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Smith Optics Boogie Regulator Goggles (Color: Clear)

15 Customer Reviews

by Andrew G. on 07/08/2016
"Product fits well on face. Great for target practice as well as being on the field.
by Roger H. on 06/15/2016
"These are my favorite goggles I own. I replaced the rubber strap with a string of bungee cord because I had a spool of it band it is way more comfortable.

- low profile
-low cost
- never fog (unless it is super humid outside)
- works great with hats and even better with helmets
- they are full seal (no gaps, it seats flush against your skin)

- the stock retention system (highly recommend swapping it out for bungee cord string)
by Ben W. on 02/02/2015
"These goggles are the best pair I've ever owned!! I even have 2 pairs of military standard issue but they fog up. these have vent holes at the top where fogging would normally start it just vents it out. You can open and close the vent very easily. I was playing indoor and outdoor to make sure I did a solid test on these before I reviewed them and they passed with 5 stars. when I played outside it was cold and every time I ran right above my eyes got cold there was so much venting! the only bad thing is that the strap on the back of the goggles is small it works for me because it rests on the brim of my backwards baseball hat however Im sure if I just wore it without a hat it would slide down my head. last time I went out and played I even got shot in these glasses. I deff woulda lost my right eye if these things were crap.

High strength
glasses are not warpped (unlike some cheap classes)
Vents are very good and can be opened and closed really easily

Strap is thin and can slide down depending on what head gear you wear
by Sam W. on 01/10/2014
"best goggles ever
-they dont fog up and they fool really nice
-great for price
by Dennis M. on 07/15/2013
"I got these because my "more expensive" Revision Exoshields fogged constantly. Unfortunately because I love the fit of the Revision's. The Boogie's aren't are comfortable but they simply don't fog. I live in TN "rain forest" of the US and with all of the humidity and dense forest they still didn't fog. If you live in a dry area your set with these. Ive own more expensive goggles that fogged far more than these. Im not one of those people that say never fog and come on here and say that they dont fog ( go-figure!) . These are quality, simple!
by Dan T. on 03/14/2013
"Best goggles I own. They don't fog, they are comfortable, and they are a good distance from my eyes(I have long eyelashes and most glasses/goggles lens are brushed by my eyelashes.). Buy the Velcro kit and it makes these 100 times better. Get these because they are tinted for sunlight, but they are not going to blind you in the darkness.
by Nic T. on 05/01/2016
"these are great googles for the price but they do fog, these are for people who are constantly on the move, so there is no such thing as sitting in one place with these on, although these would be great if you were on an ATV, or any other fast moving vehicle. but these are great overall, they don't scratch easy with my experience.
by David P. on 01/18/2014
"These goggles fit well, look good, and have their own protective case, They fit well under mesh masks, but they do still fog, though they take longer to fog compared to others.
by Diana C. on 11/02/2013
"At first I thought they were good and I liked them. But then I played a game where the only way to stop them from fogging was to run around.

-low profile
-not big and bulky
-fits good under helmets

-fog up really easily

If i were you i would just pay 10 more dollars and buy arena flak jaks
by Michael L. on 12/26/2016
"I bought these almost a year ago and I haven't really enjoyed them too much. I play in Florida, so sometimes it's humid and these things can't last 10 minutes without fogging. I wish the worked, they are made really nicely, beautiful googles. Pros and cons now:

Look cool
Low Profile
Good Quality

Fog easily (unless constant movement, cqb?)
Kinda uncomfortable for me

So yeah, I would save yourself the hassle and the 40 dollars to get pyramix I-force $15-$20 or Valken Zulu's, sierras are kinda dumb.
by matthew b. on 12/05/2013
"These goggles are not my any means anti-fog. I have use them for a while now and I have to constantly wipe them down. I leave the vents fully open and have use countless brands of anti-fog. I found that my old Coleman ATV goggles are far better than these. Besides the fact that these goggles (boogie regulators) look cool They do not keep enough fog off the lenses unless you are in full motion constantly.
by Russell H. on 01/19/2015
"You got $40? Buy a different set of goggles. DO NOT BUY THESE! They fog up almost instantly. In fact, they only seem to defog when you've been shot and you're walking back to respawn. The foam that makes these full seal fell of mine in their first game. They're moderately comfortable but that's about all that's good about them. Would not recommend these to anyone that I like. Smith Optics, you really need to step it up.
by Jayden L. on 02/09/2015
"These goggles are terrible. Bought them a few months ago, thought I was doing the right thing by spending a decent amount on eyepro. They fog very easily, I have to wipe them down with anti-fog wipes after every match (sometimes even in between rounds!). The strap is really short (I might just have a big head), and uncomfortable. The foam didn't last, and fell off after a couple months. I had to temporarily use tape, then I tried to reglue the foam back on (it looks like that's what they used originally anyway, cheap glue) but in the end I just threw them out. Definitely not worth the price!! Bought $15 eyepro that is so much better.


Everything, don't buy them.

by Darwin S. on 11/11/2014
"Worst pair of eyepro I have yet to use. Not worth the $45 by a long shot. They fog up almost instantaneously (unless you're constantly running) even with the regulators open. DO NOT BUY THIS WHATEVER YOU DO!
by Louis A. on 04/05/2014
"DO NOT BUY THESE GOGGLES. The bottom seal fell off after 3 games, and the other reviews claiming that they don't fog up are wrong. I wore these goggles for 15 minutes, and they were so fogged up I couldn't see my hand in front of my face