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WE 190mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel w/ Mock Silencer for HI-CAPA 1911 Airsoft GBB

11 Customer Reviews

by Francisco R. on 08/22/2019
"Looks incredible on my WE desert warrior. Install was simple and very straightforward. The only slightly annoying part was making sure the hop-up seated correctly when reassembling it, but it wasn’t a big deal.

On my pistol the extended barrel only reaches 2/3 of the way to the end of the mock suppressor. Ymmv.
by jaime m. on 07/23/2016
"Ok all perfect y ordered to Chile and i recieved today .Excelent and fast service, very good materials and my old hi-Capa its now a new pistol, The procedure to install the items its so easy.Its another silencer but feel good. (When i opened the hi cap it had a very poor aliminum inner barrel oh my god, WE Hi Cap)
by Phillip C. on 07/13/2015
"This is a good, cheap-ish upgrade. Threw it on my SOCOM-GEAR 1911 MEU along with the ANGEL CUSTOM 130% pro upgrade kit and magpul grips.
Haven't chrono'd yet, but I was able to get pretty good distance shots with this upgrade, plus who doesn't like a suppressor on their pistol?
As everyone else was saying, the suppressor isn't what is pictured, but it looks better in my opinion.
by sam r. on 11/05/2014
"I put this on my 3.8" XD and with the slide racked back the barrel is totally flush with the silencer. The silencer I got looks much better than the one pictured. My FPS went up about 70 with this and a maple leaf bucking. You really need to use threadlock or the silencer will unscrew itself after a few shots.
by Matt P. on 03/10/2013
-Does what it's advertised to do. Increases fps by about 30-60 fps and increases accuracy a little bit.
-Looks great. The picture it's advertised looks different from what I got, but still looks fine.
-Light-weight metal construction.
-When you put it on, sounds like a real silencer.
-Great price when purchased with 20% off coupon.

-Doesn't actually silence anything which is fine, mock suppressors can not silence any weapons legally.

Love this thing! Got it for my HK3 PX4 (WE PX4) and it looks great and functions great! The chrome slide I got at Evike for the PX4 however, came with a metal orange tip. I tried unscrewing it with pliers, and the orange tip ripped in half, so I had to get the remaining orange tip in the barrel with a screwdriver which took a bit. This thing looks great and does all the functions it's advertised to so. The HK3 PX4 (WE PX4) shoots at around 290-300 fps, but with this upgrade, shoots at 350 fps, still being legal for indoor play! The accuracy is only slightly increased, not significantly for me anyways. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade their gun. For the price, definitely worth it with the 20% off coupon I used. I absolutely love the sound of putting on the silencer, sounds just like a real one. GET IT!
by Joe S. on 02/09/2013
"This kit is great. I put it in my WE/Socom Gear 1911 MEU and it boosted my fps from ~330 to ~375. Accuracy is phenomenal!
by David S. on 01/03/2013
"I just put this on a "hyper strike" and ran into issues. As it turns out, the front "striker" block interfered with the cycling of the pistol when the can was attached. This usually happens when you're low on gas and it causes the trigger to be disconnected from the sear even though the hammer is fully cocked. I ground off the checkering around the outer barrel so that the outer barrel can move back further in the slide and unlock properly during cycling.

Other than that, the accuracy and balance of the gun has improved with this kit. Looks real nice, too. Just be sure to tighten the can every so often as it will get loose with a lot of use.
by Roger T. on 11/15/2012
"I admit I didn't expect much from this product but it does what it says and very well. It didn't just improve my accuracy but boosted my fps alot too. I put this on my WE 1911 MEU single stack version; stock (w/o upgrades) was shooting at 300-310 fps. With this barrel, it was shooting 370-380. Huge jump, u can use heavier BBs or adjust the hop up to ur liking. Highly recommended.
by Jess M. on 03/05/2012
"I was so concerned that this cross-thread the way the it looks once you remove the plastic tip, but i was never happier smooth roll on or off. this should sell out!
by Kyle P. on 01/19/2012
"Got this thing today and it is nice. The barrel and silencer both feel study and I'm not worried at all about the tbb getting damaged. Accuracy and fps were both noticeably better (much better than what I thought it would be). Not much to say but, basically, it does what its meant to do.
by Alexander M. on 07/21/2015
"Bought once before and it arrived as pictured. Purchased again recently and the silencer looks completely different and doesn't extend to the tip of the included extended inner barrel.