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Matrix Iron Face Carbon Steel "Striker" Gen2 Metal Mesh Lower Half Mask (Color: Camo)

95 Customer Reviews

by Tim R. on 10/09/2022
"I use this with a Vietnam rig and it works well. It’s big and I’m 6’2” with a tall head. You can heat the glue holding the trim on and cut the mask down. I also reshaped it so I could get a cheek weld. I assume I’ve been hit on the mask but haven’t felt it so that’s cool. Easy to breathe in too.
by Leo K. on 01/01/2020
"When you get it you gotta kind of bend and shape it to your face.
That aside it looks nice and feels pretty good.
by Elliott S. on 09/25/2019
"You will not be disappointed or regret purchasing this lower face mask unless you have specific preferences you demand. I am satisfied with this mask since it is comfortable with full ear protection where it does not scrunch my ears, face or head. The metal mesh covers the lower face portion protecting it from harmful BB's. I own the woodland digital color to match with my woodland digital color gear such as the vest, hat, gloves, uniform. This my USMC woodland digital camouflage style loaded gear.
by Craig B. on 07/11/2017
"Well made and very easy to mold. Covers a great portion of your face, cheeks and ears. Fits under my helmet well and works with the goggles I got. Great mask for a very good price.
by Daylon P. on 03/04/2017
"This facemask is a great deal and works great. It provides full protection for your lower face and still allows full breathing room. It's made of a high quality metal mesh and looks great too. The only con i have is at first is it can cause pressure on the face where it meets the temples but it goes away after using awhile. But overall this is a great facemask and highly recommend it!!!
by Peter S. on 12/17/2016
"A big, impervious, cheap face defense solution. This mask has protection in spades, it'll cover almost all of your face even if you are a larger person. You can even breathe in it, thanks to it's mesh construction. The foam cheek pads make proper shooting form a reality, increasing comfort and accuracy and even offering a little bit of neck protection. On the downside, the straps and D-rings aren't of the best quality, and don't provide good retention, and the bulbous nature of the ear guards make the hat/mask interface tenuous at best. However, this mask is constructed is a way that makes it's shape exceptionally easy to modify. It can be bent to fit comfortably against pretty much any face, and can be trimmed with tinsnips after peeling the glued-on trim.
by Frankie p. on 07/18/2016
"I liked it. It can be worn with safety glasses or goggles. And can be bent into the shape you need easily. The added Neches protection is a plus
by Cole T. on 06/16/2016
"Pretty nice face mask, id caution future buyers though. big ol' thick eye pro isnt gonna work so great on these. The mask comes up over you ur nose then drops down to leave room for eye pro. only problem is your eye pro has to fit under the nose part, so make sure the eye pro is slim and isnt thick and chunky like mine.
BUT this is not a huge issue though just fair warning. the "no fog" eye pro that sticks out a bit probably wont work so well FYI.

Overall they look #ULTRASEXYBEASTMODE when their on and they are completely adjustable to fit any kind of face. so yah bend around a little to get them to fit, just no folding it in half.
by Dein G. on 07/03/2015
"I made one of the best decisions of my airsoft career when I bought this mask. It has saved my face from 400+ FPS guns enough times to say I would never go without it again. In fact, I even let my friend shoot the mask, while it was on me, at point blank range. The shot didn't even leave a paint mark. I was crawling under a barbed wire fence one time, and didn't see the lowest wire because it was in the grass. I smashed my face straight into it, and didnt even know what I had hit - and it never phased the mask. The mask fits great, and it is bendable so you can adjust it to your liking.
Also, as for the woodland camo, it is amazing. I am a sniper, and have had many people tell me that they couldn't see my head in the grass because of this mask.

Great camo, and comes in different colors
Modifiable to fit you comfortably
Accommodates safety glasses very well
Doesn't feel tight, but doesn't wiggle around much while running
You can still aim down your sights or scope with it on
Covers your ears as well

Doesn't accommodate all goggles
(These work very well

Great mask. And im sure any other type of iron face would be very good as well.
by MARK P. on 03/27/2015
"Best 1/2 face i've owned. You can bend it to fit your goggles. Goggles fit nicely over the top to allow for air flow & protection. 1 elastic strap over the head, 1 behind the head keep it securely in place. Works well with the fast type PJ helmet. EXCELLENT if you're looking for full ear protection. (2 thumbs way up)
by Henry S. on 03/09/2015
"Awesome mask, it feels like its free floating on tour face and has full protection of ears face and chin and looks cool. You can also bend it it your desire incase your goggles don't fit. Overall its totally worth your money.
by Jacob R. on 01/20/2015
"Good mask for the price, easy to breath through, but after a while the sides kind of dig into your cheeks, and it makes aiming with my m14 almost impossible, but for the price, its an amazing mask overall
by Benjamin B. on 10/04/2014
"This mask does the job it was designed to do. Protects your face mainly your teeth, nose and ears. Highly breathable. Add a set of goggles to protect your eyes and your are set. I can't tell you how many airsoft games I have played with and seen first hand with players with teeth shot out, chipped or cracked. I have also seen bbs go into the first few layers of skin in the face and ears and one actual bb that did puncture someones ear drum. Only a fool leaves protection to chance. The downside of the mask with full seal goggle combination is forget about sighting down your sights or scope. If you are a sniper.. well just forget it. I would much rather have all my body parts intact after a airsoft game then be Joe Sniper any day.
by Matthew L. on 07/28/2014
"Bought this about a month and a half ago, and I waited to see how it would perform after several occasions. It is still going strong, and does its job exactly as advertised. The mask actually didn't need too much adjustment to fit my face, and it is exactly as slim as I need it to aim down sights with any of my weapons. Definitely a good buy! The added ear protection is worth the extra cost. Being shot there is NOT a nice feeling.
by Andrew R. on 06/25/2014
"I received this in the mail the other day and i have to say i was impressed. Right out of the box i was put off because the thing is so big. But after a fair bit of moulding it will fit anyones face. It is uncomfortable to wear with goggles at first but after you mould it again it sits rather well. I shot it with my spring pistol and no noticible marks appeared. The wire mesh is metal and it is painted black so the paint will chip, just dont eat the chips and you should be good. The lower part of the mask is a cotton polyester mix that is used to give your neck some added protection. All in all i rate it 5/5.