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Rothco G.I. Type Desert Speedlace Jungle Boots with Sierra Sole - Tan (Size: 11)

20 Customer Reviews

by Trevin S. on 04/13/2021
"Great boot been using it for a while but 100% get one size smaller then your shoe size
by Tucker M. on 05/27/2015
"I bought these not long ago, I really do like them. They are really comfortable and break in really fast. I recommend these for someone who is just starting out or is just looking for a fairly cheep alternative. They feel a lot like actual military combat boots.
by Ryan R. on 05/15/2014
"I just got these boots in today and I am quite pleased with them. First off the weight. These boots are super light weight, when they shipped they weighted 4.8 pounds. that is 2.4 pounds a boot. adding in the weight of the box and other little things they could weight less. Second size compatibility. I was first unsure if the size would be correct. I went off the size of my Nike free runs I wear everyday. After putting these boots on, they fit as well as my Nike's. If you go off of your shoe size you should be able to get the right size boot. Third is ankle support. These boots give amazing ankle support without weight added on. The little curve in the back is actually solid, this is what gives you the ankle support, the rest of the top is flimsy but that doesn't matter. Overall these boots are amazing. After running, walking, and stopping quickly these boots held up well and where very comfortable. If these ever get wear out, i will definitely buy them again.
by Kevin C. on 01/27/2014
"Will be using it soon, but from my first look at them they are very fine shoes.

Light- I was expecting them to be heavier, but was surprised that they were as light as they are.

Comfortable- I'm not using socks normally used for shoes like this, but the interior feels fine regardless. It fits over my jeans.

Cheap- I was planning to buy boots to fit a loadout centered around the video game "The Last of Us," and after looking at a pair of dickies work boots on amazon that were $50+ I decided to go with these instead.

Size may be a bit big- I am normally a size 9, however these feel bigger than my other size 9 shoes
by phillip t. on 09/04/2013
"very good and confortable and it wont be loose at all its a good buy.
by Bruce B. on 02/10/2013
"Very nice boots! lets make this review short (and sweet)

-look pretty awesome

-go a size bigger
by Louie H. on 12/28/2012
"These are great boots, they look nice with 5.11 pants. I bought these a couple days ago and originally I'm a 11.5 but these 11's felt a little too big so my advice would be get a size smaller than your original shoe size. These have great grip and look like nice military shoes, especially when you have a military loadout.
by Cody D. on 08/04/2012
"love love love these boots,

history, these were used in vietnam where they though that boots could not have proper ventallation without sacrificing the ability to keep water out so these boots were designed to let water flow through it instead of trying to keep it out, they have mall circular vents to reflect that.

-well made(for the price)
-bottom feels like rubber and helps with traction
-removable soles let you put in gels(feels awesome)
-good in thin and thick terrain
-great price

-these are from Vietnam so alot of people might use that as a way to disqualify you so don't tell people
about it
-if you don't have high socks or your bdu between the boot and ur skin it will get itchy.

my advice to you GET IT
by alex r. on 02/06/2017
"I bought one pair and wore them for about a year befor I grew out of them and in that time I loved them. They were light and comfortable but the soles were kinda thin and the laces were 3 times longer than they needed to be. Over all pretty good but not near the quality of Army or Marine GI boots. But for the price I would definitely recommend.
by Joe W. on 04/09/2016
"First off, I own 3 pairs of these. I serve in the U.S. army and they issue us boots exactly like these. The soles are heavy, which can cause shin splints (they hurt REAL bad) from running for extended periods of time. Also, the heel leather causes blisters. Over all, once you break them in, they are fairly good boots. Super durable (mine have gone through the worst hell you can put them through) and Worth the price. I honestly would spend the money and get Oakley or NIKE boots of you plan to run around airsofting. The lighter, the better.
by Donovan R. on 03/16/2014
"The quality of these boots is excellent for the price, and the sole has been holding up well. However, does not seem to have any of their boots available in Wide. They fit fine in terms of length, but if you have wider feet like myself you may want to get them somewhere else. It's unfortunate that these boots are regular, as they cause serious cramping after less than an hour of use. On the other hand, for people with average width feet you should be 100% fine. They break in well and don't seem to cause blisters (as long as you get the right size.) All in all a decent purchase, other than the fact that they are too tight on me. I guess i'll have to stick with my old Merrell boots.
by Cole L. on 12/27/2013
"I bought these boots for using while hunting and airsofting. The boots were true to size and were everything that they appeared to be. The sides are flimsy and they may wear quickly if they are worn a lot. They look good but for my feet they seemed just a little big because they don't have half sizes. They were also a little heavy for my preferences. On the whole, the boots are good for the low price and I thoroughly enjoy them.
by Jason H. on 10/01/2013
"Great boots, just like my standard issue. Tho if you wear a US size 10, buy a size 9. My 10s were almost a size bigger on my foot. Also get the 5.11 socks on here they help!

Quick lace

Size might be wrong
by Austin P. on 06/29/2011
"Great pair of boats, would recommend them to anyone
Has great traction
Will last a long time
Looks great with desert camo or ACU
The speed laces come in handy
Only con about these boats are that they run a bit big so order a size smaller, trust me
by Brandon B. on 12/08/2015
"Going to start first off with describing the boots and then giving the pros and cons, then verdict.

First off, the boots are of good quality. The stitching is fair and durable. Had no issues with them or the boot keeping itself together. Color is a light tan, like sand. The sole is hard rubber and solid, with supreme traction. The ankles are unsupported like most jungle boots, so you may experience ankle issues. Laces are long, perfect for quick tying military style and blousing. The boots themselves are form fitting and comfy, however there is one MAJOR flaw that nearly ruined them for me.

The heel on the inside is made of a scratchy rubber. This is an issue because, even with thick socks, the heel managed to scrape the skin off the back of my ankles in only one day. Mind, I was not doing highly vigorous activity the whole time (lots of walking in the MilSim event I was at), yet still they caused extreme pain and caused me to even bleed. The injury did not heel for about a week. Now, for most that would push them away. However, a possible solution could be to line the inside heel rubber with duct tape or foam. This could negate the issue. Mind, this was my first day wearing them. They may have to be broken in further. Will have to test when I play another large event again.

Overall, they are okay boots. Huge cause of pain in the heel if not prevented or played in for a long period, so it may be wise to install preventive measures or get another type of boot completely. Yet, despite the flaw, I still like the boots in general for style, durability, and form.