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Angel Custom CNC Metal "H-Hop" Hopup Spacer For All Airsoft AEG (Type: Set of 2 / Black & Silver)

7 Customer Reviews

by Matthew H. on 07/22/2020
"This thing turned my TM p90 into a laser beam. The rest is stock TM parts, so I know it's the lil hop nub. It's grouping is better than I have ever seen in an airsoft gun.
One of the nubs was not incredibly even, but Angel Custom pieces are like that sometimes. Good for the price.
by Justin N. on 06/10/2014
"I have to say I was skeptical at first how much of a difference this would make but it blew my expectations out of the water. I use a G&P M4A1 and this tightened my groups from 6 inches at 75 feet to 2.5 inches. For only a couple bucks this is a great and simple upgrade to increase accuracy. As a side note take care while disassembling your hopup unit and keep track of all you parts.
by John H. on 08/23/2013
"At first I was very septic about this nub but once installed grouping and range increased with a .25 Elite Force bb's
by Josh K. on 08/29/2012
"These are great little nubs for the price.

I had heard that the rubber ones by Angel were kinda "meh" so i got these ones.

Its a great little upgrade if you are looking to significantly increase the accuracy of your gun.
I currently in my 400fps 30rps TM AUG: This nub, G&P Metal Hopup unit, Madbull shark bucking, Marui stock barrel (Not a believer in the TBBs)
I can hit people fairly consistently at around 170-180ft (about a 15-20 foot increase) with .25s and .28s. The reason is that since their is 2 contact points on the bb, the spin is more balanced, meaning it will fly straighter instead of spinning up and to the left or right.

-Angel Custom
-Very Solid
-Makes your shots dead accurate and dead straight.
-Increases range by about 10-20 feet.

-Easy to lose. Was planning to install another one in my KWA G36 but i kinda lost the bag it came in (FAIL)
-I have heard rumors on some forums that they wear out your rubbers faster than normal rubber nubs -due to the fact that they are metal and dont press harder into the buckings. I havent noticed this yet, but just a caution.
-May require sanding in order to fit into some hopup units. (a bit wider than normal nubs) I tried to fit in my TM P90 unit and the fit was kinda tight. Just another FYI

All in all, these are some of the best nubs you can get. They great for the price and help wonders with accuracy and range.

Definitely a keeper! 5/5
by Jon C. on 08/19/2012
"Great hopup nub. very consistent and groupings are very tight. Although I would recommend the Black Nub if you're putting it in a higher power gun. The White One went all over the place for my gun

Cyma M14 Socom
by Rene P. on 06/18/2012
"This spacer is very nice. I tried going with the polarstar verision but it is ABS plastic and chips easily. This on the other hand is metal and hasnt failed me yet and has reduced spread and gained range. Highly recommended.
by Tamás T. on 05/08/2014

I've just got these nubs, so I don't have performance experience with them.

BUT, the black spacer is NOT symmetrical, one of its corners is a bit wider, I can see it with my own eyes without any measuring tool. The "nikkel" one looks good.

So I am a bit sceptic and disappointed, I hope they will worth it.