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G&G High Grade 6mm Airsoft BB (Weight: .28g / 3500 Rounds / White)

23 Customer Reviews

by Joseph C. on 03/09/2021
"These are great quality bbs, they work in all airsoft guns from spring loaded to gas blowback
by Tyler B. on 03/09/2021
"On the title it says 6mm but the bag it is 5.95 - .oo1
by Bradley A. on 07/11/2020
"These BB’s work great. Nicely polished and smooth. Also a steal for the price. I mean 5000 for $9 buy these!
by andrew e. on 04/09/2020
"great deal 5000 bbs for only 9 bucks
by serge D. on 03/03/2018
"ive used many brands but G&G bbs have always outperformed. highly recommend
by JAMES G. on 11/02/2017
"Works great in the WE XDM. Very accurate rd. Clean and polished, bag has no junk in it. Very nice.
by Wayne G. on 06/14/2017
"I bought alot of different weights and brands of bb's in the past few weeks or so to test in several of my guns and these particular bb's fly the best. I've got a range and stand at the house to test accuracy. It's only about 90 feet but it carries over to the field very nicely. These bb's repeatedly held 2 to 2.5 inch groupings in two of my guns. M14 socom & M16 (cyma). Thats hitting the bottom of a soda can at 87 feet, not bad if you ask me. I will definitely purchase more
by Nathan W. on 04/09/2017
"I use these with an M14 with a tight bore bbl. I'm very happy with their performance.
by Geoffrey B. on 02/16/2017
"I love these BBs. They feed great, fly straight, and are a great bargain.
by Jeffrey C. on 01/17/2017
"you can not find any better bb's for the price. these are even better than matrix and elite force brands in my opinion. note the picture on here isnt what the real bag looks like. if you need bb's for any reason, i recommend these bb's. THESE ARE NOT CHEAPLY MADE so dont let the price scare you, these are competition grade bb's. GET THESE AND YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! G&G also makes tracer/glow in the dark bb's that are to die for!!!!!!
by Brett T. on 09/25/2015
"I think these were the first .28g BBs I've ever purchased and used, and I still use them to this day. I never get jams in my 6.03. No feeding issues. They fly as true good quality BBs can fly. Worth it for the price.
by Brett T. on 07/14/2014
"They feed like a dream and feel super smooth. Even in a 6.01 long 500mm barrel, they have never snagged or gotten stuck on full-auto. Fantastic buy.
by Samuel H. on 10/14/2013
"love these bb's ive bought 5 packs of these already and plan to buy more.
by Gunnar S. on 01/13/2013
"Great bbs. to the person who said they're the same as the matrix, that's completely not true. When I used the matrix bbs in my midcaps they jammed constantly, but with these they fed like a dream. Absolutely no problems at all
by Kathy W. on 03/14/2012
"I use these bbs for my Echo1 minigun and I have to say, they are amazing. From 200 feet, I could hit a target 9 in. square on full auto. With other bbs, such as Madbull, they curve starting at 120-130 feet. No matter what other people tell you, these bbs are pretty much the best, and at a much better price than Madbull.