compatible rails for this gun, as it seems like most of the existing rail system require some sort of modification in order to be compatible.

-Built like the real thing
-HK slap all day
-3rnd burst
-Accurate as hell with stock barrel
-Not an m4

-Lemon Motor
-meh ROF on 9.6
-mag compatibility
-RIS compatibility
-plastic flashhider is glued on, so near impossible to remove.

Would I recommend it? Yes, just be ready to drop some extra dough on it
by Adam F. on 01/21/2015
"I have had the Umarex (VFC) MP5A4 (3 round Burst Model) for about a month. I will break this up into 3 sections.


The externals are very good for the most part. The charging handle is the best I have seen on an MP5 and not going to break doing the famous HK slap. I was put back by the fact that this MP5 have a proprietary PLASTIC treaded 3 lug flash hider. This means that if you are going to use a treaded (14mm CCW). They will strip very easily. I often use a tracer unit and am wondering how much use I will get before the threads are no longer useful.
The rear iron site on my copy was seized up and would not move I had to take a mouse pad and vice grips to free it.
The magazine well is very tight and the include high cap take a good amount of effort to fit into the mag well. I ordered Matrix(cyma) metal 100 round mags and they almost dont fit I had to put them in 20-30 times to get them where I can take them in an out with 5lbs of force.
The rear stock is different then most MP5's and must be removed from the gun to have the battery installed. It also has a real MP5 type sling mount on the stock limiting yourself to only small type batteries or stick batteries.


I have not opened the gearbox yet but so far the ROF is very slow so I am assuming that the stock motor and gear ratio is less then desirable. With a 7.4v Lipo I get about 10 RPS with 15 RPS with an 11.1.
This gun has propriety gears due to the mechanical 3 round burst. If you strip your gear set you will only be able to replace it with the factory set.
My copy is not accurate at all about 50 ft out of the barrel the gun start to shoot far left. Does this consistently. I pulled the barrel apart cleaned it and put in a new nub and bucking with the same results. I will be in the market for a new barrel shortly. At 100 ft it is shooting 10' to the left you can see the large curve when shooting.
I will also be upgrading the stock motor to hopefully get ~ 20 RPS (7.4v Lipo).
The FPS on my copy is about 370 with .20 BB's


I give this 3/5 stars. There are much better air soft guns for the money and I would not recommend this at this point. If you want an MP5 the ICS or G&G copies are better. This falls into the average category and is quite expensive for what you get. If you have the need for the neat 3 round burst feature and can live with the stated issues this may be the gun for you.

- Decent externals as long as you do not plan on using a threaded barrel extension/Tracer.
- Strong FPS for CQB Gun (Pro/Con)
- Horrible Accuracy (Bad inner barrel?)
- Will require upgrades (Poor CQB ROF)
- Limited upgrades by mech 3 round burst
by Anthony A. on 10/18/2016
"From what I can tell this is a well-made gun. It's got a sturdy construction. However, due to what I can only assume is the idiocy on Umarex's part, my gun came with a non-functioning piston. I plan on sending it back and I will only change this review once this is fixed for free.