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Avengers Tactical Airsoft Gaming Extreme Sports Goggles (Color: Desert Tan)

13 Customer Reviews

by wilhelm b. on 02/10/2018
"Doesn't fit very well over a mesh mask but comfortable without the mask.
by Gino F. on 12/30/2016
"These goggles work great! They are a perfect fit for the 'Emerson Bump Helmet' series. Fits to the helmet with no seems or gaps.

-Adjustable straps
-Two Lens (Yellow)
-Removable Nose Piece

-Fogs a little too fast
by jason s. on 04/25/2016
"These are great goggles, and I like them a lot.

Great packaging
Comes with an extra lens
Great material

Nose piece is not removable
by valentino e. on 10/08/2015
"hello, I got my Google's a couple days ago and I love them! They only problem is that they deal broken on the nose piece but never mind that they fit great and are adjustable to any head size the two lens work perfectly and are highly recommended for envioroment changes.
by Jiangcheng L. on 04/29/2015
"This is a huge goggle, I wish it came with a clear lens. The wrap loose up over time, I have to adjust it between every game. I gave this 10/10 because this is a really good goggle for cheap price. You also can fit your glasses in there, and it's really comfortable. It fogs up really quick, but 99% goggle fog up, so... The lens scratch easily , but it does not effect you visibility, that's the only con for this goggle.
by Josh S. on 04/09/2015
"I'm pretty much the same as the guy below me. These goggles fit my face fairly well (I have a weird, skinny-ish head) but they slightly, just SLIGHTLY squeeze the top of my nose which feels a bit weird at first, but once you get to actually playing, you have better things to worry about :) But they are nice cheap goggles for a fair price!

Fits snugly
Has a nose cover (Really does come on handy)
Fits with Mesh masks well (at least the one I've tried_

SLIGHTLY squeezes the top of my nose

I hope this helps! :D
by Angela R. on 07/15/2014
"these goggles are awesome! mine broke after 2 years and i got a new pair

shape to head great
don't fog
very adjustable
comfortable to wear

i cant find a way to take out the lens even though it came with a thermal lens

overall these are my favorite and i will buy them again if needed. 5/5
by Brett T. on 04/24/2014
"Zero Fog so far. Fit perfect and they are super comfortable. Strong and Durable. Removable nosepiece. Comes with an extra Lens(yellow) and in a nice silk pouch. The size should fit nearly any Adult's face. Fits perfect with Helmet and Mesh half mask. I love it!
by Arjuna A. on 02/06/2015
"These goggles are pretty average. WARNING most eyeglasses DO NOT fit under these goggles.

They don't seem to fog much, and mine came with a black lens, which is pretty cool, but I would have preferred if it came with a clear lens.

The nose piece is removable, but it is REALLY difficult to remove.

You should buy these if you're on a budget, but I highly recommend spending some extra money and buying some Revision goggles
by Alexander M. on 10/13/2014
"These are a lot of value for a little price. A lot of people have commented on how well it fits their faces. I can't really compare it to anything because it's my first pair but they fit well. If my nose were a little smaller, probably better. The full-seal is really some of that poly-foam around the edges. I'm not sure how well that blocks BBs, although I've never gotten shot in the side of the eyewear, either. The nose piece is what sold me and it does its job. There's a low risk of fogging, due to the foam. These also fit under my helmet, although I'm sure that's on a per-case basis. Overall, they are a very nice pair of goggles.
by ROSAMARIA O. on 10/05/2014
"This are the first googles that I have bought for air soft and they are really good, comes with two lenses one yellow and the other one black, the only problem is that changing the lenses takes to much time.
by Albert S. on 04/03/2014
"A great goggle for the price, I run a lower 1/2 face mask with these and they never fog on me. I also live in the desert and every once and awhile a small dust storm will hit, these provide great protection from the sand.

Full seal
Low risk of fogging
Great price
Can be warn with glasses

So far can't change the lens even though it comes with one
by Brett G. on 04/14/2015
*Comfortable to wear.
*Comes with Multiple lenses & Travel bag.

* Looks weird with Emerson Fast Helmet.
* Nose piece gets in the way of face pro.
* Adjustment are a little loose at times (but not often.)
*Needs a clear lens as well.
* A little wide. (I have a narrow face though)

Conclusion: Great overall and good if you need some goggles but If your getting a fast helmet look else where.