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FREE SHIPPING for orders over $99! New deals released hourly and daily. See Deals Here! M16 Pen (Color: Black)

10 Customer Reviews

by William W. on 05/08/2016
"nice pen but teacher took it away from me the fps is over 9000 which is not allowed at my cqb field but never the less an great option
by Gary M. on 11/10/2014
"Best gun I've ever owned. This thing beat out my Custom M4. This constantly shoots 450 FPS+! At least 50 RPS with 7.2 LiPo. And SUPER cheap!

Comfy Grip
3x Zoom scope (With sights on top!)
Crazy High FPS
High RPS too!
Really sturdy too! (I've dropped it many times without a scratch on it!

Little to high FPS for CQB
No Retractable stock :(

Buy this NOW.
by Jason C. on 06/14/2013
"Great weapon! enemy runs for their lives!

good fps
comes with scope
looks cool

can get expelled
hand writing sucks (for some)
no attachments

overall a great gun and at a really good price!
by Jocasta H. on 12/31/2012
"This is the best gun ever to be made! Its more indestructible than an AK, and more explosive than the RPG!
First of all its fps is around 400+, perfect for outdoor shooting.This gun's rate of fire is so fast you cant hear it!! I can put hundreds of mags in 1 mag pouch, and the scope can see miles away!

pros Everything!

cons lightweight (pro for some people)

Overall the best pen I have ever owned!
by sivan j. on 10/03/2012
"when i first used this weapon i thought wow, what a monster. i was able to eliminate the whole enemy teem thanks to the fantastic scope, great accuracy, and outstanding fps.


by Tom B. on 09/06/2012
"Been wanting this gun forever, finally got it yesterday! So happy! This gun shot far and true, very accurate, and the included scope is amazing! I'd recommend this gun to anyone.

Sturdy plastic
Includes high-cap ink holder
Good FPS
Good writing range

Light (may be a pro for some)
Sometimes the flash hider comes off, but its easy to put back on

by Christopher R. on 08/15/2012
"A great head turner in the office.

Makes a great casual gift
Gets many compliments
Quality ink
Compact for those CQB writing situations
Only 1 buck

It doesn't write my thoughts telepathically
by Daniel C. on 06/05/2012
"This is a great gun! A very high FPS with a great build of cheap plastic. The price is amazing by far and beats any other M16 on the market. I would have bought the blue or silver finish but i figured the original black would suit my load out much more efficiently. When i first bought it, I was amazed. It broke the paper in one click! A Great Buy

Writes well
Great Build
Plenty of Upgradable parts

by Josh K. on 05/15/2012
"Amazing gun. Great fps if thrown hard enough.

Can be used in CQB as a tactical pen. Use it to write secret notes on walls and the enemy will never know.

cant go wrong for a dollar
by Ian S. on 08/11/2012
"Got this as a free gift when i bought supplies from Evike. At first I thought it was a key chain so I said lame. Then on day my friend broke the front part off on accident and told me it was a pen. I was pumped that it was a pen. I now use it at work where I sell shoes lol.

Pros: -blue favorite color
-unique style pen to show off
-writes well

Cons: -feels weird holding but get use to it