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ICS CXP-16L Sportline Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Split Metal Gearbox - Black

6 Customer Reviews

by Cody B. on 07/20/2016
"Hey guys, I have been playing MilSim airsoft for a decade now and let me just say this rifle is the best rifle I have ever used. I got this gun about 6 years ago, yes 6 YEARS. I have been looking for a rifle that would be a lifer for me and this is it. As I have grown and evolved in the sport, so has this gun, it never ceases to amaze me with what it can do. It has been with me through it all, it has been mistreated and beat up and yet it still continues to be my awesome workhorse of terror with it's insane rps and fps. I absolutely love this gun. At first I was skeptical of ICS because I hadn't heard much about them or seen them at any events I had attended. But this gun was the best purchase I have ever made and I will never let it go. I have had zero problems with this gun in all the years I have used it. I will never stop using this gun. THANK YOU ICS FOR THE MOST AMAZING DEAL OF A GUN!
by Ray J. on 03/10/2015
"I bought one. It uses a small diameter crane stock battery. I soldered my own using 9x 1.2V 1600mAH 10c Tenergy NiMh 2/3A size batteries and it shoots 24 RPS with the resulting 10.8V power source. My home made battery is a 3x3 configuration with all wires coming from one side of the batteries.

Shoots 18RPS with a 9.6v NIMH. ICS split gear box with a spring release (ARL release) incorporated into the forward assist lets you know when the spring is de-cocked. Nice snappy semi with that 10.8V. Has a G36 style hop up that adjusts easily for use with .20 gram or .25 gram bbs.

Fielded I yesterday with a 9.6V in a pistol mag case velcro'd to the handguard because I had not figured out the kind of battery that would work in it but in spite of that the little Q4D worked great. If you can't get a crane stock battery you will need something else to hold the battery, like a PEQ box or a pistol mag velcro'd to the hand guard.
by Roy M. on 01/11/2015
"Fantastic rifle. I've had mine for a year now and have not regretted buying it even once. The split gearbox makes everything easier. Performance increases greatly with simple upgrades like a mosfet and better compression parts.
by Will S. on 04/25/2014
"I picked up my ICS CXP-16L around Christmas for $200 on sale and it is the best gun Ive ever fired! It blows my friends VFC 416 out of the water and any other AEG. 345 FPS with a .25 and 400 FPS with a .20. Rate of fire is extremely fast! the gun itself is just an overall solid piece! Works well in CQB and outdoors. Highly recommended!

Fire rate
FPS low enough for cqb but high enough for field
Reaches 200+ easily with a .25
cheap price
egro grip
Lots of rails
Great Brand
Serial number
SOPMOD stock
Flip up anti slip sights
Grip-pod with gun is amazing!
Non blowback(can be a con)
Split gearbox custom
Heavy(can be a con)
1 point sling mount
Uses little battery

rails are shap(grip pod compensates for it)
Heavy(can be pro)
Poor grouping 6-8 inch spread at 50 feet but stays 6-8 at max range
non blowback(can be a pro for saving battery)
Time consuming to put in battery it has 2 screws in the bck to hold it in
by Brandon M. on 09/07/2013
"Update to my last review. I took it to a few Mil Sims last week and it worked beautifully. My 9.6v 2000mah battery was more than enough to power it through the whole day and keep that wonderful rate of fire. Whatever I pointed at I hit. There were no random stray shots pulling off to the side, nor any "bad hop up" shots. The platform delivered consistent on target performance. Stock it hits man sized targets accurately out to 100 ft with .20 bbs. I'm sure you could use .25's with a 120M spring and hit out to 150 ft easily. Every staff member I talked to about ICS praised it's split gearbox system for never stripping gears and just being all around wonderful. The spring tension release is ingenious. The only Con I have for the whole system is the lower receiver being polymer. When pressure is placed on top of the buttstock a gap is produced between the upper and lower receivers toward the rear. This does not affect the performance at all nor does it produce any form of wobble, but it may allow for dirt and debris to enter the gun. I will therefore be purchasing a metal lower receiver for this reason. Performance-wise I give this gun a 5 out of 5.
by Brandon M. on 08/26/2013
"Thus far I am loving it, just got it today. I have yet to skirmish with it but a few tests in the backyard have thoroughly impressed me. I am using a 9.6 crainstock type battery. It has a high ROF straight out of the box, smooth trigger pull, solid construction, no wobbles, and inspires confidence in your weapon. Once I dialed in the sights it was staying on target with only a three inch spread from 40 feet in semi and 6 inch spread in full auto. The hop up works great for being stock. The reason I'm not giving it a 5 out of 5 is because the flash hider was cracked and chipped straight out of the box. Evike may want to look into it's quality control. Overall very satisfied with my purchase. I will update once I have skirmished with this particular platform.