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Bravo M4RIS Polymer Airsoft AEG Rifles by Echo1

10 Customer Reviews

by jeff L. on 06/11/2017
"This gun was my first airsoft gun. Start d in CQB and it worked like a charm couldn't recommend more for CQB. Now I play at a woodgame area and it used to perform well. The the nightmare happened. I tripped and landed on it and it broke and I hung the baby on my wall. That's how this gun went for me. AWESOME BUY IT NOW. I miss it but I got a 4crs now but I still miss my baby
by Nathan R. on 12/28/2014
"This gun is a very good starter M4, it comes with everything you need to start.

- lightweight
-Battery and Charger
-High quality polymer
-Very well worth the money
-Comes with Foregrip
-Only 8.4 volt battery
-Stock can't adjust with battery inserted
-Can't remove font iron sight

The Cons of the gun are very minimal but to use a RDS or any other type of sight you need a riser, Highly recommend to beginers.
by mason s. on 12/20/2014
"got this out of the box shooting at 380-400fps.. more then it says, which is nice
got a 9.6v battery and it shoots almost twice as fast then the 8.4v.. defiantly recommend you getting a 9.6v battery and a smart charger(comes with a basic charger)
defiantly recommend this gun to anyone, just be careful since its all plastic, but I love this gun
by Travis R. on 11/15/2014
"Ive had this gun for a few months now and id like to say that this gun is fantastic for the price ,although this gun does not come with a manual for the battery it is pretty simple to figure out how to access it all you need to do is remove a rubber pad on the back of the stock, remove one screw, and push to clamps and there it is ready to be plugged in.

Great weight
Comes with battery and charger
Good FPS
Metal gearbox (apart from a few small plastic pieces)
Amazing price
Awesome gun

Battery doesn't come with a manual
Stalk is slightly wobbly

All in all if your looking for a good gun at a low price THIS IS THE ONE TO GET! not really any faults.
by Gavin S. on 08/03/2014
"first off let me say this gun is absolutely incredible for the price. The gun is really powerful and even has kick. The gun chrono-ed at 400 fps average with .2g BBs
High FPS (390-420) with .20g
high strength polymer construction
comes with VFG, unjamming rod, metal hi cap mag, and 200 .25g BBs
comes with bad battery (i just bought a cheap 9.6V from evoke. Works fine)
Battery changing is difficult
nothing else
by Adriana B. on 11/11/2013
"Right off the bat it was good.great weight strong gun everything.the only thing was the butt stock that was pretty wobbly at first but if you adjust it it's good.when I used it for the first time I used it and fired 5 to 10 bb's and POOF the batteries died!!!! So the batteries weren't charged and also a critical thing was that the mag wouldn't clip on but then it started to get break in and it was alright. ALL IN ALL THE GUNS GREAT GOOD GUN A FEW FLAWS BUT GREAT GOOD FPS AND EVERYTHING SO I GIVE IT A FIVE STAR
by Riley T. on 08/13/2013
"Ok i ordered this aeg because i was looking for a good gun for a reasonable price from a good company so i found this.first impressions this m4 has a great solid feel to it but the stock is very slightly wobbly but you wont know it it when you have it shouldered. Now just a warning IT DOESNT COME WITH A MANUAL!! But luckily it is a simple aeg. To remove the battery cover after unboxing the gun itself you take the rubber pad off, it will peel right off easily without ripping then you remove the one screw on the rear of the stock. Finally you pinch the two prongs on the opposite side of the buttplate and it will come right off. It took me a little bit to figure it out but it was done easily. The bbs that it comes with are actually quality .2's and there are just enough to fill the included hicap mag. The grip is kinda cheap feeling but it works ok. Mine was actually almost sighted in perfectly and the hopup was close to where i wanted it.

Good price
Feels solid

Nothing else

Overall this is a great buy for the price and it should last a while. Thank you Evike and Echo1!!
by nick c. on 07/31/2013
"I freaking love this gun!! the only problems were getting the battery in the crane stock and it didn't come with a mainual!!! all in all, love. evike is now my ONLY airsoft retailer store im going to bye from. THANK U EVIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kevin R. on 06/01/2014
"When i first got this M4, it came with the wires to the motor unplugged. This is not Evike's fault, since this regularly happens when a gun is shipped and roughed around a bit. But, when we fixed the gun, I discovered that it had a bit of kick. I was excited to actually go out and play, but I had another problem. The hi-cap mag it came with jammed, and when I unjammed it, it broke. So then I had to wait another 3 weeks for a few mags to come in. Again, the hi-caps broke, so I said "screw it" and bought a ton of mid-caps. Anyways, on with the pros and cons.
Nice weighted high-strength polymer body (hence the name)
Comes with battery (120mAh butterfly type), foregrip and rear sight
Nice internals
Decent range and accuracy, if hop-up adjusted correctly

Now for the cons
Stock is a bit wobbly
Mine came with a disconnected motor (shipping problems)
After about 3 months my charging handle broke, along with the internal fire selector, shoots only full-auto now :(
No rear sling mount (had to improvise with some para-cord)

Over all, I would recommend this gun as a great beginner rifle. Used it for CQB and it worked great. Definitely worth the money!!!
by Luke P. on 06/27/2013
"Very good gun for the money. It didn't come with an instruction manual, so I didn't know much about it. I figured out that you have to take off the rubber buttstock, unscrew a screw, then pull it off to access the place to put the battery. After a few runs with it, a wire popped off of the wire for the battery receiver, and I'm not sure if I should send it back or try to fix it. I would recommend this gun to anyone who buys within the price range, anyone who wants an upgrade, anyone who likes to customize, or kids who know what they are doing. I bought it somewhere else (amazon, which was actually a little more expensive) even though I love evike. My model came with foregrip, so I would think it would come with everyone's here.

Good Polymer body
Full metal and upgradable gearbox
Good FPS
There is a bit of recoil, it is a very good gun.
Battery and charger included
Foregrip included
Nice and heavy
Removable front sights
Rail covers included
Full Rail system

No manual
Wire broke
Didn't know how to get battery in.
I play mainly CQB, and this is a long gun
Foregrip a little wobbly

I would rate it 3.5 if it were more expensive, but for the price, it would be maybe 4.5 if I could choose.